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posted 8 years ago in Australia
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    Hi, I’m from the uk (London) originally, been living in Sydney for just over 4 years. I’ve been to Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane several times.

    I prefer Sydney because the harbour and beaches are beautiful, but you still have a big city buzz which is almost similar to London. I personally found Melbourne very similar to a more northern city in the uk like Manchester. It has better shops and restaurants than Sydney but Sydney has better beaches and weather. Sydney feels like a foreigncountry but Melbourne is more similar to home. 

    I personally findBrisbane and Perth small, sterile and boring, but that’s probably because I grew up in London. No offence to anyone meant, just my opinion.

    A word of warning, Australia is REALLY expensive compared to the uk at the moment, the cost of renting, groceries and eating out is probably double, if not more than the uk so make sure you get a well paid job πŸ˜‰

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    Ps, Feel free to pm me if you want to ask anything about the move from uk to au. Good luck!

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    i am from melbourne and its the best!!!!!!!!


    i have lived in sydney and it just wasnt as fun….. or interesting. but thats my opinion. i am sure sydneysiders would disagree… hehe

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    Adelaide seriously needs more love lol πŸ™‚


    It is a beautiful city, lots of restaurants, festivals all year long, great weather (when I went in Feb it was beautiful), the beach was only about 15mins away by tram and it, too was beautiful, the people were so nice and welcoming and very relaxed, honestly, I half wish we were moving there instead of him coming here XD


    I agree with the wine country, Barossa Valley is beautiful, as is the Adelaide Hills, and we went to Cleland Wildlife park too.  I loved going around to all the museums and art galleries, and there were two festivals going on when I was there–  The Adelaide Festival of the Arts and the Fringe festival.  I could go on and on about this city lol  it has been 2 years since I’ve been but it holds a special place in my heart forever, the first time I fell in love with a city (usually I hate cities).


    I’ve heard good things about Melbourne too as the Fiance currently lives there whilst waiting for the visa but Adelaide is my love! lol

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    Adelaide seriously needs more love

    hahahah – ive tried to get there for a visit but hubby keeps coming up with other options

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    I’ve lived in both Perth and Melbourne. They are both excellent cities in their own right but completely different. Melbourne is good for indoorsy people who like hanging out in cafe’s, bars, shopping, salsa dancing, dinner dates, live shows, sporting events… that sort of thing – which is all super fun !! The weather is average, rain one minute and scorching the next. It’s great for meeting new people and pretty easy to find work. It’s a big city but doesn’t seem overly polluted and people are still fairly laid back. I lived there when I was 19 – 21 and had the time of my life although not sure what it’d be like as a place to ‘settle down.’

    Perth has, as others have mentioned, the most amazing weather in Australia. It does get hot in summer but as long as you close to the beach, not a problem! There are heaps of outdoorsy things to do – snorkel (watch out for the sharks!), hiking, visit the farmers markets, beaches, Sunday sessions.., the list goes on. It’s far more difficult to meet people in Perth than Melbourne as the locals are a bit (for lack of a better word) clicky. It is worth paying the extra $50 per week rent to live closer to the city and avoid the traffic.

    If I had to choose either to move back to I’d choose … Adelaide πŸ™‚

    No seriously, probably Perth but I’d live closer to the city or work closer to home to avoid peak hour traffic. (There’s no traffic here in Canberra, I am a bit spoiled)

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    I would definitely stay south, don’t go above the Vic/SA borders! Sydney is MORE temperate, but still awfully muggy. And they have funnel web spiders. Yuk.

    My first preference would be Melbourne, but I’m a bit biased having lived there for quite a while πŸ™‚ It is a really lovely european feeling city, always stuff going on, and plenty of stuff to do in and around the city.

    My second preference would be country Victoria… Bendigo is a really lovely city with lots of old buildings, but it is also big enough to have everything you could want. (If you come across Shepparton YOU DO NOT WANT TO MOVE THERE.) You could also go for something like Albury/Wodonga which are two towns that stretch across the border of VIC/NSW. You would want to live in Albury (NSW side), it has some lovely areas and plenty of employment opportunities.

    And third preference, Adelaide. I don’t know the region very well but it’s the kind of place that feels like a giant country town… Friendly, easy access to everything you want but also not too far to drive if you want to get out of the city πŸ™‚

    Feel free to send me a private message if you ever have any specific questions about places in Australia, I’m fairly well travelled and more than happy to answer anything πŸ™‚

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    You could also go for something like Albury/Wodonga

    Albury is nice enough for a visit but being 6+hrs car drive from sydney or 5hrs from melbourne is a huge decision.   if you want to travel you have to drive or fly to melbourne or sydney airports

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    What type of languagess do you know? and what level do you currently teach them at? I would assume secondary school but for all I know you could be a unviersity professor with a specialization in Mandarin.

    Okay, I love Brisbane and Sydney because I am an outdoors culture type of person πŸ™‚

    A few general tips and places where to get info on Australia:

    Make sure you wear your sunscreen anytime you are outdoors, the UV is the highest of any country in the world. So is the skin cancer rate. I have UK heritage, am extremely pale and have a family history of melanoma. So I used to get my sunscreen from the experts: http://www.cancer.org.au/

    To get unbiased information on what the weather and climate is like in each city check the Bureau of Meterology’s website. They have all the historical data for major cities. http://www.bom.gov.au/

    Australia goes through cycles of more rain then less rain basically it’s floods or we are in drought. The last couple of years have been really rainy just about everywhere on the east coast, this is the technical reason behind the cycles http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/enso/

    Check out http://www.domain.com.au to get a rough idea of what the housing prices will be in the area you plan to settle.

    My personal opinions πŸ™‚

    I lived in Sydney for 12 years, never saw a funnelweb. No one has died from a funnelweb bite for a very long time as the anti venom developed is very effective. I lived in the country for 13 had redback spiders under the house, on the veranda and at the back of the toilet seat even! No one has died from a Red Back spider for even longer than the funnel web because of the same reason, the antivenom is very effective. I would be more concerned about snakes, however you only encounter those is bushy areas and again the anti venom programs have been very effective. Realistically I’d be wiling to bet you’d have more odds of being involved in a serious cars accident than having a bad encounter with a posionus australian spider or snake just know what the current first aid is, just in case. Oh and the deadly jelly fish are up North near the barrier reef so no need to worry about those when picking a city to live.

    I like Sydney for the universities, job opportunties, the arts, the food, the entertainment as all the big acts come here. All the different cultures that have settled mean you can get any nearly every style of cuisine and raw ingredients for it. I worked in the city and we would go running, boxing and play soccer in our lunch breaks right near the opera house. I could go for drinks by the harbour after work and not have to worry about driving home because I jump on the train. The public transport can be crowded and unreliable but having lived in a major city where there is little public transport and I have to drive everywhere makes me appreciate what I had much more. There is no city in Australia that can claim to have good public transport FWIW. North of Sydney is a great wine region called the Hunter Valley, there are some smaller ones South as well.

    I like Brisbane for the weather, beaches, outdoor culture and the cheaper cost of living relative the Sydney but for my industry their are fewer jobs. So I’ve never been able to live there, however I do have relatives there. Brisbane beaches are great and swimable for longer in the year than Sydney beaches, honestly 9 months of the year the beach is too cold to go in the water in Sydney for me so I have a wetsuit top!

    Melbourne is cold for me, it occasionally seems to have warm days when there is a heat wave but I never liked it much. I’ve been there three times so I’m not an expert but from a vistor’s perspective it doesn’t offer anything like Sydney does in terms of outdoor locations. 

    Perth is a great place but has always been a big country town. My friends working over there can’t do their grocery shopping on a Sunday. Also with cost of living is on par with Sydney so the only people who can really live well there have to be working in mining.


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