(Closed) C-section for breech baby?

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This happened to my sister with her second child.  We are very much a “natural” child birth kind of family (I was born at home) and this was heart breaking to her.  She was doing everything to get that baby to flip (swimming everyday, chiropractor, Chinese herbs, the doctor even tried to flip her which almost led to emergency c-section).   She even visited a doctor that specialized in breech births and it was a no go.  She ultimately had a c-section, which she wasn’t thrilled with.  It ended up being a good thing cause the placenta had attached to the uterus and may have caused problems during a vaginal delivery (this happened to my mom when I was born and caused her to almost die). 

My main advice would be to focus on the baby, not how he/she gets here.  My cousin also had a emergency c-section and a nurse reminded us that no matter how he got here there would be a healthy baby boy at the end of the day and the is the important thing.

Good luck!

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I’m really sorry that you won’t be able to have the birth you wanted. There are still a lot of things you can do to make the c-section better for you and baby though. Have you looked into Kangaroo Care? That’s where you or the dad place the baby directly against your chest right away. You can also try to breastfeed right away before your pain medication wears off – this will help get you off to a good start. Good luck!

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I think as much as you want to have a “natural” birth, it is incredibly unsafe to attempt a home birth or vaginal delivery.  As much as it sucks, listen to your doctor and schedule the cesarean section.  You should be able to have your partner in the room with you at the head of the bed behind the curtain, so you won’t be going through it alone.  

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I had an emergency c- section. My daughter’s heart beat dropped suddenly and they had to get her out asap. I was TERRIFIED. The c-section is more uncomfortable than painful, though. It is also very quick. And my scar is very hard to see.

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I have been present at an un-intentional attempted vaginal breech birth (I work in NICU and go to high-risk deliveries). The person in question laboured at home, and came in at the last minute for her c-section. When she came in it was almost impossible to get her into a c-section in time, the baby got stuck with the head in and body out, and had to have general anaesthesia to extract the baby, who was in bad shape from the whole ordeal …

So please, please just schedule the c-section. I have never been as scared in my life as I was in that delivery!

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I haven’t had a c-section, but I was breech and was born by c-section…way back in 1981. Everything will go well!

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I was so excited because I  had a midwife and I had a doula and I was planning a natural birth. I ended up having to have an emergency c-section. I was disappointed but the health of my son was more important. Everything went well. The only thing that I can think of for advice is  my biggest regret about my c-section 2 years ago. My husband was in the room with me during the c-section and then I asked that he go with our son while they sewed me back up (which took at least a half an hour or a big longer). Well both sets of our parents were waiting outside and my husband and the nurse let everyone hold my son. This may not be a big deal to many people – but to me it was huge because that was my bonding time. I had to wait in the waiting room for over an hour and then I finally cried to my doula that I hadnt seen my son yet. Once they gave him to me there was no way I was letting him go. I found that the most distressing (much more than the c-section itself). My Mother-In-Law still teases me to this day that she got to hold my son before me. I know she is joking – but since the bonding time was so important to me and I didnt get the natural birth – it actually really upsets me.

I dont know if that helps at all, but just remember even if you are having a c-section to still have a birth plan. I was so thankful for my doula that day because she demanded that they let me see my son. They wanted me to wait for the freezing to wear off (thank goodness they didnt because that took several hours). Just somethings to think about. Everything will go great!


I would say recovery took about a week and a half. The first week I was pretty sore (not unbearable – just hurt to go from laying to sitting position) by the start of the second week it was just tender and I was moving just fine. I would honestly say it was just that first week where I was pretty tender. I was actually surprised because I expected it to be painful for some reason. Honestly – once you see that baby it just seems like nothing else matters. I know that sounds corny but you will be focusing so much on the baby and just sitting and holding the baby that it will be awesome!

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I’m in the same boat as you. I was all ready to use the hospital’s labor pool, midwife and attempt a non-medicated delivery. OB found out my baby is breech last week and I go for a pre-operation appt on Thursday and scheduled C-section next week (4 days before my due date). We are hoping I don’t go into labor ahead of time so as not to have to do an emergency c-section. But sounds like the hospital is pretty prepared in case that happens.

I decided not to attempt to manually turned by doctor b/c of the success/risk analysis. We haven’t tried too many other techniques to get her to move, after I read there is typically an underlying reason the baby is breech. Everyone I talked to who had a c-section said their C-section was fine, it’s the recovery that varied from –not bad to pretty long. It took us a few days to get used to the idea and it did help to talk to people who had one.

* My due date is 3 days before yours, according to the baby list thread. Not sure if you saw this thread below, that I started last week, kinda related but more about the manual version. The Bees here are so encouraging.


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@oKelsio: During my C-section we were not allowed to hold my son. BUT I had a VERY abnormal/bad pregnancy. If your baby comes out perfectly healthy then they will most likely let dad hold him/her while you are being stiched up. They will take the baby away from him for a few short minutes during everything but thats only to check weight, vitals and everything else. Your husband will be right at your head the whole time. While your being stitched up, you guys can talk and bond with your baby. You won’t be able to hold the baby until you get into recovery but your husband can hold the baby to your face and your should be able to reach out and touch the baby. Once your out of the operating room, you will go straight to recovery. Thats where they will hand you your baby and might even let you breast feed. (depending on hospital proceedures). You can then let them take your baby to the nursery or keep the baby. I remember when I was in recovery, my mom and sister were able to come in and see me. I also suggest having two people in the operating room if the hospital allows it. That way if your baby does have to go straight to the nursery or nicu then you have someone there with you. Don’t worry about bonding time! I had to wait 28 hours before I met my son. In the mean time, my ENTIRE family held him. (note this is about 90% unlikely to happen to you) That was horrible to me but sometimes thats just how things play out and you WON’T have any problem bonding with your baby. Your momma and you have been to your baby for 9 months. He knows who you are whether you realize that or not.

 Recovery is tough for the first few days. You WILL need someone to help you stand up for the first time. After a few days you should feel well enough to move around somewhat on your own. At my 6 week post-partum check up I was given the OK to exercsize again. This isn’t an aweful situation your in. Just a different one. Everything will still turn out wonderful and amazing and no matter what happens your still getting the same little precious gift. =) Good Luck and enjoy the ride!

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I was given my daughter immediately following my c-section. They offered her to her father first but he handed her to me. She was still naked and covered in goop. Then they washed her up, weighed her and put a diaper on her before giving her back to me. During that time, the surgeon was stapling my scar shut. I then held her while they wheeled me to the recovery room. I nursed within an hour. I did not take pain meds but instead had the epidural. My sister had a spinal block with hers and as also able to nurse the first day.

Recovery took me about three weeks but you will feel a lot better after the first week. Just make sure you have help. Try to avoid stairs at all costs. Do not lift anything heavy except of course the baby. Buy extra pillows so you can be comfortably propped up in bed afterwards. Get a bobby to help you hold the baby for feeding (either nursing or bottle feeding).  Find out what pain meds are safe and take them if you need them. 

You can still have some control over the birth. Ask the dr if you can bring a cd of calming music to play in the OR. Tell the dr you want to hold the baby first. But most of all stay calm.

Best of luck to you! Keep us updated 🙂

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