(Closed) Buying used when it comes to baby stuff…what will you or would you buy used?

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I don’t personally think those are two things I’d have bought second hand.  I’m sure you’re probably fine given that you know the people they’re coming from though.  I have no kids and we’re not expecting.  I actually think, for the most part, that I’d have trouble buying used stuff for the first kiddo lol.  I’m pretty thrifty also and love to snag a good deal, so I’d probably just end up shopping around.  

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@SouthernSunshine:  I’m with you! I’m going to try to get just about everything I can second-hand. Although I have to admit, the two things you mentioned are those I’m probably going to try to get new! For the carseat, I’m pretty sure that there is some strict time-limits for the warranties for how long it’s considered “safe,” and it’s not much, like 2 years or something, so using it for 2 kids might put you over that. I’m planning on having more than one kid, so I’ll probably try to get that new, simply so I can get maxiumum use out of it since I will know exactly what kind of “stress” it has been through, just because it’s so safety-specific. As for a breast pump… I guess I could get it used, but insurances have to cover it now (too soon for me to have called mine to find out more about that,) and it seems a little weird to use something like that from someone else, even if you know them! But more power to you!

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@SouthernSunshine:  The stroller combo is fine as long as its still in date and has never been in a wreck. The breast pump unless it can be cleaned and you can get new hoses I would be wary of that one. Also clothes and things are great secondhand they grow so fast in the first year buying everything brand new just isn’t worth it. Congrats on the baby to be as well. 

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@red_rose:  Also with car seats its actually more like 6 yrs before the manufactor no longer deems the safe there is a expiration date stamped on the seat you can look at before buying but with car seat its best if you know the person your buying from a stroller is a bit more liniant in who you purchase from.

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Well, we’ve been given a secondhand pump and secondhand carseats, and I’m pretty happy with them! I’m not too fussed about them being secondhand because 1) I know the previous owners and they’re way more uptight about germs/safety than I am, and 2) buying new doesn’t necessarily mean germ-free or cleaner anyway. The thing about buying a pump is that you don’t know how much you’ll actually use it before the baby (or in my case, babies) arrives, so I’d maybe wait to see how much use you get before shelling out a hundred or two hundred bucks on that. As long as you’ve thoroughly sterilised it yourself, it should be fine. Even hospitals rent out pumps, so it can’t be that bad to use one that someone else has used. As for carseats, just make sure they haven’t been in a wreck before. We couldn’t bring ourselves to buy new there as we don’t even have a car (public transport is so much easier and cheaper where we are). The hospital won’t let us leave without them, though. :/ 

The only thing the midwife has told me we really do need to get new is the crib mattress.

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Honestly no way would I ever accept a car seat if it was used. Even if it was a good friend. Now days you just don’t know.

For us we purchased all these items used:

crib (not a drop down) converts to toddler bed


diaper changing station

lots of baby clothing (consignment shop or garage sales) gently used. Still buy gently used clothing for almost 2 yr old. Just can’t bring myself to purchase clothing new unless huge deal on it.

gently used crib sheets

some toys that were hand me downs from BIL/SIL.  Toys that again from consignment shop that looked like barely used.




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I personally would never ever get a used carseat. That’s one thing that I will always buy new. There are just too many factors that can contribute to it being unsafe.

The only stuff that I ever really got used were a pack n play, clothes (almost all her clothes are used), and toys. I live at the baby consignment store here ๐Ÿ˜€

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i would gladly buy used furniture in good condition- wooden furniture like a crib, a dresser/changing table, a glider.. but i wouldn’t buy a used carseat or stroller. you don’t know the history of the seat, and that can be a safety thing.

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@SouthernSunshine:  I’m part of a car seat saftey group with actual car seat safety certified technicians and they do not recommend buying a carseat second hand at all. If a car seat has been in any kind of wreck (even a fender bender) it becomes unsafe and needs to be replaced. Most insurance companies will even cover the cost of replacing it. Carseats are made to take the total impact of a wreck and even if they look okay from the outside, they won’t function the same way again, especially in a wreck. They need to be tossed. Also, there are certain ways they have to be cleaned. For instance, most car seat companies state in the manuals that harnesses can not be washed in the washing machine or soaked. A lot of them only allow for light cleaning with a washcloth some water and a few allow for a little bit of soap, but only spot cleaning. The excessive water or washing can break down the fibers, making the harnesses more prone to breaking. Anyway, I’m not trying to bombard you, but there are a LOT of rules when it comes to car seat safety that I recently learned about (especially car seat expiration dates). If you know this person REALLY well and know that she did not wash the harnesses and that this car seat has NEVER been in any kind of accident, then I guess it’s okay to get it second hand. You just need to be able to trust this person’s account of what happened with this carseat with your baby’s life. This is such a problem that if you purchase a car seat second hand and it turns out it has been in a wreck before and it malfunctions when you are in a wreck (God forbid!) you actually have the right to sue the person who sold it to you and lied about it’s conditions. Scary stuff.

Anyway, back on topic, There are a few things I have bought second hand. We got our My Little Snugabunny Swing second hand, but in EXCELLENT condition. She only used it for 4 months when her baby would nap during the day. It runs perfectly and the tray is actually still in the original package, bc she used it without. Everything works on it perfectly and all the parts the baby would touch are machine washable, so I feel comfortable saving the extra $80 and getting this second hand. I also got a My Brest Friend pillow from a woman who used it twice and realized that breastfeeding just was not for her. She ended up exclusively pumping and never needed it. It looks brand new, still has the original packaging and the cover is machine washable.

Everything else we’ve gotten brand new.  

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Other than a car seat, i dont see myself buying alot of stuff brand new. 

The baby doesnt care if their clothes are slightly worn. So why should i? They grow out of the clothes so fast that the salvation army will be my new best friend.  

Certain toys and other things that cant be cleaned to my liking however will be purchased new.  But honestly, if anyone wants to give me hand me downs (which my sister has alot of and is saving for me) i’m happy to take it 




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@SouthernSunshine:  I started out thinking I’d never use a used carseat, but my sister-in-law has a friend who she really trusts and gave me hers. I’m honestly still debating about buying a new one, but she assured me it’s never been in an accident and it is in really good shape. It was her backup, so it wasn’t used the whole time. 

My brother is also giving us their crib and bassinet– which we’re happily accepting.  Other hand me downs include a diaper pail, bouncer, changing pad for the changing table (I had second thoughts about this, but we’ll sanitize it and just put a new cover on it), some clothes and sheets. 

I feel weird about used baby stuff, but I keep reminding myself that these supplies are used for such a short time, it really isn’t worth buying new. And for me, accepting stuff from my bro is totally different than a stranger. That may be slightly irrational, but hey, it’s what I’m comfortable with. 

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The car seat is only thing experts say over and over not to buy secondhand because you never know whether it has been in an accident and even a minor one can damage the seat.  I had a client once whose son’s carseat was used and the handle broke flipping the infant out of it and onto the ground.  It was bad enough that the child ended up severely brain damaged causing him to be intellectually disabled for the rest of his life.

That said, if you feel comfortable trusting your friend and you’ve gone over the seat with a fine-toothed comb, it will probably be okay.  It’s not like you are buying it off of a stranger.

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