(Closed) calling all bees with a moissanite e ring, help!!

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Welcome aboard the moissanite express! 🙂 There were a ton of threads recently about enhanced versus unenhanced stones. If you order loose stones from MoissaniteCo you can totally return the stone if your’e unhappy with it for wheatever reason. My hubby actually ordered my ring through an eBay retailer (Premier Moissanite). The benefit of ordering online is that it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than brick and mortar stores. Wish I knew where you could see some in person around here (I’m in the Balt-Wash area too), but I’ve had to rely on online sources for all my moissy jewelry. Thankfully most companies have excellent return policies. I doubt you’d be disappointed in whatever you end up with, though. I too was skeptical and it took my breath away when I first saw it. You might also want to look at the betterthandiamond.com site. There’s a jeweler there that’s recutting moissanite and heat treating it to look more like a white diamond. Don’t know what their return policy is, though I hear they work with MoissaniteCo. Color never really bothered me, though it seems some women are more sensitive to it than others. I find that the sparkle totally outshines any inherent color the stone may have and people would know there’s no way we could afford a 1 ct colorless diamond, anyway. As for insurance, I’m sure you can put it on your home owners’ or renters’  insurance.

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I don’t know anything about enhanced moissanite, but I wouldn’t think it’s necessary (I don’t think mine is, but mine’s around 0.66ct). Definitely do get the ring appraised and insured, and you should be able to just add it to homeowners/renters’ insurance. I’m definitely with you on the not wanting Fiance to spend a huge chunk of money just to get a big diamond. In my opinion, moissanite is just as nice as diamond, and it costs like 1/10 of what diamond does (depending on exactly what you want), making it way superior. 

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You should get either an enhanced moissanite, or a Mira (which is the most recent version of moissanite and a little more expensive.) You can read about both of them over at the forums at betterthandiamond.com. I have a 1 carat unenhanced moissanite and honestly I wish I would have paid the extra for the enhancement, but hindsight is 20/20. I’m upgrading my ring to a pink stone now anyway so oh well.


I’d highly reccommend ordering your setting from MoissaniteCo.com. They will also set it with an enhanced or Mira moissanite if you ask them and they are super nice and have GREAT customer service. This way you will know you are getting a high quality setting even though you won’t be able to see it in person. And check out their “One Time Discounts” – if you see something you like you can save a good chunk.


Good luck!

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Kohls and JCPenney are the 2 chain stores I know of that carry moissanite. Not sure if all of them do, but you might call and ask!

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@gocubbies:  The JCP and Kohls around where I live don’t carry moissy anymore. Not sure why. I’m thinking they were carrying inferior stones b/c I know Kohls had a massive clearance event two holiday seasons ago. And someone on eBay was trying to sell a pair of earrings from JCP that appeared really green to me (the average moissy made a few years ago had noticably more color to it than today).

To get a better quality stone, stick with the folks that specialize in the product. They hand select stones with less color and that have better cuts etc. As for enhancement, some enhanced stones need to have special treatment in the future to not lose the enhancement. There’s a coating applied to the back of the stone to help it reflect more light back up stone so it looks whiter. But heating destoys that coating. The Mira stones aren’t coated. They use another process entirely to enhance the color. But I dunno. They’re still in the process of verifying that heat and pressure treating their stones don’t weaken them at all. I have a 1 carat round brilliant and very seldom notice any color to it. I’d also like all my moissy jewelry to match in color, and getting a Mira tennis bracelet would be a huge chunk of change! So I’m happy with things as is.

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Helzberg has moissanite (at least in Baltimore they do).  As far as enhanced vs unenhanced…I have an unenhanced 3 stone ring and it looks perfect.  The largest stone is 0.75ct equivalent. 

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I own a 3ct enhanced RB moissanite from moissaniteco (online vendor). I really love my stone. The larger moissanites show much more color, so I would definitely say my stone falls in the faint yellow range, but it really is breath taking & has wowed all who have seen it. Personally, I wanted the whitest I could get, so I was very willing to pay for the enhancement, and even if I had gotten a smaller stone I still would have paid for it. I’m not sure that it is totally necessary for a smaller stone, but it is important to me to know what I got the bang for my buck, and the best that I could get (whitest).

I wouldnt hestitate to buy online, because online merchants most certainly have fresher, less expensive, and over-all better stock and options that jewelry stores and chains like Sears ect…

Check out Mira moissanite on Betterthandiamond.com (first lab graded H color moissy!)

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If you go with a private jeweler–not a chain–you should be able to see your moissanite before you actually purchase it.  Bf and I are getting a ring made and the jeweler made sure that we got to see the moissanite before he sent the wax carving off to be made.  It actually took a little longer to see the carving at first because he didn’t like the first one that they sent.  

He also compared it next to a few other diamonds he had in the shop–he had a 5ct K-L colored diamond and a 1ct G-F diamond and he put my 1.8 ct equivalent moissanite in the middle.  I specifically did not want it enhanced as I prefer a warmer color and it was certainly much closer in color to the K-L stone than to the G-F stone–so I was happy.  He made it very very clear that I am under no obligation to approve anything unless I love it and it won’t cost anything other than time if we start all over with a new stone.

Of course it’s all about personal preference but don’t be frightened off by a yellow tinted stone–if it’s a quality stone it will have this amazing glow about it that a whiter stone just can’t do.  Also my jeweler loves setting lower color graded stones in yellow gold–we’re making most of the ring out of palladium but the part of the bezel that is actually framing the stone is yellow gold–it will highlight the warmth of the moissanite’s color without making it look dingy next to the white palladium.  He also has this massive yellow sapphire that is set in yellow gold prongs with tiny yellow diamonds set into the outside of the prongs and a white gold band.  It’s stunning.

Check out yelp for your area and ask around–I’m sure you can find a good, reliable jeweler who will take care of you.  I’d definitely recommend spending time talking to the jeweler and looking at the stuff s/he makes and carries before committing to that person.  You do have to commit to a person before they will order things for you to look at but if you pick the right person, they will order as many things as they need to to make sure that you’re happy.

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@miss sparkly cat: I’ve been looking for someone who keeps moissanite in stock in the balt/dc area and I’ve been unsuccessful as well. I just want to see it and maybe compare it to an actual diamond in person (photos don’t always do it for me) without letting go of $500+ temporarily (if I ordered it online). I spoke to the lady at the Columbia Helzburg and she said they didn’t carry loose stones but they could order other moissanite jewelry for me at a discount (I think to make up for shipping? I can’t remember) so I would have an opportunity to see it. I didn’t because I’m still looking. But this is the closest I’ve come to finding something so far. I’m considering cause that way I could compare it to their other diamond jewlery since I don’t have any diamonds at home.

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I was the exact same way, I did not want my Fiance to send thousands on a ring but I still wanted something wonderful. I actually ordered my ring from primestyle.com (I am no way affliated with them-I am just so happy with my ring, I tell everyone I can). I got their name from someone I work with that also ordered from their site. 

Anyhow, my ring is 100% diamond. I actually had an idea of what I wanted and they did not have it on their site, so I was able to email them and get it custom made. I paid $2240 and my appraisal came in at $9200.00 (.85 center stone, .40 the others, all G color grade). 

All and all the order took only 2 weeks from when I placed the order to when I got it. I have never really looked into moissanite rings until after I already got this one, but just thought I would share another option for you. 

Also the person I work with paid $3800 and their appraisal came in at $11,900. Please message me if you have any questions. I love talking about my ring and I feel like I got a steal of a deal!

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