Calling All Doctor Bees! Any Idea What I'm Allergic To?

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Make an appointment with an allergy specialist and get tested. No one is going to be able to determine this over the Internet. So many things it could be.

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It just sounds like hay fever, it might be an overlap in pollen types that you are allergic to in both places or there may be different ones and you react to both. 

Generally a ‘one a day’ over the counter table will keep hay fever at bay, but since it doesn’t affect you where you live it isn’t a massive deal.  Maybe start taking the tablets a few days before a trip if the pollen count is going to be high. 

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Couple of thoughts…

When did you switch from Zyrtec? Itching is a Zyrtec withdrawal symptom.

Antihistamines are preventative so they work best when taken before allergens are encountered. Also, over the counter antihistamines have half the active ingredient of the same drug in prescription strength so they are not very robust. You may need to add a prescription drug to your cocktail. I have to augment with Singulair at certain times of the year.

You may need to switch up when you take your antihistamine. I take mine at night so it is at peak strength when I wake up.

Flonase takes a few days to work; not to mention it is just not that effective. Try Afrin for a few days to help break up the mucus in your nose.

You might have a sinus infection.

Go see an allergist.

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Are your symptoms worse when waking up and then get less bad/more tolerable throughout the day? If so, I’d wonder about dust mites or some sort of allergen in your pillow. What kind of detergent do you use? If I sleep on something with a scented detergent and/or dryer sheets, I’ll wake up stuffy. That makes vacations…interesting.

It’s probably in your best interest to see an allergist or doctor. 

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Allergies are difficult to pin down.  I should know I have a ton.

Think about the common allergens before going into thevdocror. New soaps, new detergent? Anything like that change? They will ask you that so you’ll want to think of that ahead of time so you can ask about other things while there. 

You’ve got to go to an allergist/immunologist.  

In the meantime take notes of what you are around and symptoms.  Its a bit tedious but you can see patterns that way. Like oh every time I’m by this tree I feel puffy and allergic.  Etc. 


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I think is better to get check with your doctor to avoid misintrepret ? 

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East Coast? I vote ragweed, depending on how far North you are. Mine are kicking up right about now. Hawaii? No freaking clue. Could be literally anything. You could look up what blooms there at this time of year (everything), but since you don’t live there, I don’t see why it should matter. You can be allergic to two different things. Sometimes these things just kick up out of the blue and eventually get better. Get thee to an allergist.

My allergies got way better after I started taking probiotics/eating fermented foods. Something about an anti-histamine excreted by the good bugs. Might be worth a try.

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npoliver :  It might be worth a try to switch to a Free and Clear detergent, at least for a little while. Wash a set of sheets and some clothes and towels with it and use only those things for a bit to see if it changes anything. A fairly cheap and relatively easy test! 

According to an allergist I saw years ago, you can’t be “allergic” to perfume, but you can be sensitive. I don’t necessarily agree, but whatever. My dad reacts horribly to scents, and there are some scents that mess up my nose. I was next to a woman in the bathroom once whose perfume gave me a full-blown allergy attack immediately. I felt like I’d come down with a full-blown cold in 30 seconds. It lasted about 10 minutes after I got away from her and then I was mostly okay, with some remaining stuffiness. Similarly, scented detergents and dryer sheets make my nose crazy (which, in turn, makes the rest of my face puffy and miserable). My whole body broke out in a rash (just lots of bumps everywhere, not much redness) due to a suspected sensitivity to a body soap I was using. Never confirmed, but it was the doctor’s best guess. He actually laughed when he prescribed the 1 pound tub of steroid cream xD It’s definitely possible. 

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Pittsburgh….could be grasses. Could be some form of mold waking up, too, if y’all have been getting as much rain as we have. Sorry, I reversed the dates you mentioned before in my head 🙂

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There is a very high likelihood that it was a grass. I’m EXTREMELY allergic to some stupid obscure grass only found in Kentucky. I’ve never been to Kentucky, but it came up on an allergen scan I got, and I’m like “wow okay that’s dumb” 

Europe is a whole continent of grasses that we might not see here in America. I would bet that you, like me, have some high sensitivity to some dumb obscure grass not found where you live. You might not have had symptoms until you arrived back home, but allergies work like that sometimes.

Also Hawaii also has grasses not found on the mainland. Could be there as well. 

Edit because I saw a reply you wrote: Symptoms change with allergies, yup 🙂 Take it from a girl who has been fighting every environmental allergy under the sun since she was 5. This is my life lol

Another edit because I keep thinking of things to say: By the way, if you aren’t pregnant, I HIGHLY suggest Nasacort. Best nasal spray on the market, but it’s not that safe for pregnancy, which makes me sad. I’ve been on Rhinocort lately but it’s not the same 🙁 lol

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npoliver :  The swollen eyes, congestion and headaches could all be sinus-related which can coincide with itchy runny nose. So your symptoms may have just gotten worse, not actually changed. The easiest thing to try is buying your previous detergent & wash everything you had washed in the new detergent. Any small formula changes may mean a new ingredient. You said you get itchy like last time you had a reaction to detergent, so the obvious thing is to go back to what you’re used to and see if it persists. 

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