(Closed) Buying used when it comes to baby stuff…what will you or would you buy used?

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I don’t have kids yet, but the only new thing I would buy new is the carseat. My cousin owns a children’s consignment store, and seriously most of the stuff she sells is brand spanking new or was used ONCE.She has so much inventory that she doesn’t really take things that are heavily used unless it’s something really popular that will sell anyway.

I try to be frugal, and I think about how quickly kids outgrow things. I also think about all of the things that are wants and not necessities.

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I’ve gotten several things used for my 1 month old daughter— a bouncer, clothes, a tummy time play gym….AND a breast pump!

i got a nice a medela Pump in Style Advanced (retails $250-300) through my insurance for free. But I also wanted a Medela Freestyle for work, which is $350. I got one used through a local mommy’s group for only $100.


Public Service Announcement for ALL: if you get a Medela or an Ameda, the milk does not go through the tubes at all. There is no liquid in the tubes—it’s for air only, to create suction. The milk only touches the plastic flanges (the horn bit that touches your boob), the joint that connects to the bottle, and the bottle.All those   parts are easily sterilized.

for pictures: http://www.hellobee.com/2012/03/14/cleaning-pump-parts/

basically, in that diagram, pic #1 is the flange, connector, valve and membrane all assembled. That screws into a bottle and is places on your boob. The tubes (pic 5) don’t ever have liquid in them. The tubes connect from the motor to the connector, to pull air which creates suction. There should never be liquid in them, or you are doing something seriously wrong. =)

you can buy all those parts new (even the tubes), or you can sterilize the parts.


in short, I think buying a used pump (if you want 2, or your insurance only covers a manual pump) is a great deal. Again, I got mine for $250 cheaper than retail. I have I qualms in using my second hand one, although I prolly would have thought it was gross before I owned my own pump and knew how it works. 

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@SouthernSunshine:  I bought my stroller second hand and my mom got us a swing second hand. We’re registering for a brand new infant carseat to go with the stroller. I’d agree to a second hand crib with its stickers and I’d take a second hand Pack ‘n’ Play if anyone I knew had them. I wouldn’t get a Medela second hand because of possible mould issues and contamination because it’s not a closed system, but I’d consider getting an Ameda Purely Yours (closed system) second hand and buying my own accessories for it. I’d really accept almost anything second hand as long as it wasn’t expired and getting it second hand wouldn’t compromise the safety of it, and I think the only thing that could be compromised is the carseat and breast pump. I’d even take second hand cloth diapers, but I’d definitely strip them before use.

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@MrsPanda99:  Oh I understand the germ phobia thing haha! I actually surprised myself with the clothes. But then again, how could i say no when my Mum bought over tonnes of clothes, that she had washed and folded just to surprise me 🙂 It was really sweet, and they are in great condition.

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@SouthernSunshine:  The Lansinoh Affinity Pro Double Electric pump is also a closed system, in which no milk/milk vapors make it to the motor. Just FYI. It’s the one I got and it has pretty good reviews and is relatively inexpensive in comparison to some of the Medela/Ameda pumps that offer the same type of closed system.


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I got given a ton of baby clothes when I was pregnant with my daughter. I went through them all, kept the stuff I liked washed it on hot, and donated the rest to goodwill! I bought her crib, stroller,carseat and carrier brand new but that was mostly because I was being picky. I would also only take a used carseat from someone I knew very very well. I did give my daughters infant carseat to a good friend, since it was in perfect condition. I had someone lend me their hospital grade pump which happened to be the same one that I used while I was in the hospital after having my daughter and they give you a brand new set of all the replacable parts for it there so it worked out well. We are planning on another in the next couple of years and I will probably do a lot of used clothes and gear if I can get it, but I will most likely still buy a carseat and stroller new since I prefer them that way.

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@SouthernSunshine:  Not ALL Medela breast pumps (or pumps in general) are safe to use second hand.  I have a friend who offered me her Medela Freestyle pump, but because it is an open system there is a risk of the first users milk particles to be passed on to your baby.  As other bees have mentioned you have to make sure the pump is a closed system.  I found this article really helpful:


However OP it sounds like the Pump In Style IS a closed system.  I would just verify with Medela before using it!  On the Freestyle webpage there is a disclaimer “This is a single user product.  Use by more than one person may present a health risk, performance questions, and voids the warranty.” and the Pump In Style does not have that statement, but still I’d verify with the manufacturer to be safe.

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@SouthernSunshine:  I got a breast pump, carseat (6 months old), clothes, bottles, toys, boppy, changing pad, bouncers, swings, play yards, pack and plays ALL used.  Pretty much the only thing used I would not use is a diaper.  Yell

We just did not have the money to purchase all of these things brand new.  It will all be cleaned and sterilized prior to use, but we knew all the people that gave us these items, and I find it silly that people try to make others feel bad for buying used items. 

By the way- all of this stuff was GIVEN to us. So there’s less incentive to lie about things like a carseat being in a car wreck.


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I plan on buying almost everything new TBH.

Hand-me-downs from friends should be fine for things like clothes but all the ‘big’ things – crib, cot, buggy, car seat, change table, high chair etc. – I want to purchase new.

It’s just my personal preference.

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