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I can only speak from c-sec experience. I was induced, and progressed to 10cm, everything went fine. It took about 23 hours from start of induction to pushing, with very little sleep in the meantime. I pushed for two hours, and with each push she’d come down and shoot back up, but each push began cramming her head into my pelvis and she was just not in a good position. Eventually I was so wiped out I couldn’t push anymore and a c-section was needed. My daughter was fine when she came out- she had no breathing problems, latched on right away and we bonded just fine. I am debating trying a VBAC (Vaginal birth after c-sec) when the next kid is due in August, but I’m a little hesitant to go though it all again and maybe needing a c-sec after all.

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I had my son by emergency c-section.  I was in labor at 29 weeks and he was breech.  The way they had to cut me to get him out I will never be able to have a vaginal birth.  My son is now a healthy 2 year old Smile

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My water broke but I had no contractions that were strong enough so I was induced 26 hours later. Te labour wasvery, very slow, I never got to 10 cm when 21 h later wedecided on a c-section, because i had fever and there was meconium found on my last check… The baby’s heartrate was slowing too much with every contraction. I was exhausted enou that I didn’t think  I could push anyway and wanted them to just take the baby out of me.

I know that all births are different, but this scarred me enough that I willnot try for a vaginal birth again… 47hours of waiting, worrying, not sleeping and for the most part not eating took its toll on me and robbed me of my first few days with my child because I was so exhausted and traumatized. I’d rather have another planned c-section and knowing what to expect than take the chance of trying a vaginal birth that could end up the same way.

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I had a c-section with my first.. my water broke but they had to induce me for contractions.. labour never progressed and 21 hours later i was still 3 cm (after about 6 hours, i was like, give me the epidural!!!!).. anyways, they decided a c section was the best route because it wasn’t progressing and she was at risk for infection because my water had broken so long ago.  Baby S came out healthy and strong! Scored a 10 on the apgar.

I had a v-bac with my second child.  Labour started on its own after my water broke.  Labour for about 11 hours, 1 hour of pushing (i had an epidural again.. but not until about the 9th hour because he was in surgery).  I only needed a couple of stitches so it wasn’t too horrible that way.. no pain while pushing thanks to the epidural.

I honestly preferred the vbac, although I think by most standards it was a fairly easy birth (I know my friend had a horrible first try with a vag birth and swore never again to go through that so she had c sections for the other 2).  Much easier to recover from, I could get up and move around.

With the c-section, my incision opened, and I couldn’t get up without help because of my stomach muscles.. and I couldn’t imagine the pain if my first daughter jumped at me (excited like a 2 year old does 🙂 ) like she did if I had just had a section!

I went into it with the plan to try a vbac, but knew there was nothing to be afraid of if I ended up needing a section.  If I have a third, I will do another vbac.

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I have 3 children and all 3 were c-section.

The 1st one was an emergency (never went into labor) cause I had no amnio fluid & he was breached.

My 2nd, I wanted to try vaginal birth since I wasn’t able to with my 1st but my cervix would not dialate more than 4 inches after being in labor for hours. So I had to have an emergency c-section because he had pooped.

My 3rd baby was a planned c-section but I went into labor before the scheduled date so she came right before a holiday. After being in labor for 2 days (yes, I was trying to hold off) I still didn’t dialate. I think my cervix just doesn’t want to open lol.

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