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I did not vote 1 because I am not registered and I don’t know how to register and 2 I know nothing about politics really to feel that it’s safe for me to vote LOL, but If I had I would have for sure voted no on prop 8. I was talking to my Future Father in-law and he brought up something cause he voted yes on prop 8 he said If it’s okay for a guy to marry a guy or a girl to marry a girl than what next a man can marry his sister or mother marry her son? Now I think thats stupid because from a health prospective I believe that the reasoning for the government not allowing that is for health reasons. Not sure, but that was his point on it all. Retarded if you ask me, but this is what I blogged about on my blog so I’ma share


"I’m so upset over prop 8 I can not believe that it passed! I really
thought that california would say no. We were talking about it in my
psych class and it really hit me hard because I started crying and
really didn’t want to listen to people ignorant comments about it
all. I heard that they are going to void out all the marriages that
have happened as well. So all the gay and lesbians out there that
have gotten married already will now no longer be married. How can
you do that? How can you tell someone yes it okay do get married and
than 6 months later turn around a void it out like it never happened.
Prop 8’s arguement was that it would be taught in schools and to save
traditional marriage….Well last I checked they didn’t teach
anything about marriage in school only sex ed and secondly "save
traditional marriage" what? I didn’t know it was going anywhere. Also
argueing on a religious view is pointless….There is a seperation
between church and state for a damn reason. If religion is going to
have to play a part in voting than perhaps the damn churches should
start paying taxs. Also another thing that people had said was that
churches would be getting sued because they would refuse to marry gay
people….Um sorry everyone knows already that churchs are their own
organization they can refuse to marry heterosexuals just as they can
anyone else. For my last pissed off vent about this prop 8 thing,
regardless of religious belief or anything else….how in the world
does it affect anyone? It doesn’t! It doesn’t affect how we live our
day to day lives or anything just like when Billy Bob and Betty Sue
get married it has no effect on us so why deny Jack and Jake or Suzy
Q and Suzy Ann that right? Ugh I’m so so dissipointed in california.
On a happier note however Prop 2 passed (aniaml cruelty/stricter
rules for farm animal treatment) So thats good! "

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I can understand people wanting a seperating of church and state, but I also think prop. 8 passed because of non religious families too who didn’t want their kids to learn about homosexual marriages unnecessarily. And IT IS TRUE that it was and is taught in some schools. There was a teacher in SF who took her class on a field trip to her gay wedding!!! If that’s not considered a misuse of school time, then I don’t know what is. It was in the San Francisco Chronicle, you can look it up. So despite being a liberal state, families can still be tradition religious or not. 

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Than punish the teacher for not sending out permission slips and letting the parents in on her field trip not gays and lesbians. Parents have a say in what their children can be taught in school. Also being gay is biological there are studies out there to prove it and so just because if there was a teacher that taught about gay marriage does not mean a child is going to be gay. One of my mothers best friends is a lesbian who has 2 brothers and an uncle that is gay. Do you think people would really choose to be something that is so discriminated against?

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Like many here, I was loathe to get involved in this.  However, as someone who didn’t want to be married until all could have recognized marriages, I felt I had to.  Especially because I am now getting married next August. 

I went the hypocritical route and chose to get married because my future husband and I could not be together otherwise.This person that I love so deeply and share every aspect of my life with would have to live on the other side of an ocean from me. 

Simply because he is of British nationality and I am a United States Citizen.  We looked into civil unions, but we wouldn’t be recognized by the government and he would not be able to live in America with me.  This is about Civil Rights, it’s about EQUALITY, it’s about what is fair.  I don’t think the government should be legislating discrimination, it’s that simple.

While I can’t tell you the statistics on the number of inter-national (?) same sex couples this happens to, I can only tell you how upset I would be if the government and people I had never met told me that I couldn’t be with the person I loved. 

I voted no on Florida’s 2 and would do so many times over. 

Oh! Props to wiglet for getting the truth out there, there have been so many misleading statements,  with the large sums of money yes on 8 had to work with, it isn’t suprising so many lies are made to look like truth.

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California officials will investigate whether the Mormon church accurately described its role in a campaign to ban gay marriage in the state.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission said Monday that a complaint by a gay rights group merits further inquiry.

Executive director Roman Porter says the decision does not mean any wrongdoing has been determined.

Fred Karger, founder of Californians Against Hate, accuses the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of failing to report the value of work it did to support Proposition 8.

A representative from the Salt Lake City-based church could not be reached for comment.

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