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I have PCOS and am taking metformin.  I stopped my birth control about 3 years ago because I was trying to get pregnant.  I did not have periods on my own unless they were once or twice a year.  I took different fertility pills along with provera to start my period but none of that worked.  I am no longer taking anything but the metformin since we are planning our wedding right now.  I have had 2 periods in the last 6 months which is good for me.  I have lost about 60 pounds in the past year so I hope that will help me with my fertility.

Have you talked with your doctor about another pill similiar to metformin?

PCOS sucks and it makes controlling your weight so much harder.

I got pregnant when I was 22 and had my son.  I was about 20 pounds smaller then and my periods were pretty regular; I got pregnant without trying and had no problems.  I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 or 17.   GOOD LUCK !

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FutureMrs86 – Not sure I have any advice but I wanted to chime in, I’m right there with you.

I too haven’t had a period since November, and I’m starting to loose my mind! I have pcos and an underactive thyroid. I’m very very strict with my diet and am a healthy weight (according to my BMI of 24)and  until last november I was getting a fairly regular cycle- anything between 30 and 29 days and I was thrilled.

I’m in total shock as to why my periods have ground to a halt and it’s frustrating because I was beginning to temp and chart as I wanted to start ttc post wedding but alas that has become pretty impossible now since I have no idea where I am in a cycle, or if indeed I am ovulating. It’s actually heart breaking.

I’m off to the docs tomorrow morning and I am going to be very firm about the fact that if they shrug me off with, it’s your hormone imbalance it’ll come back eventually I’m swear I’m going to scream!

Only someone going through this as we are can truely understand how frustrating it really is!

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@FutureMrs86:  joining in the topic as another bee with PCOS. Diagnosed last April officailly. I can’t get a period on my own either and haven’t had one since last June. My gynacologist prescribed progesterone which allows me to have one, but I can’t have one without it. It also doesn’t deal with PCOS symptoms such as acne, hair growth, or weight gain (which fortunately I don’t have).

I’m really sorry that you have to go through this 🙁 PCOS sucks! You could try to look into some natural remedies. I was reading a forum the other day where a girl claims that a herb called Tumeric cured her PCOS and gave her normal cycles. 


Im not sure if it will work or not, but i thought it was pretty interesting. Hopefully your doctor will be able to figure out a good solution for you. 


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I have PCOS. I’ve never thought about it being the cause of a low sex drive… Interesting I have to read up more. It would explain things.


I was worried the Fiance didn’t do it for me anymore LOL

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I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of years back after going 8 months without a period. I had been on the pill for 5 years or so before that. I hadn’t been able to start my next pack and then had to keep waiting until I got a period to start. I think the doctor I was seeing then must’ve asked me to do 5 preg tests before he FINALLY referred me to a gynecologist, who did the full hormonal blood workup and ultrasounds. Frig. So frustrating. 

I’m on the pill now to regulate, and I have done the 10 days of progesterone a few times within the past couple of years as well.

I’ve since moved and found a new doctor and am just waiting for an appointment. I have a ton of questions about what options are when Fiance and I start ttc’ing eventually – medication wise and when to come off the pill again, etc. I hope your doctor can offer you some help with the pcos-related issues, have you checked out that soulcysters.net forum before? It’s actually helped me feel a little less alone with this. SO many women have it. I had never even heard of it before. 



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I’m really sorry you are going through this.
I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15 (I’m now 33). It is difficult to deal with. In those days Metformin wasn’t prescribed for PCOS so when I was 19 I had to fight my GP and present them with studies to finally get it. To be honest, it has never done a lot for me but I stick with it.

I only had periods on BCP, my skin is actually not bad in terms of acne but I do suffer from hirsutism in my face and neck – I am a compulsive plucker, tried laser removal but as my hormones are responsible, it just grew back.

I too lost my libido and gained a lot of weight in my 20s, my symptoms got a lot worse, I was exhausted all the time and it made my weight creep up even more. I went off the pill because I stopped getting periods even on the pill.

I went on a ridiculously strict diet for a year and lost over 100lbs and my symptoms got so much better. No more acanthosis nigricans (dark skin in armpits and groin), no more cystic acne on my thighs, the return of my periods although still not regular and finally having some energy. It was fantastic!

I met my now husband, we got married and without me noticing, I have put on about 40 lbs in the past 3 years. I am so angry with myself. I am still pretty careful with what I eat but have been snacking, not low carbing and doing less exercise – on a ‘normal’ woman the gain would not have been so much.

My periods had stopped again at the time when my husband and I decided to TTC, I am angry with myself but have now started low carbing again, pretty strictly and within 2 weeks I got a period. This has really encouraged me to carry on. I felt so much better when I was lighter and it made such a big difference to my PCOS.

Some women have PCOS and normal weight, unfortunately it seems that for them it is much harder to regulate their hormones, for those of us where weight gain is a major cause/symptom, losing weight makes such a huge difference. Unfortunately it is damned hard!

I hope things improve for you.

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