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Have you checked with your eye doctor?? 

Personally, I have really good luck with the Renu contact solution and can’t comfortably wear any others.  Maybe try switching brands, and if that doesn’t help, maybe going to daily lenses would help?

Visine also makes a contact lens drop that cleans and hydrates – I swear by it.

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@megz06:  If your eyes are hurting from your contacts, you should probably stop using them immediately.  Maybe talk to your eye care professional?  They may be able to recommend something for you to help with the dryness.  Do rewetting drops help at all?

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@megz06:  I had something similar happen to me a few years ago. I had been using the same solition for years and one day it just started burning my eye. It ended up that I had a minor eye infection and had to wear my glasses for a week or two while it cleared up. So i would suggest giving your eye doctor a call. Good luck!


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I had a similar thing happen a few years ago to me (I wasn’t preggers) and my doctor thought it may be a new allergy to the proteins that build up on contact lenses when they are on your eye. I switched to dailies and everything has been dandy since.

If you are worried about cost, ask about the Bausch and Laumb (sp?) softlens dailies. They are fairly cheap and I love them! Even better than the acuvue one days in my opinion.

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Maybe put some drops in your eyes before you put them in in the morning, and keep drops with you all day. 

Also have you tried switching out for a new pair? 

If that doesn’t help I’d go to my eye doctor and see if you could get another trial pair to see if switching helps


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I agree with going to an eye doctor. Sometimes contact wearers can develop a keratitis which can really irritate the eye, and if not treated can cause major issues. It can start with a burning, itching feeling so it’s worth getting checked out- and wearing glasses in the meantime 🙂

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I’m sure the answer is yes, but have you tried a new pair of contacts?  Also, ditto PPs and get your eyes checked.  It’s possible you scratched your eye and the contacts are causing greater irritation.  This has happened to me before.  Usually a week without contacts lets it heal up and I can wear them again.

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It’s possible you’ve developed an allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient in the solution, particularly if it goes away after a few minutes. I can’t put my contacts in straight from the package because that happens to me- I have to soak them in my solution (Opti-Free) for a bit first. My eye doctor said I’m probably allergic to a preservative.

But yeah, see or at least call your eye doctor. 

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@megz06:  I use Clear Care as well, and have been for the last 5 years. Different brand of contacts, but same solution. 

I am really sorry this is happening to you, but maybe it is what you said that your eyes may feel a little extra sensitive recently. Is there anyway you could give them a break for a week & just wear glasses? I accidentally put my contacts back in my eyes after rinsing them with clear care instead of saline, and my eye felt like someone stuck fire in there. It burnt SO bad, I couldn’t put contacts in for a week, so I wore glasses. Now it’s back to normal – granted taht’s different than what happened to you, as it was my own fault for not being fully awake lol but staying away from contacts helped a lot. 

I think you should go to the eye doctor as soon as you can.

Best of luck!

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@megz06:  It could be because you are pregnant.  I use the Clear Care too and usually have no issues but once in a while I get the stinging too.  I feel that its in connection with my allergy season.  Not quite sure because it will do it once and then not again for a while and my allergy seasons are usually on going for that season.  Talk to your eye doctor and see what they say.  You may just need to change out your contact solution while your pregnant or try using a 50/50 solution.  50% Clear Care and 50% another brand.  Just to dilute the solution a little.

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I would definately go to an eye doctor since this is very unusual, and since it sounds like it’s in both eyes.

I’ve been wearing contacts since I was 10 (I’m really blind), and what I usually do is give my eyes a couple of days rest from the contacts.  Usually that means Saturday I wear my glasses and the glasses go on as soon as I’m in for the evening.  Depending on how much sleep I’ve gotten, I also sometimes end up wearing my glasses to work if my eyes really need a break.

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@megz06:  agree with PP about going to get your eyes checked. Can never be too careful with your eyes! 

given that, I’ve noticed that if I just dump out the solution in the contact case and don’t rinse the case with water, as the residual solution in the case forms a film at the bottom that then makes the solution more ‘concentrated’ the next night I put my contacts away. I’ve found that if I rinse the inside of the case with water and let air dry, I don’t have any problems with burning. 

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Here are a few other possibilities, although they are not likley, given how careful you have been with your lens-wearing regimen:

* You always wash your hands before  you put your contacts in, but could you have removed  them without washing your hands and after having touched some hot peppers or hot sauce or something like that on your own food or while preparing food for others?

* Could one or both contacts be chipped along an edge or torn?

* Do you have disposables that simply need to be switched out for a fresh pair?

* Could you accidentally have switched this case with an older, back-up case that had an old pair of contacts in it?

* Is your solution Thimerosal free?

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