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Hi there! I am from Australia too and my fiance bought my e-ring online from James Allen. He chose the setting and the diamond separately. They offer ASET images of the diamonds and have gemologists that gave him excellent advice. He cannot believe how amazing their customer service was, they were super helpful. The photos on the James Allen site are of the actual diamond that is for sale… I think maybe (could be wrong) that some other sites like blue nile do not have a photo of the actual diamond.

I guess the main things to look for are places that offer GIA certification and have a good returns policy in case – with JA they offer full refund within 60 days!

My fiance def got incredible value for money, the ring is valuled at several thousand more than he paid, and I for one am just obsessed with my e-ring, I think it is perfect.

Hope that helps!

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Oooh one more thing – you have to pay import tax (10% I think)… James Allen made that whole process seamless for my fiance and there was no delay in fedex releasing the ring to him.

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Bluenile is also a really good site to check out.

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I have this article that was written for men buying a diamond, but maybe is good for ladies.


Diamonds & Women – What Men SHOULD Look For

Okay guys, lets compare the clarity and size of diamonds by using women as an illustration. When you are looking for a woman to commit to for life, many times we make it our goal that we should seek the closest thing to perfection as possible. After all don’t you deserve the best?

Now clarity in a diamond can be tricky. One of the worst features a diamond can have as a flaw happens when the diamond cutter cuts against the grain. This creates a hazy mess within the diamond and it will not perform with sparkle even if it is a VVS1 or FL! Sometimes you cannot judge a book by its cover. Like other features such as fluorescence, there are degrees to which some clarity flaws are noticeable and other instances where they are slight and you cannot see the issue.

Look at the following GIA graded L color VS1’s. First I have their diamond certificates, and then I have images of them under a microscope. They are virtually the same price based on their diamond flaw characteristics. BOTH have internal graining as a feature. Yet one is obviously hazy, shows more color, and is less superior to the other. 

If you’re shopping for a diamond and you are strictly basing your idea of perfection on clarity, lets back up one moment and talk about what makes a diamond beautiful and what makes a woman attractive. Lets pretend you have an SI2 woman. She has a beautiful face, a nice figure, and a kind heart. She has freckles on her face but for some reason, you think they are the cutest things ever because they set her apart from the other girls. She has flaws, maybe her birthmark shows on her neck and its very obvious. But when she dresses up in a special outfit selected just for you to show off her beauty, you stop noticing the marks on her body and all you see is her light up a room.

Now lets take the high maintenance flawless FL girl. You see on paper she’s a catch. She’s got an education, a nice job, she makes money, and she requires a lot from whoever gets her. Although she is a model, her body lacks shape and her personality sucks! She thinks she deserves too much for what she’s actually worth, and when she enters a room there is no spark.

You have to understand; it’s not the amount of flaws or settling for a lesser quality woman or diamond. In the end what you should be looking for in a lifetime commitment is whether or not over time, you will be bothered by the flaws of the stone or bothered more by the lifelessness. Your diamond has a relationship with its buyer. Sometimes the more included stones become more sentimental because they have those marks that will always be yours and nobody will have the exact same one.

The thing about diamond buying that is more important than clarity 100% of the time is whether there is optical performance. As we compared earlier with the flawless girl and the SI2 girl, sparkle has NOTHING to do with clarity UNLESS we are talking about graining or heavily included features such as large clouds. Too many times we judge a book by its cover…or in today’s market being online, the paperwork attached and a webcam relationship. So being so digital means that we have to be more careful in what we look for, and with round diamonds that is much easier than other shapes.

The reason I can better determine the optics of a round diamond is because laboratories that grade them give me information about their cut, or their girlish figure. A diamond can be cut deeply/skinny and tall, or shallow/chubby and short, or IDEAL. Ideal and excellent cut rounds can be determined because a round has a symmetrical, easily standardized way of judging, where as fancy shapes have no standard and each diamond cutter may do things a little differently. It’s the same blend when talking about an Ethiopian girl vs. an Italian girl. There are different standards of beauty but the Italian girls can be judged with most of the rest of Europe and have a similar look to compare to where as Ethiopian girls are more specific.

Occasionally when we find inclusions, we luck out and find them on the very corners of the stone where a prong can cover them. This gives the illusion to the public that it is flawless on the inside, yet you and your diamond/woman know its there. That is the same thing as a mole on someone’s face vs. one on the pelvis. Once you dress for work, nobody at work knows the mole is there. Look for inclusions that can be covered if clarity is very important but you still want to maintain a certain shape and size. Some people only want a girl who is 5 foot 6 with a perfect figure, and though she has flaws they are not seen by the naked eye.

Something important to keep in mind when deciding on shape…when you go round you sacrifice for the price. Rather than a small .51ct cushion VVS1, a .51ct round SI1 may cost the same. That is because of its popularity, and also because of its standard high sparkle and large spread. If you find an amazing discounted round such as a .73 G I1 with an excellent cut that is the same price as a .51 G VVS1 cushion which does not show on its GIA report any optical information, it is possible to get a more brilliant beautiful diamond from the I1. The sparkle may deter the eye from ever noticing its flaws, the same way a woman with a large birthmark can still light up a room! 

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@quick_little_fox:  On pricescope.com there are plenty of regulars who have bought diamonds from online-based companies and had them shipped to Australia. Go over there and search around and you’ll find a ton. I hear the price comes out better even with taxes.

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