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Sugar bee
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People used to live off the grid and managed to get along just fine . I told my son’s gf about a car accident I’d had in my neighborhood when I was 22 and how I ran home afterward. She said, ” why didn’t you just call someone on your phone? ” .Because it was 1985 lol.

I think FB is a lot of nothing. I don’t really want to look at the endless selfies posted by some people or read political manifestos that come in somewhere to the right of Atila the Hun or to the left of Karl Marx. I don’t want to hear about what other people have bought or done, I’m just not that interested. I have an Instagram acct but I’ve forgotten the user ID and password  and I’m not about to track it down.

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Blushing bee
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I keep a group page on fb to update my family with pictures of my children but that is only because we live in another state.

 My family gets annoyed I am not a avid facebook user but that is okay with me. I like to be a some what private person. 

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Helper bee
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I deleted everyone off my friends list that I haven’t talked to in years, and it is SO nice. I don’t care what people I knew from high school are doing. People with 400+ friends don’t make sense to me.

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Bumble bee
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I’m not on instagram and recently deleted Facebook (last 7 months) off my phone.  I used to check it on my phone when I’m bored at work.  I realized that it added nothing to my life, and I would waste too much time on it.  It was hard for the first few days, but then you just get used to it.  Now I spend time reading the news instead when I have free time at work.  I didn’t delete my account, because sometimes friends will ask me if I saw their FB invite and then I will go on to see what it is, but I usually tell them that I don’t use FB anymore, so if they want to invite me somewhere, email or text me.  Overall, I’m happy with my decision and have no regrets!  

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Busy bee
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lolita1027:  I deleted all my stuff for a few months.  IG, FB, Snapchat, etc.  I did it because I was just sick of seeing all the drama, and I’d keep seeing some stuff that would make me upset.  And let me tell you, it was a fabulous few months!!!! I eventually got it all back just because I got bored and curious, but everyday I really think about deleting it again!

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Busy bee
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I use facebook for news.

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Blushing bee
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I have a love hate relationship with facebook. I love the groups I’m apart of- uni pages, animals etc. My sister hardly ever has phone credit so she inboxes me on Facebook all the time (which means I’m constantly checking my notifications 😣). But I hate how Facebook makes me feel. I feel like I’m missing out when I’m not on there but feel crappy when I am. I’m trying to limit my time on Facebook. I have had weeks away from it before and feel tempted to do it again, or delete everyone and just have groups lol 

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Honey bee
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I am a member of professional groups on Facebook for my job and honestly that has helped me learn more about my profession and helped me to be a better teacher.  I try not to post nearly as much as I used to, but I still have the occasional cat picture or a status every few days.

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Busy bee
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I’m on Facebook, but I don’t post anything too personal, apart from one time when I made a memorial post about my brother, but the rest isn’t really personal (movies, nerdy stuff, etc.) That’s the beauty of it: People can’t read what you don’t post.  Other than that, it’s a tool I use to connect with people if I don’t have their phone numbers. If I get tired of it, I just log off.

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Sugar bee


I had a FB account for about 2 weeks and had to delete it.  I really don’t care about the sandwhich you ate, what color your nails are or what you have in the vegetable crisper, nor do I really want to see the 10,000 political cartoons you post on an houry basis.

My husband has one for his job, but other than that we maintain a very low profie and are quite happy with our decision.

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Worker bee

I havent been active on Facebook for years and couldn’t even log in since I forgot my password lol. Last week I finally logged in and totally deleted my account. I despise Facebook and the lack of privacy it gives you is just insane. What is interesting to me is how much the older generation is into it now. I have aunts and uncles who ask me why I’m not ever on Facebook all the time. I’m thinking aren’t you too old for that crap?? 

I remember I first started weaning from it several years ago when my bf at the time (now husband) and I went on vacation to Hawaii. I didn’t log in to Facebook once and just totally enjoyed my time there without “checking in” to everything. When I got back home I had a “friend” who was like “who goes to Hawaii and doesn’t post ONE picture???? Did you really even go?” Lol… That pretty much did it for me.

I have Instagram but don’t post photos, I just use it for home decor inspiration. I am also not active on any other social media platforms. 

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maymrswinks:  I’ve really noticed that those who WANT to make an effort to see me, will. Those who don’t won’t so I don’t miss out much. Also, when you don’t have a phone people RARELY break plans because they can’t send that quick “sorry something came up’ text.

At times, I miss it for GPS, lol. If you’re not careful it can cause you to withdrawl, but I wanted to do that. I’m picky with the company I keep or don’t keep

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Honey bee


Good for doing what’s right for you!

I’m tempted to give up FB for lent. Not sure if I’ll do it but you never know. I don’t FB as much as I used to, though. Always something buzzing’ on The Bee, anyway. 😉


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Blushing bee

I’ve been off social media for several years (since 2012) and haven’t missed it at all. Was weird for the first couple months – and people still have to make a concious effort to invite me to stuff/inform me of things, but overall, it’s been wonderful. 

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Sugar bee
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I left FB over a year ago.  It was my New Year’s resolution for 2015.  I didn’t post a lot on there (pictures of my dog and some pretty nature/landscape pictures I took was about it) but I found myself constantly checking my ex fiance’s new girlfriend (who he cheated on me with, and is now engaged to) FB page and it did nothing for my self esteem except lower it further.  I decided I didn’t need to constantly see what they were up to so I gave it up cold turkey.

I really haven’t missed it at all.  Instead of spending time on FB, I try to read more.  I have a Linkedin account because I lost my job last November and I also have Twitter, but that’s really only for following sports for my city.  I don’t actively tweet.

Some of my friends think I’m weird for not wanting every social media account out there, and others give my a lot of credit for not wanting my entire life out there.

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