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@WillyNilly:  Yep.  I have terrible anxiety…have had most of my life.  I was always prescribed anti-depressants and HATED them…they made me too sleepy/insomnia/still had anxiety.

In the last couple years I started taking Clonazepam and love it.  No side effects.  The Dr’s hate this drug b/c it CAN be addictive…though in my opinion there’s nothing about it that’s like getting a high and why would it matter if I was able to function vs. immobile from anxiety.

Anyway, Before Clonazepam I was pretty much done with pharm…totally against it.  I gave that Dr. once last try and he found a winner for me!

And just so you know how bad…I went through periods of full on agoraphobia…I dropped out of school because I stopped leaving the house…flash forward made it through school but declined every single opp to hang out with friends because my social anxiety was so bad…I couldn’t drive because of a terrible phobia…I now drive…a lot…and am very social 🙂

Finally, wedding planning doesn’t help anxiety 😛

edit: and neither does grad school :p :p

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Please be careful on Paxil, it has been linked to excessive weight gain. 

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@WillyNilly:  I had good luck on Paxil for a number of years. It did give me insomnia if I took it at night, so I had to take it when I got up in the morning (though it seemed like more people experienced the opposite phenomenon.)

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I’m not on the medication, they increase my anxiety. Heck valium can cause a panic attack for me. I hate medication, it freaks me out. But…


This past year has been the absolute worst year of my life anxiety wise and up there on the top 3 worst nights sleep wise.


At first I was taking medication when it kicked in but the meds were making me uncomfortable so I stopped them and my anxiety got better, not great by any means but better. Oh my gosh how terrible it was. For months I would wake up in the middle of the night sweating and shaking the entire bed waking my Fiance up. I was having attacks in my sleep, when I was awake, it got to the point where I was afraid to be alone and would call anyone and everyone to come over when I was alone.


I had a seizure in August 2011 and another in May 2012. I’m 25 and had never had a seizure in my life so those seizures freaked me out bad and were the cause of the anxiety. Lost my license for it too, you can’t drive for at least 3 years after you last seizure here in South Carolina. So that kicked in the depression. Driving was something I love to do and all of a sudden I become afraid of it and the ability to drive in itself is taken away. Needless to say this last year has been a roller coaster of emotions with that going on.


Anyways, after stopping the medication I realized a great thing for anxiety, my absolute best tool against it is distraction. Find things to do to occupy your mind. Pick up a hobby or two or three. Read books, go for a walk. Just do things that get you out of your current mind set that caused the anxiety. It truly helps.


My sleep was horrible. It would take 4+ hours to fall asleep and I would sleep 30 minutes and be wide awake again. And the lack of sleep caused anxiety to get worse. But what I learned when it came to sleep and anxiety, a lot of the time when you’re going to sleep you go into the fight or flight mode which gets your adrenaline pumping. Makes it impossible to fall asleep. You wouldn’t fall asleep if you were about to be attacked, so it’s natural to not be able to sleep when your mind is being attacked by itself. If you have anxiety about not getting good sleep, because you can’t sleep, there lies the problem. When you go to sleep you automatically think “Well I’m never going to get to sleep, I wish I could sleep just a little bit” but it doesn’t work.

What really truly helps with this are positive affirmations. Tell yourself before sleep, start telling yourself any time you think about sleeping troubles, “I will get good sleep tonight, I will sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and new”. You’re telling your subconsciousness this and soon it will start to believe it and you wont go into fight or flight mode when you’re trying to sleep. It will take a few nights to really show great results but within that first week of doing these I was sleeping better than I had in years.


I hope something helps, I hope you find some help. It was so terrible this last year with my anxiety and sleep. I’m so incredibly thankful I’m done with that now. For the most part at least.

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Hi! I have been on medication for anxiety for the last 7 years, and depression for the last year or so. I have had anxiety as long as I can remember. I’ve always been a “worrier” aka scared of everything and it’s only been in my 20s, seeing a psychiatrist that I found out that being so anxious about everything that it makes you physically ill isn’t normal. 

I’m actually hoping to get off of one of the medications (Viibryd) soon, but stay on the Wellbutrin because I can tell that it really does help me. I take xanax as needed, .25mg, usually once a day near bedtime and that helps to manage my anxiety a lot. Even just having the xanax in my purse and knowing it is there in case I have a panic attack is very helpful for me. I started medication because daily panic attacks were becoming a major issue, and was put on Paxil. I don’t want to scare you, because honestly that medication changed my life for the better, but it can (and does, if you are not careful and monitoring it…they didn’t tell me about this!) cause significant weight gain. After three years, it stopped working and I tried Lexapro, which did nothing for me, and eventually was put on Effexor which worked wonderfully (though, again, side effects! Night sweats, “brain zaps” that I would get if I was even an hour late taking it), then it stopped working (common for these medications after 2-3 years), I started Pristiq, which was really good and no major side effects. I changed to Viibryd, a new medication, once depression from some majorly awful life events became a more significant life problem for me. I’ve been taking that about a year, in conjuction with Wellbutrin which I’ve taken on and off for about 4 years. So if you EVER need any side effects related advice/someone to talk to about this stuff, I’m here! I’ve been through it ALL with these meds. 

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@pinkgreenandyellow:  I do a lot of reading to help with my anxiety too! It was actually a suggestion of both a therapist I saw years ago and my current psychiatrist. It helps that I love to read. Reading is excellent for depression and anxiety.

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Yeah I think DBT is incredible.  And also a great tool.  I’ve found that since being back in school and planning a wedding there just isn’t as much time as I would normally put toward caring for myself.  At least until June..I’m just trying to get by.

For me, gardening is my escape.  Though no gardening this year…just papers and weddingbee.

I also just recently got a prescription for Hydroxyzine?!  The dr. gave it to me for like super bad in the moment anxiety to bring me down kind of thing.  I have never heard of it or used it…but yeah the panicks are starting to happen and get worse as the stress from school and wedding planning are growing.

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Lexapro has really helped me. I am actually able to live. I hate feeling as though I have to rely on pills, it really has allowed me to be myself and feel less anxious and depressed.

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