(Closed) Calling all DIY flower brides! How much of a hassle am I getting myself into???

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@Saraswati: Ugh… good question! Can’t wait to hear the answers!

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I’m doing my own flowers too. Flowers weren’t a huge priority for me. I’m ordering as much ranunculus and fillers I can get for my 600 dollar budget and doing garden themed centerpieces in mason jars on my tables. Basically my attitude is this: flowers are not my priority, I’ll just do the best I can with my budget and make it work.

I think as long as you’re not too picky or set on any one thing you’ll be fine.

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it depends on what types of flowers you’re using, the amount of flowers & how particular you’re going to be about it.

I’m growing & diy’ing my bouquet & those of the attendants and having a few really simple centrepieces.

I decided to go with lilies mostly because they are hardy and have very solid stems & won’t get floppy. [anything with a good thick/solid stem will be less likely to give you trouble–roses are a good example]

For my centrepieces I’ll be doing the wild-flower & mason-jar approach which is very much a cut and plop approach little stress there.

I am transporting my flowers 2.5 hours to the ceremony site (I’m OOT) so they will be travelling on ice (not ON it literally, but in ‘gentle’ plastic containers that will then be put into a chilled container/cooler with ice to maintain a +4C to +7C  temperature).

They will be assembled either early the morning of or the night before & refrigerated/with water until they make it to the ceremony site.

I highly recommend doing mock ups and trial runs if you can/can afford to do so as it will give you a much better idea of what you are working with.

Also, make sure you have back-ups.

There is a local farmers market that sells wild flowers & sun flowers, and the grocery store is also a quick go-to in the worst case scenario that none of the flowers bloom or they all wilt in transit.

Do you have a rough estimate of how many stems/blooms you’ll need?

eta: I’ll be using about 3-4 stems (4-6 blooms) for small bouquets, but adding sprigs of green & baby’s breath as filler.

For my centrepieces I expect to use about 2-4 larger blooms (~1-3 stems) and anywhere from 7-15 (or more) smaller blooms depending on the sizes of the containers, as well as greenery for fill.

Hope This Helps


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Thank you for posting this- I’m having the same dilemma! A little concerned about all my DIY flowers wilting in the TX heat prior to my reception. I’m still debating a timeline of when I should put them all together, or if I should just scratch floral centerpieces and just use florals for my bouquet. Good idea about using your friends office! I just might make mine and hide them in our office server room the day before. They keep it SUPER cold in there so the computers don’t go down!

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@Lala61111: bwahahahahaha!  too funny about using the server room! I’m a computer tech and usually work in the computer room which stays on the cold side.  It’s really a good idea, if you can do it.  I know the idea of having water around computers isn’t always liked, so you might want to make sure it’ll be okay…. (I suggest this because some bosses can be, well, a bit strict and I wouldn’t want to hear you got in trouble for it!)

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@Zinzerena: Good call! I’m such a jerk- I’m sitting here thinking I can keep them cool without water and they will be fine. I think I need a coffee break!!

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I’m doing all  my flowers (centerpieces, bouquets, bouts, corsages). I found some great videos online that will give you some ideas on how to arrange flowers. Really, these videos were tons of help for me!!





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If you are DIYing check out http://www.growersbox.com. SIL and I both used it and they were great!

Honestly, if you think you will have a couple hours the day before to get them done you will be fine. All you really need is flower tape, Ribbon, and Some pins. All I did was take 2 flowers and tape them together, and then held another flower to it, and taped it to the others. When they were the right size for me (or in my case when I got tired of adding flowers) I put some ribbon around the stems and pinned them down.

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I am having 64 guests at my wedding on the 19th.  Yay for small weddings!~

We’re on a similar budget for flowers, but I got cold feet about the stress/aggravation factor of doing everything myself.  I went from wanting to DIY all my flowers to whittling it down to the following plan to minimize my stress:

  • I am DIYing my pew flowers (small pomanders), mother corsages and bouts with my bridesmaids on Thursday night for a Saturday morning wedding.  I’ve done test runs of these and they’re easy and quick.
  • I am having my bouquet professionally made.  This was a last minute splurge because I decided that I was going to get too obssessed about it.  I decided that since they were going to be in all my photos, it was worth it. 
  • My friend is making my centerpieces for me.  We spent more on the container than flowers bc then its just a matter of slipping a few flowers in the bottles and tying a ribbon on them.  So all she needs to do is mix water and food, fill the bottles, throw a few flowers in there and deliver them to the venue.

But I wanted to post on this thread for this reason:  One thing you should TOTALLY look into is having your centerpieces done by Costco.  I was going to do that until my friend stepped in to do it for me.  If you ever go to Costco’s flower section, you may see some of these square flower centerpieces for $19.99 a piece.  They are good sized and actually very nice – usually a mix of roses, mums, gerber daisies, carnations and filler set in a heavy glass square container.  You can look at the different designs and order them in 4-packs for $80 from Costco’s floral supplier, http://www.kmsfloral.com.  You can tell the customer service rep your colors and they will deliver them to your local Costco.  All you need to do is pick them up.  They are arranged in floral foam so they are super easy to transport and honestly, for $20 a piece, its virtually at cost.  You can also order bulk flowers from that site too.  If you don’t like some of the filler they use, then just buy some florist bunches at Costco while you’re there and swap them out.
If you have 8 people per table, all you need to do is spend $160 for 8 centerpieces and you still have plenty of money in your budget left for other things.  Any local florist can make you tall vase arrangements for $60-75 a piece (tell them to use tall greenery and flowers). Two of these are perfect for the altar at the church. You can move them over to the reception afterwards to decorate the bar or buffet area.  That still leaves PLENTY of money for bouts, corsages, and bouquets, which you can easily make yourself 2 days before the wedding with your bridesmaids.  
I’m all about minimizing stress baby!  Good luck!

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Wow….I’m impressed!  You girls are all very ambitious.  I already have so much on my list of things to do the day before my wedding, flowers is not one of them.  Good luck! I’m sure they will turn out great!

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I originally planned on doing everything myself. This past weekend roses were on clearance at the grocery store so I bought 24 and got some floral foam and wood container. Cost: Higher than expected Time: 1/2 hour each (x12=6 hours!!)

I just got back from an appointment with the florist who stated it would only be about $400 to outfit my entire bridal party. So, I’ll probably do that and do some living centerpieces either using wheatgreass or potted herbs (which flows with our eco theme as well)

herbs or wheatgrass flats.

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Saraswati –

One thing that I have learned over the last few months is everyone will tell you you have to hire someone to do everything for your wedding.  I disagree!  I am doing a lot on my own partially because of budget and partially because I am an event planner by trade, and I have a lot of contacts. 

I am planning to DIY most of my flowers.  I want very simply bouquets with just about a half dozen stems of the same flower for my bridesmaids and something similar but slightly larger for my bouquet.  The boutonnieres and corsages will be very simple as well, and my reception flowers will be wild flowers in Mason jars.  The only thing I am looking to “hire out” is the one large arrangement for the church.

When I first thought about doing my own flowers, I went to the experts and asked some important questions.  I have a good friend who owns a wholesale flower shop.  Before he owned it, his dad did, so he has basically been apart of the business for most of his life, and he knows his stuff.

He said that as long as you are planning to keep your flowers simple, you can totally DIY!  Here were some pointers that he recommended:

1. Find a good wholesale florist and meet with them like you would any other florist.  I would not recommend using a grocery store or retail floral shop, as they can cost nearly as much as if you hired someone to do it.  Ask the wholesale florist what is and is not in season during your wedding month.  Ask about when they get shipments, will they put in a special order for you, which flowers are easiest to work with and will live longest, etc. 

2. Plan to buy your flowers 2-3 days before your wedding, so you are not pressed for time. 

3. Contrary to what most people will tell you, you don’t need to refridgerate your flowers if you only buy them a couple of days before the wedding.  You actually want to leave them out at room temperature so they will open up.  Otherwise, you will have a bouquet of tightly closed flowers. 

4.  Make sure you have all the supplies you will need before you get started- vases, ribbons, bouquet holders, pruners, floral wire, floral tape, wire cutters, etc. These can be purchased from a local craft store or online at http://www.save-on-crafts.com/

5. Finally, and this was probably his most important tip.  Don’t try to do this alone.  Make sure you have a couple of willing participants – friend, mom, aunt, bridesmaid, neighbor – who are willing to help you out.  This will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Good luck!  I would love to hear how it goes!


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Have you checked bunchesdirect.com.  I first thought of doing all of the flowers and after speaking to a consultant/rep from bunches direct felt 80% confident about arranging the bouquets the night before…but then I got selfish and wanted to relax (as much as possible )the night before. I found out they now do the bouquets as well.  I am ordering my bouquets, and then making the arrangements (Gerber daisies in a milk glass bud vase with mason jars full of daisies) and the bm bouquets ( a few daisies tied). Maybe check them out? 


Good luck:)

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