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  • poll: Sick of pregnancy, 38 1/2 weeks along, and your doctor allowed you a c-section. Would you do it?
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    I am due in January next year. I had a simlilar discussing with my doctor when we met with him for the first time after finding out we were pregnant.

    My sister had her first baby in March and was so scared to deliver vaginally. Her doctor told her that he would like to induce on her due date but would only do the c section if he had to.. turns out he had to.

    I told my doctor that I do not want a c section (unless medically necessary of course) and he said that he would prefer me to deliver vaginally as well. He said that they can schedule me to be induced on my due date if I choose but the liklihood of a c section goes way up because the baby is just not ready to come.

    Ultimately we decided to wait until 41 weeks (Heaven forbid! haha) to induce. I dont see the benefit in opting for a c section if you do not have to have one. It is major surgery and there are a lot of complications that come with it. Our bodys are built to be able to birth a baby vaginally and that is the way I intend to do it. (fingers crossed).

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    I don’t believe in scheduled c-sections for convenience. They are costly and unnecessary. I also do not believe in elective deliveries before 39 weeks as research shows babies born before 39 weeks have more medical issues and complications and are more costly. Thankfully there’s been a big push in the US against early elective deliveries and elective c-sections but there is still lots to be done!

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    It doesn’t sound like she is very cognizant of anyone around her and how her words might affect them. I generally can’t get on board with people who update their FB status every minute to let the world know what they are doing at all times, I can’t imagine anyone that I would want to know that much about. To get back to your question though, I am currently sixteen weeks and I can’t speak to what it might be like at the end of a pregnancy but at this point absolutely not. I am hoping for a natural delivery and I wouldn’t want to have to go through the weeks of recovery from a c-section in order to save a few weeks of discomfort in carrying a baby to full term.

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    The only time a c-section has benefits is when the mother or child is legitimately in danger.

    Vaginal births provide all sorts of benefits that we have yet to fully understand. The bacteria a child enounters during a vagina birth helpt o build a strong immune system. The pressure from a vaginal birth removes excess fluid from babies lungs. For mom, the hormones associated with vaginal birth help in all sorts of ways as well.

    I just don’t have a way to grasp how people bitch and moan about wanting their baby born NOW NOW NOW. I had all sorts of painful complications and I begged my OB to let me keep being pregnant as lnog as possible, to ensure my baby would be healthy.

    Elective c-sections should not be allowed In My Humble Opinion.


    Oh..and there’s no way in hell a vaginal birth caused her kids to be an asthmatic.. *faceplam*

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    I would never elect to have a c-section. I’m not judging women who do, but I personally would never want one unless a vaginal delivery was not possible/not safe.

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    I personally wouldn’t ever opt for an elective c-section. it is major surgery and then you have a newborn to care for while you’re healing! I’ve also never heard of breathing problems being caused by vaginal birth or by carrying past full term, I’ve actually read studies on how c-sections  and pre-tterm delivery raise your childs chance of asthma, so I don’t kno where she’s getting her info from. If your health or the baby’s is in danger then I could see a pre-term c-section but otherwise I think it’s suprising that a doctor would even do it. 

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    Yeah, I’d never have an elective c-section. There are way more health benefits for mom and baby from a vaginal birth. A lot of women think c-sections are no big deal because they are common, but it is major surgery! The USA has one of the highest infant/mother mortality rate of 1st world countries– especially for moms who’ve had multiple c-sections- cutting through scar tissue many times is incredibly dangerous!

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    She sounds like an absolute goose. Do these people not realize that their kids will be able to look up these status updates when they are older?

    I also don’t think that c-sections should be an elective option. 


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    My cousin had her last three children by scheduled c-section. That was only because she and her first child nearly didn’t survive his birth, and she had long term consequences from the complications. Turns out she was high risk. All of her kids were scheudled at 39 weeks and she was on bed rest by about 30 weeks each time. (I still am not sure why she decided to have 4…) 

    In contrast both of my children were vaginal births with excrutiatingly long labors… (72 and 38 hrs), but when it was over both my children and I were healthy and had no complications. 

    Each person needs to decided what is the best decision for their family and really consider the long term benefits and risks that come with how one delivers her child. Personally I would only schedule a c-section if my child or I were at great risk. 

    Interesting topic. Thanks!

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    As someone who has had abdominal surgery that was way less invasive than a c-section, I would never voluntarily have a c-section. Seeing my friend go through a c-section just further convinced me. I don’t think people realize this is major surgery! However,  if during delivery the doctor decides I need one I’m not going to fight them on the issue.

    I also don’t plan to be induced on my due date because she dates almost never seem to be right so why force the baby to come then? I will let the pregnancy go for as long as the doctor thinks is safe. 




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    @megz06:  my doctor recommended I have a c section when I went in for m last visit 3 days before my due date. I wasn’t dialated at all and they were predicting my daughter to be 10 lbs!!!!!!! The doctor felt confident that I would not have a successful baginal birth and pushed that I scheduled the surgery. It was torture for me. Next time I will try harder to have a vaginal birth but I need to did a doctor who supports vbac’s

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    I had a c-section when my giant baby came down on an angle and got stuck in my pelvis.  (Tried for 15 hours until my heart rate started going a little crazy, but he wasn’t budging.)  It’s major surgery and not something I would ever voluntarily elect.  On top of having a new baby to care for, you are trying to recover from major abdominal surgery.  I recovered very quickly, but still had a hard time with it.  I’ve even been thinking lately of attempting a VBAC if we have another child. 

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    That’s is the dumbest crap I have ever heard. I would like to personally thank your friend for increasing the cost of our health insurance via her reckless healthcare spending decision. And let’s hope she and her baby do not end up with a health care acquired condition that would jeopardize their health and safety. Because, yaknow, being in a hospital has inherent risks, and having surgery has additional risks. She’s a fool to choose to risk her and her child’s health and safety for the sake of her own impatience, and her decision is wasteful. Oh, and she is clearly an idiot for thinking that asthma is somehow related to the method by which her first child was delivered and the duration of that pregnancy. Seriously, what a twatwaffle. And shame on her physician for being just as wasteful. Clearly the physician is in it for the increased payment rather that the patient’s health and safety.

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