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I don’t know about the milk/formula thing, but I totally had the same thought about the C-section and bleeding. It seemed really obvious once I thought about it, but somehow it just never clicked. The bleeding afterwards is basically like a really really crazy period– everything that’s up in there, has to get out. They don’t scoop everything out with a c section, just the baby! 

How’s that for scientific and medical-like?

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The formula thing really depends on the hospital. Most hospitals will give you a free “goodie bag” -advertising by a specific formula company- to take home with you. You could also use the formula while you are at the hospital. However, hospitals that are certified “baby friendly” will not provide free formula to every patient who delivers. These hospitals will provide formula if mom is not producing milk/not eligible to breastfeed (HIV, baby has PKU, etc) but have a strong emphasis on breastfeeding as it statistically makes a big difference in health and growth and development all the way through adulthood. These hospitals, if they do provide formula, remove all advertising from it so that it does not unduly influence new moms like the “goodie bags” do. 

You can probably tell what my perspective is from reading this- but I’m not making any judgments and don’t want to lecture or anything; the internet is full of that. Rest assured, they will not let your baby starve. But, your baby won’t need much formula the standard 48-72 hours they’re in the hospital. Generally breast milk hasn’t come in fully by then; infants do just fine without huge volumes of food for a few days. I would recommend researching the issue fully and giving it a shot if you are able to do so at all. Even just providing colostrum or 6 weeks of breastfeeding makes a difference. Though there is nothing wrong with formula feeding. Please, don’t flame me. I’m not trying to offend anyone. 

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No tearing unless c-section is last minute.  hospital should def give you formula, they gave me some.  i got a pill to make my milk dry up but i don’t think they do that anymore.  leaking will still happen on various occasions throughout your life, awkward.

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I formula-fed my son from day; most hospitals do provide bottles of formula, but you’ll want to check with your exact hospital to find who is provided with formula, and what brands/types they provide. 

As far as drying up your milk, once your milk comes in (around day 3-5) you’ll get very engorged.  I had one day of really bad engorgement where it was very uncomfortable, and then it got better each day beyond that.  I’d say that by 6 weeks my milk had pretty well dried up, although I continued leaking for another couple months after that.  If you will not be breastfeeding, there are a variety of things you can do to help your milk dry up faster, including getting a prescription for medications that will help with the process.

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Don’t let the fact that you have to go back to work turn you off from breastfeeding. Breast milk is the most beneficial in the early stages- the colostrum is important.  If your baby only gets it for one day it is better than nothing, and the longer you can do it the better.  If you don’t want to (or can’t) do it at all, I’m pretty sure they give you formula to start you off… they probably charge for it.

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You don’t bleed from the delivery, but from not having your period for 40 weeks, so you will bleed whether or not you deliver naturally or have a c-section.

In regards to formula, some states are no longer giving free formula, but will have formula available in the hospital for a cost. I believe the states right now are RI, MA, and NY and I’m not sure who else.

Unfortunately I do not know abou how long it takes for your milk to dry up. In regards to leaking during pregnancy, I’m 27 weeks and still haven’t had that, so def not at 16 weeks. I’m sure it’s coming though lol

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@PilotsGirl56:  No one has the right to judge or criticize! I’m in the camp that breastfeeding is ideal- but moms have the right to educate themselves and make their own choice without any negative repurcussions from anyone else.

However…It might be worth exploring whether you are physically able to make some breast milk, even before you try to conceive. Your OB or midwife may be able to give you some answers, and after delivery, a certified lactation consultant may be able to help. As an aside, I think it is absolutely horrendous that so many workplaces don’t/are not required to accomodate new moms. And I’m so sorry that that’s your situation!

If you are open to the idea of breastfeeding, but are unable to do so, there are breast milk banks out there, in some areas. The idea is that moms who produce a lot of milk can share with those who underproduce or are unable to breastfeed. I know the idea is icky to some, but it’s something I plan on participating in, if I’m able to…

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I had a C-section and I didn’t have any problems with my vagina at all, no tearing (of course) and no bleeding, no weird periods, It’s still it’s perfect little self.

I breastfed AND formula fed and the hospital provided it while at the hospital and sent me with a case home. Then I had to buy it myself.

I kept breastfeeding while I formula fed and my milk started to dry up around 6 months. But I was actively using it so I don’t know how fast if I wasn’t.

I would wear maxi pads in my bra or two bras for leaking.

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If you have a c-section as long as you didn’t push, you don’t have any vaginal tearing, right?  But you still bleed for a few weeks after giving birth? Correct, no tearing. I bleed for 2 wks after.

 Also, if you choose not to breast feed or can’t breast feed, does the hospital give you formula to give your baby in the hospital?  Or do you bring it? Yes, they do. I didn’t even think about bringing any. Not sure why it didn’t cross my mind. Weird.LOL

If you don’t breast feed, how long does it take for your milk to dry up? I only breastfed for a month before my milk dried up, so not sure how it works without breastfeeding.

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