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Well, I’ve lived here for 23 years and I don’t think its that bad.  Eloy is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the desert.  Chandler’s pretty nice.  Each city has its good areas and bad areas, so if your using a realtor ask about that when you find somewhere to live.  What else do you want to know?

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Uh, yeah we get snow birds here as well.  They’re here from the fall to the spring.  Bad drivers and bad traffic especially when the snow birds are here.  We really don’t get much rain.  We have monsoon season during the summer with bad dust storms and lots of lightning/thunder.

During the summer don’t touch anything lol Going outside is like opening your oven when you’re cooking a turkey, you kind of get hit with a blast of heat.

But there’s a couple lakes you can get to with a short drive.  You can also get to the mountains/pine trees in an hour or two depending on where you’re going.

We have the best Mexican food places πŸ™‚

There’s a huge mall in Chandler (the Chandler Mall, imagine that) that has a ton of restraunts around there.  There’s another girl on here (sooner365) that lives in Chandler.  I’m just northeast of Chandler but all the cities kind of make up one metro area – that’s what they’re talking about when you hear Phx metro area.  It’s all connected.

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I have lived in Phoenix my entire life, so just over twenty years. We do have some snow birds, but they tend to stick to the Sun City area (not Chandler…as far as I know.) The freeways are pretty nice for the most part. I have heard from visitors that people here are friendly- prejudice is almost non existent in my experience. Most people that move here seem to like it, and living in Florida has probably prepared you for the heat. That’s my biggest complaint-the heat and the lack of greenery. 


Good luck on the move and finding a job!

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You’re welcome!  A lot of people coming from out of state think that our ‘dry heat’ isn’t so bad because the humidity is low, but 120 degrees does not feel good, humid or not LOL But its not so bad, you get used to it.  I personally don’t care for the cold, so its perfect for me here.  The winters aren’t so bad, there’s only a couple of nights where it gets below freezing.  But if you like the snow its just a couple hours away.

Good luck on the job hunting!  Let me know if you have anymore questions!

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I agree, people always say “oh, it’s a dry heat” and it makes me so mad. Yeah, your oven is a dry heat too, but you sure as heck wouldn’t want to sit in there or touch anything inside it. That’s really what it’s like in the summertime, you walk out to this huge blast of heat and you can literally see a shimmer around any solid object because it is so hot. You need tinted windows and steering wheel covers and window shades and all that stuff for your car otherwise you will burn the ever-loving shiz out of yourself when you get back in your car.

The freeways are pretty big and open here, and there’s hardly ever anyone in the carpool lane so even if the rest of the freeway is backed up, if there’s more than 1 person in your car you can probably avoid it. It’s pretty easy in general to drive around anywhere in the valley. Everything is on a grid and it’s almost impossible to get lost, if you can just get yourself to a half mile road you can just go in the direction you need and you’ll sort yourself out eventually. The only “weird” place to drive is in downtown Phoenix where there are one way streets and you have to watch out for the light rail. (above ground train)

Sky Harbor International airport is a good airport, it’s not some dodgy little place. They know what they’re doing. They’ve been there forever and are pretty well organized, I travel a lot and have never had any problems there at all.

I don’t live in Chandler so I’m not super familiar with that particular area, I live more in the North Phoenix area, but like PP said, it all kind of blends together. A lot of people just say “Phoenix” and that incorporates Peoria, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Paradise Valley, Tolleson etc etc. There’s tons of movie theaters everywhere and most places will have kind of the same layout – like there will be an outdoor shopping mall with a movie theater, a couple of restaurants (maybe like Chili’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and then a couple faster places like Rubio’s, Subway etc) and then shopping like Target, Ross, and a gas station and a couple other random little things. There’s areas like that all over the place. There’s never a shortage of things open or places to go, and there’s always somewhere to shop or eat.

You will have the best Mexican food of your life here. If you’re a foodie, the food scene in general is really starting to boom around here and I’m always happy to give suggestions.

Honestly I personally am not a huge fan of Phoenix, but that’s because it’s really crowded and I just hate the heat. But Arizona outside of Phoenix is beautiful, and you can get anywhere you want in like 5 hours. You can go ocean, forest, desert, plains, mesas, snow… almost anything you want in nature, you can get to pretty easily from here.

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I’m from California but went to school in Tucson for 4 years. I absolutely loved Arizona, and if I ever decided to leave California, Phoenix would be my first choice!

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I live in Phoenix.  But have lived everywhere from the Way east side (almost Gold Canyon) and alot of snowbirds are out that way for sure to the Far west side!!  And even though I live in Phx (arcadia district, which is on the phx/tempe/scottsdale border, I STILL have my doctor out there in Gold Canyon cuz I love him so much.

Yes it is hot!  But I will certainly take sweatting over shoveling snow anyday!  I agree with the poster who said “its a dry heat and when its a 120, it just doesn’t matter, its effin hot”  (okay so i’m paraphrasing hehe. 

The freeways are okay, They are getting better and the public transporation system is getting better.  Down town is awesome!  (I work right down town across from Chase Field (AZ Diamonbacks and US Airways Arena (Phx Suns)

Its quite a diverse community.  You are moving to Eloy though, which is in the middle of nowhere kinda.  So if you don’t like traffic, you will probably like Eloy.  Chandler is just basically a suburb of Phoenix, you can be to Phoenix within 20 minutes of driving. 

I do love that we are a few hours from alot of differen things, like the other poster said… the beaches in california are 5-6 hours away.  You can visit Mexico in about 4 hours.  If you like to ski thats about 3-4 hours.  We have a lot of history here.  Great hiking trails, and geocaches, if you are into that.  The lakes are awesome, and so is the River.  If you have never seen the Grand Canyon, it’s pretty awesome!  If you are ready for a change, AZ aint a bad place to be in my opinion. We do have Chandler Mall, but we also have alot of museums, first Friday art walks, breweries, amazing scenery, mountains surrounding the valley.

I don’t know if this helped or not, but one thing I can tell you for sure…  The winters are fantastsic! 

Oh, my husband wanted me to add that we have some of the best golf courses in the United States.  I don’t golf, don’t know that you do either, but he wanted me to add it and I did LOL 

Feel free to email me.  Good luck! 

Ronney K.  Phoenix, AZ!

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