Calling all Bees who chose the birth center route !

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cherryberrypie :  money might need to sway it if she’s uninsured. 

A friend of mine had a baby in the US and after a three day induction and a c section she was left with a bill for $140,000! Luckily she is insured and only had to pay $5000. There was no indication that she’d need an induction or c section in her pregnancy.


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I remember being told in nursing school that only 5% of babies require any medical attention after delivery. That’s pretty low odds and definitely made me consider a birth center as a safe option. I am unaware of the percent of mamas who need interventions though and I feel like from personal experience in postpartum that those odds are much higher, which makes it more scary. When the time comes for me, I will certainly consider birth center and home birth options if I have a 100% healthy pregnancy… I’m trying really hard to hold back on the shots issue here, but please reconsider the vit K shot and vaccinating your baby. I’m not asking you to do it, just reconsider them and do more research from credible sources. All the autism claims are false and the preservatives are necessary to keep the vaccines active. It would be really sad to loose your baby to something preventable like whooping cough. 

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Twizbe :  yeah, what I didn’t say is that even if birth centers are cheaper, that ambulance ride can cost her in the 5 digits, so there goes her savings. An ambulance ride is not just an ambulance ride, there are equipment on it, people on it, everything has a price that she will have to pay for. Even with insurance, an ambulance ride is expensive.

So if money is the dividing factor… But really no one can tell you how much it will cost, it’s all estimate, especially without insurance. Op was misinformed about her health insurance, however, i am still not understanding why she thought knowing a doctor through her mom would be enough, when she had the option to add herself to her husband’s insurance. But thats her choice and now she has to pay for it. She can totally be misinformed again about hospital cost. 

100% healthy pregnancy doesn’t predict how the delivery will be. Just because one is educated in one field doesn’t make one an educated one in another. Op seems to be very confident in her research so that’s that. 



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This is an interstinte thread, so thanks for the discussion OP. Fi and I aren’t going to TTC until after the wedding, but I had always wanted a home birth vs giving birth in a hospital. Maybe I’m influenced by my mom. She had her first in the hospital, hated it, so the rest of us were born at home. She really enjoyed the whole home birth thing. However, I really like my gynocologist, and she has great reviews for her obstetrics care. Plus I’m 36, so not a young 20-something. Idk, I suppose we’ll cross this bridge when we get to it, but it’s interesting to hear the different perspectives.

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mrsrod7 :  I had two babies with CNM/nurse practitioners at a birth center and LOVED it. The birth center I was at was a four minute drive from the hospital and has better outcomes for low-risk pregnancies that hospital/OB attended births. I was transferred from the birth center to the hospital the first time because my labor had stalled and the baby’s heart rate was low. We just drove in a car as it was not an emergency. My second baby was born at the birth center in the bathtub, which was amazing. That being said, I’m not sure if wanting to avoid vaccinations and cost are the best reasons to choose a birth center/natural birth. Because 1) midwives (at least the ones I saw) are medical professionals who practice evidence-based care. It’s likely that they’ll advise you to vaccinate your baby against Hep B and to give the vitamin K. 2) I think you should choose an unmedicated birth because you want one, not to potentially save money. But that’s just me. Obviously birth center births are cheaper than hospital births so it IS a factor to consider. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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Being that the birth center is connected with the hospital, have you double checked that they’re vaccine friendly? My mother gave birth in a similar environment, but wasn’t allowed to leave until she consented to the HepB vaccine. 

I just gave birth in a stand-alone birth center a few weeks ago and had the best experience I could possibly ask for…it was everything I ever wanted. I didn’t even have to ask for low lighting, delayed cord clamping, immediate skin-to-skin, etc. since that was their usual routine to begin with. The midwife there was very well-rounded with both holistic and conventional experience, so I knew I was in safe hands that still supported my more natural birth plan. It’s really empowering to have a careprovider who supports your preferences! 
If you’re having a healthy pregnancy, I wouldn’t worry too much about complications. Midwives are trained for those sort of things to begin with. There’s always a chance of some freak emergency I suppose, but you’re probably more likely to get in a car accident. 

Side note: have you looked into oral Vitamin K? I don’t mean to pressure you, of course, but I was initially against it until my midwife convinced me that it really is best to help boost their vitamin K. She never recommended vaccines, but she did recommend the VitK shot, if not an oral dose. Being wary of injections myself, I went the oral route since it’s completely harmless 🙂 
Just wanted to put that out there in case you might be interested to know! 

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mrsrod7 :  Good choice!

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