Calling all Bees who chose the birth center route !

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So, I didn’t have a birth center birth. First child was completely natural with a CNM in a hospital, second was at home with direct entry midwives. My first birth was a good birth – delayed cord clamping, skin-to-skin with immediate breastfeeding, no Vitamin K, no Hep B, we waited on eye goop – and a lot of it was because my care provider (the CNM) was extremely supportive of birthing choices and was well-regarded by the hospital. We moved after my first child was born and the community we moved to was not so supportive of natural birth options, so I opted for a homebirth. That was also a great birth and extremely relaxed. After second baby and I were checked out (and I was stitched up and the head midwife felt like I was recovering well), it was just the family, which was nice. 

I would do either again (if I was having more kids), but I’d lean more towards the homebirth. If you want the atmosphere of a homebirth with the close by option of a hospital (I had fast labors. I could not have made it to the nearest birth center, which was a good hour away), then go with a birth center. The big thing is, find a provider who TRULY supports your birthing choices. That’s going to be the biggest factor.

Good luck!


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I wanted a home birth or birth centre birth, but my midwives were not comfortable with that because I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. So we were at a hospital. And thank goodness I was. I wanted a natural birth. I was in early labour for almost three days, and then I laboured at home for as long as my midwife thought was safe. Things kicked up really fast, and we went to the hospital. I laboured there in a private room with a birth tub for over 16 hours. Things were not progressing as expected though. The senior midwife recommended an epidural so I could rest and I was grateful. I slept for three hours. Still no progress. I also had an infection which went undetected. I was unable to walk for some reason (prior to the epidural) so something was wrong. Crunchy, natural, Ina May-reading me KNEW I needed a c-section, and the midwives agreed. It was a fast decision and a quick procedure. My baby wasn’t breathing due to a tear in his lung from inhaling meconium and had contracted my infection. He was immediately taken to the NICU. I didn’t get to see him until hours later and delayed cord clamping was no longer important to me. Looking back, I am glad we were at the hospital. He ended up staying in the NICU for a week. None of the things that crunchy me wanted were important when push came to shove. If everything had gone according to plan, I would have had a water birth at the hospital and it would have been great. But I would not have enjoyed an ambulance visit during that labour. Nothing that happened was related to my genetic syndrome, baby was head down and in position for weeks, I was super active during pregnancy, I took birth classes, etc. I’m not saying to not go to the birth centre, but for my future kids, I will be going to the hospital. We didn’t have the eye drops and later in the day, we were able to do skin-to-skin, though he had many cords attached to him. Another thing is, I was completely against c-sections. Hated the thought. Was not okay. Watched the Business of Birth, didn’t want one. It was fine. Everything was calm, I was walking around the same day, my lady bits are in one piece, and my baby weight was gone by two months. So the recovery for me was excellent. 

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mrsrod7 :  I sort of combined the best of both worlds by having a mid-wife hospital birth. No unneccesary interventions but when I hemorrhaged after the birth they were ON TOP of it. I could have been in serious trouble without my team and I do know another mom who had the same complication I did at a birthing center and having to be transferred to a hospital was very traumatic for her.

I’m a pretty crunchy mom in many ways (midwife, no epidural, skin to skin, delayed bath, etc) but why won’t you get the vaccinations and vitamin k shot? The risks of bleeding aren’t anything I would mess around with. 

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Midwife led and birth centre deliveries are very normal here. I was booked into our local birth centre (which is part of our local hospital) but I had a bleed in early labour so had to go to the labour ward. I was still delivered by a midwife.

I only had gas and air pain relief and I had a very short labour. I loved my experience. My midwife kept me on my feet for as long as possible which really helped.

id wanted to donate cord blood but the people who collect it weren’t there on a Sunday evening. 

Skin to skin is also the norm here in the UK. 

I would question why you’re not having the vit K. It was very quick and beneficial to baby. You can opt here to have an oral dose but that needs to be done over several days. 

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I have chronic Hep B and got it when I was five years old and not from sexual activity. I’ve been taking medication to try to cure it for the past four years, which out of pocket, costs $1000/month – with insurance it’s $30/month. Last year, I had to get an MRI because doctors thought they saw something on my liver. Hep B is a 100% preventable disease. I hope your child never gets accidentally infected through no fault of his or her own like I was. 

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mrsrod7 :  my daughter also had some distress and having a full pediatric team waiting for her to come out so she could be examined immediately was reassuring. The cord was wrapped around her chest and her heart rate tanked with every contraction; they wanted to use a vacuum assist, but it popped off so they just had me push non-stop (even between contractions) and we got her out fast. I had a completely boring and healthy pregnancy but you just never know what is going to happen in labor. And vaccines are your choice, but I would hope that you discuss it with your doctor and review real research (there are so many bunk blogs out there these days) and change your mind. Herd immunity is important. I vaccinate my kid for her safety and for those around her. 

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mrsrod7 :  I’m CFBC but my sister just had her first at a birth center (water birth). Unmedicated 9# Baby. She said birth was horrifying, lol. She had some pretty bad tearing (from first contraction to delivery was less than 12 hours) and yet she said she would do the birth center/no epidural all over again with her next. 

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