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Holy crap! That is one expensive cake. We had 3-tiers, buttercream for 100 people, and the total was like 450ish plus like 20 for delivery, and that was in Orlando.

Your venue probably has a riser or cake stand you can use for the night.  

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Our cake for 120 people is between $3.25 and $3.75 a slice. It’ll be about $400-$450 if we get enough for everyone, but we’re probaly going to undershoot and do tartlets as well.  The cake is buttercream frosted and baked by the most delicious bakers ever… but it’s also in the middle of nowhere, Montana, so it’s definitely UNDER market price.

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Wow, that’s an expensive cake.  Can you maybe do a 3-tier and a bigger sheet cake?  Also, do you need to rent the stand?  $50 sounds like a lot of money to rent a cake stand.  I’m sure you could buy one for less, and I’ve also seen some lovely diy stands.  Is there any way you can have someone pick up the cake rather than paying for delivery?  We might have to do that with ours, since there aren’t many affordable bakers close to our venue.  Whoever is picking up just needs to have a minivan or hatchback to accomodate the height of the cake.

It also occurs to me that it might be your fillings driving up the cost.  I know one of the bakeries I’ve looked at during my research has different price categories for different fillings.  Yours sound delicious, but I wonder if there are cheaper options that are just as yummy? 

Interesting that your guy is okay with the price.  Mine would flip out about that much money being spent on a cake.

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86 servings for $110.  Toledo, Ohio.

up to two flavors and fillings.

i was simple though and chose yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  delish!! 

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Holy crap that’s a lot of money! 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I can think of a lot better ways to spend $1,400 than on a cake that many guests will probably be too full to eat. I think I’d go get another quote if I were you. It seems rediculously expensive for just cake.

The cake isn’t something that I feel like I want to spend a ton of money on (as our dessert at the wedding is mini-chocolate wedding cakes) so my mom and I are making cupcakes in advance and freezing them and my bridesmaids (who are super crafty) are helping me decorate them the day before the wedding.

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we just had our first estimate on cake today, and it would be $200-400 for a cake for 100 people, including delivery, depending on how "wedding-y" we want our cake… and we’re in southern california, where everything is expensive compared to nor cal (which is where i’m from). 

so yeah, i think it’s a bit much! good luck in finding something!!

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I think you got a very reasonable quote for the bay area. We paid a similar price for a 140-person 3-tier cake (80 servings) and 60 servings via sheet cake for our cake out of Capitola, including delivery 1-hour away.

Most higher end bakeries in NorCal seemed to be priced around $10-16/slice, a starting price for fondant. You’re only paying $6.50/slice, which is a really good deal in my exposure to prices. You can find deals in the area for cheaper, but it’s going to be difficult to go under $4/slice.  

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We just got our estimate on the cake today.  A three-layer bride’s cake, with an additional two separate round layers on the side.  One layer is a coconut-pineapple with coconut-cream cheese filling (pina colada, yum), the other two are lemon chiffon with raspberry creme filling, and the side cakes are chocolate with chocolate truffle creme, and chocolate with chocolate-raspberry creme.  Everything is buttercream frosting, and we are having a simple pearl border on each layer with flowers on top, and words that we select all around the sides (honesty, faithfulness, love, laughter…). And we are having a separate 6-inch birthday cake for my niece, just white cake with white frosting, as it will be her first birthday.  Including transportation and set-up, we were quoted $685.00 for 150 servings.  Works out to about $4.50 a serving, which I think is reasonable for our area.  We were generally quoted a base price of $3.50 a serving, going up from there depending upon decor and number of actual kinds of cake.

Our venue actually prefers a small decorative cake with sheet cake to actually serve, which would have been quite a bit cheaper, but Fiance absolutely will have no sheet cake.  (For heavens’ sake, its our wedding, not somebody’s birthday party at work – were his exact words.)

If you like your bakery but want to get the price down you could see about getting something without the fresh fruit, and also ditching the marzipan, which I understand to be expensive as well.  Also going with fewer stacked tiers (maybe go with staggered tiers instead) might reduce the price.

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You mentioned the outer layer of the cake is marzipan. In my experience marzipan is very expensive, whether on cake or in candy candy. Maybe you can see if you can have buttercream or fondant instead, that might help bring the cost of the cake down. Just something you may want to ask about.

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2 reasons why it is probably so expensive (thouhg I agree it is a little too expensive)

1) you live in SF

2) marzipan

We did fondant three tier for 125 people in CT and it was $550 after shipping ($50 for shipping). The cake was tiny to look at and we had a ton ton to left over. Our policy is to underquote it especially if you have other desserts (we had two types of Indian desserts)- we had 200 people and three tiers of cake to take home with barely a dent made for what people ate. I thought since I quoted for 125 it would all be eaten but it wasn’t.  Also the difference between buttercream and fondant and regular cake a tiramisu was a lot – like $3 a slice jumped to $6 a slice. Reconsider the type of cake you pick and the cost will vary greatly. .. . .   


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Cake averages between $3.00 – $8.00 per person.  We went cheap and ordered ours for 1/2 the number of guests we are inviting.  We ordered ours from china town for $185.00 plus $50.00 delivery– the cake will feed 70 ppl.  However, we ordered  a sitdown dinner that includes a viennese swee table, so we figured that we don’t need cake to feed everyone.  Our baker is http://www.wonderbakery.com.  I love them!

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I think you can do better if you keep looking. We are getting our cake in Chicago from a very upscale pastry shop for $6/person and $50 delivery. Our cake has fresh fruit and buttercream icing with very detailed custom design, and parts of it are even painted gold which is quite a lot of work. Your quote seems high.

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