(Closed) Bye office, this is why I didn't love you!

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To be fair I love my office job, our office has windows all on 3 out of 4 walls, any office lunch is paid for by either mine or the other departments manager (or HR if neither is in) the junk food in the kitchen is a draw back especially since I am back on slimming world…trying to find out the calories in all those cakes is upsetting 🙂 the only thing I dislike ok hate about my work is the temperature. They keep the AC on a lot, and I know I would moan if it was too hot, but in the UK we get like 8 hot days a year I want to enjoy them lol! we can’t wear summer clothes to the office as it will be too cold so no pretty dresses either :'( 

*also to comment on the sitting down all day aspect we have just had these standing desks installed, which you can prop up when you feel like standing etc….I never feel like standing but some people do it all the time 🙂

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devi514:  I posted this a couple weeks ago:

1. The mail station computer has been off for 3 months (literally) because it has a virus and we have ONE IT guy that runs multiple offices.

2. The air conditioner unit was broken for more than 2 days straight.

3. No one ever answers their cell phone or they leave it at their desk when they go out so I can’t reach them if needed.

4. Someone whispered to me if I like racial jokes. 

5. Co worker complains about every walk in we have and makes jokes that he is going to throat punch them. It’s irritating.

6. The company ordered food through family’s business and not one person helped me into the car with the chaving dishes.  My boss mentioned for someone to help and they all had blank stares.  No one did ever get up to help.

7. I transferred a call to a boss and she yells out “I am not ready for this” after we have been in the office for over an hour and a half in the morning.  By the way she comes in 30 minutes later every.single.day. 


8. The main boss leaves 30 minutes to an hour early 4 out of 5 days a week.

9.I spoke to a coworker about another company who we work with not wanting to accept a job.  She said it’s probably because of the person’s race. I said what do you mean are you actually saying this person declined business because of the person’s race? She stumbled on her words and tried to change up what she meant.

10. Some mostly bosses take over an hour and a half lunch when we are all supposed to get 30 minutes.

11. We have no wifi.

12. Anytime it rains, the phones go out so they transfer all the calls to my cell phone. In which I have to run to each person to give them the phone if it is for them since I can’t transer cell phone calls to their office phone.


13. People seem to avoid you so they don’t have to work.


14.  The big boss’ door is always closed.  ALWAYS. I overheard him telling his assistant that he closes it so people don’t come in for stupid reasons or just to talk. 


15. When I was “trained” I was told the last person changes the paper towels, makes the coffee if its empty, changes the toilet paper roll if empty and they use it last.  I find myself being the only one finding these empty.



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Maybe I am not and have never been cut out for working in an office.  That’s all I have done and know and always have found more to be pissy about than happy about.  Hmmmm makes me wonder if I need to try something else.  Not sure.  Since my thread, I have definitely made my decision on the pending promotion that my boss is considering me for in about a year to a year and a half. I have made the decision to decline. After seeing theperson that has the position I would be taking over come into the office in the middle of her vacation to work during her time off for a day, I know it’s not the right thing for me.

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Honey bee
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I absolutely love my job! However, I can relate to the “smelly foods” one. Wish people would microwave their smelly foods in the designated break room rather than a coffee bar near offices where the smell lingers. (and please, don’t microwave fish at the office!!!)

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Honey bee
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12. Anytime it rains, the phones go out so they transfer all the calls to my cell phone. In which I have to run to each person to give them the phone if it is for them since I can’t transer cell phone calls to their office phone.

Is it your personal cell phone? If so, do NOT let them do this! Or, if they do, have them pay for a portion of your cell phone bill!



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This is awesome!! I despise my job and the people I work with,  but too many reasons to list LOL. 

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I work 4 days a week, 9 – 5 in an “office” – I actually am the sole marketing/graphic designer for the company I work for, but since they do not have offices, I sit upstairs on my own laptop for 8 hours a day, alone, in a (very hot) attic.

I’ve been here for nearly 7 months now, and I want to pull my hair out everyday. I am definitely not an office person, and am in the process of switching careers to get into the wedding business. My other job is in the entertainment industry, and I am constantly around thousands of people daily. It pays less, and has unstable hours, but sometimes I wish I could just quit this job and only work there.

Definitely not an office person either.  I hate mornings!

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GFerg:  No, not my personal phone.  It’s owned by the company and it’s probably  a cell that came out before smart phones exhisted LOL.

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Haha, for someone who averages 7am till 10pm on an office job a 9am till 5pm job sounds like a dream! 😉

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I’m actually really blessed with my office job – I work overnights by myself, so very few co-worker issues!  However, we recently got a new boss in the office.  I’m sure most of you have gone through the new boss syndrome, where the newbie has to reorganize absolutely everything as a mark of the new regime!  My new boss is actually really nice but just makes a lot of unnecessary changes.  We got a new desk which is smaller than the old one yet she managed to position it to take up more of the office, plus it’s a used desk with a huge dent and scratches in the middle.  She’s anal about cleaning stupid things (i.e., asked me to sweep and mop the floor of the storage closet where we keep chairs) yet she never cleans the grounds out of the coffee pot (which she is the only one that uses it during the week) and she assigned us all our own cupboard space but leaves her snacks ALL OVER THE PLACE.  She wants to implement all these changes supposedly to match how one of our other offices does things, which is completely understandable, but some of the changes just don’t make sense for our office set-up and client needs.  I’m just trying to roll with the changes, but it feels good to vent here!

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