Calling all brides with glasses!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: January 2017

I switched from contacts to glasses about 2 years before I got married, and just liked them so much more that I deceived not to switch back for the wedding. I still got my makeup done, and I think it turned out to be a good look for me! Don’t regret it at all.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: October 2019 - Premier Ballroom

Omg lol, I have people telling me “You better not wear your glasses” but yet the same people who say that also tell me “You look so weird without glasses”. Like pick one!!! Plus I didn’t ask.

I am wearing my glasses either way because I do hate how I look without them. Plus contacts will not work for me since I have prism in my glasses and my prescription is pretty high, and the contacts are kind of blurry and make my head hurt. I will be getting a new pair of glasses though, non transitioning.

As for makeup, I love me a full glam look, lashes and all, but a lot of my lashes do get caught up in my glasses so I usually curl them to the max. I am getting lash extensions though, I tried those for someone’s wedding and they did not bother me one bit. My fiance tells me to do what I feel is best, but he suggests glasses because he knows I am comfortable and he knows I will feel like myself in them and thats what matters.

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  • Wedding: December 2016

I didn’t wear glasses; however, I don’t feel attached to them. (I think I got them in 2011). I thought about contacts, but they make my eyes SO dry. My vision isn’t that bad, so I just went without. I did put them on for a bit just to not have a headache.



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somedaymrsj :  Thanks for your suggestion.  I’ll inquire about the multifocal contact lenses next time.  I hope they make my prescription because my distance is so bad.  I have a whole year and a half to get them.  I hope they are not too expensive!

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My only worry with wearing glasses is the flashback from the camera so if you find some with a matte coating or something you should be fine.

I’m not wearing them but will be wearing contacts for the ceremony and pictures and then glasses for the reception so they’ll be pics of me with and without. 

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Helper bee

I usually wear my glasses over contacts all the time in the winter. But not so much summer. I don’t think they ever compliment wedding attire, though. Especially dark or out of style frames. 

If I didn’t have the ability to wear contacts… I think I would make sure to find frames that would look more appropiate with wedding gowns… like an ivory frame? Something that matches the wedding gown but could also be utilized regularly after wedding.

It seems silly to buy a pair of glasses just for a wedding but I like having several pairs (when I can afford them) anyways to rotate with my outfits… and trust me I am very frugal and hate spending money… but frames are a different story. I would wear them again! I end up just replacing the lenses every year anyways when I get a good stash of frames going. Saves money. Gonna wear the frames 100 times more than a wedding gown as well!

Maybe I am a frames snob… who knows… I just can’t be wearing ugly stuff on my face daily.

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  • Wedding: December 2018

MsBeer :  I wear glasses daily. I chose to get contacts because my lenses are so thick that they actually distort the size of my eyes to appear much smaller than they are (yay reverse coke bottle glasses). I still wear them daily even though I have contacts. It was nice not worrying about my glasses sliding down my nose all day, but my eyes got dry. Still worth it for me!

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  • Wedding: June 2019 - Tacoma, WA

MsBeer :  Thank you!! 🙂

twentytwentybride :  They are a bit pricier than regular contacts, but my distance AND my near vision are both absolute crap and they work really well for me. You could always get a trial pair and if they work out, use those for your wedding day and not have to pay for the full box of them!

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Busy bee

One of my closest friends actually bought a pair of clear rimless glasses just for her wedding as she hates contacts and she wanted an “invisible” glasses look. She was also worried about her own regular glasses looking dated in photos down the line. 

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Bumble bee

I’ve been wearing glasses for 20 some years and prefer how I look with glasses on a day to day basis (no need for eye make up! The glasses frames my eyes / face nicely haha) but I just don’t like the look of glasses with formal wear so I will be wearing ortho-K leading up to my wedding (more on that later). It’s a personal preference of course and all the brides with glasses rocked it in their photos, but I always feel like with normal clothes and glasses, I look professional at work and have that “girl next door” kind of vibe. With formal wear (in particular lower cut / v neck) suddenly I feel like I’m looking like the “sexy librarian in a porno” lol… 

I’ve got ortho-k lenses (custom made hard lenses that you wear at night to correct your vision temporarily and you don’t have to wear anything during the day and your vision will be perfect / near perfect depending on how well it works on you) and I’ll wear it for a few weeks before the wedding so that I don’t have to wear glasss or contacts on the day.

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I wore my glasses getting married too. 

Glasses are part of who I am, and couldn’t imagine not wearing them.

Dealing with the “you can’t wear glasses” was annoying tbh but I just stuck with what I wanted. After all, it was MY wedding, not theirs!

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 I wear glasses daily. I like me with glasses! But I’m wearing contacts during the ceremony and for photos and changing to glasses after the main photos are done. I hate the way glasses look on me in photos. Best case, they reflect light sources. Worst case, the top bar is in front of my eyes constantly and you can’t even see me. 

I have pretty annoying dry eye, so wearing contacts the whole day is a definite no. I’d be a mess by the end! The ceremony is at 1, so I figure if I put contacts in around 10, I should be fine till around 3, then it’s glasses the rest of the night!

I bought a cute pair of silver cat eye glasses on Zenni for the occasion. They weren’t expensive. Maybe try that if you want something special but don’t want to spend a fortune!

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