(Closed) Calling all health gurus- scoliosis and severe joint pain-

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Swimming? That’s the low impact thing everyone generally recommends.

you might also try one or those ski machine where you swing your legs instead of jog.

or buying some medium weights and a yoga ball and just doing calisthenics at home.

I think you should actually ask your doc for advice because there may be activities you should be limiting. 

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I have almost all of those things as well.  My suggestion is go see a physical therapist!  Not necessarily until you feel better (they aren’t cheap) but at least a few times so they can teach you some exercises and then make sure you are doing them correctly.  

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texaslemon:  I know you said it is very expensive but I would seriously reccommend yoga. 

There are many free classes and articles online. I would maybe spend some money and try to actually get to a class once a week- tell your instructor some of your pains and she can give you/show you some poses that should help.

Also check out your park district/YMCA- they will be much cheaper than a super pricey Yoga studio. Also many many yoga studios offer free classes ( usually to train their new teachers) once  a week 

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Swimming is low impact.  Planks are low impact and work your ENTIRE body.  There are tons of ways to do planks so you can find a way to do them that doesn’t cause more pain.  Just youtube planks or google it and you’ll find seriously like 10 different ways from the most common way to side planks, to reverse planks, superman planks….its endless.

Also get a large yoga ball.  There are million exercises you can do with the ball that work your muscles while keeping your joints from screaming. 

I suffer from chronic joint pain as well.  There are some exercises that make my pain worse and some that make it better, unfortunately you won’t know unless you try it.  I take classes at my gym through work (I’m lucky its only $8 a pay period so like $16 a month).  A lot of exercises I’ve learned to modify in a way that still work out my body without killing my joints.  If you go to any sort of gym or class a good instructor will tell you how to modify exercises, there are a lot of people in my classes who are different fitness levels.  Some have chronic pain as well, or total hips, knees or whatever.  Your workout shouldn’t kill you, but also know that ANY type of movement is better than nothing.  Do what you can do and forget the rest.

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I found a free program here that is meant for people with mobility and/or chronic illnesses.  It’s awesome, the instructor is a kinesiologist who has done a ton of training on working with seniors, people with injuries, etc. so she will help us all tailor our exercises.

The biggest downside I find is the people in the class – I feel a bit different than the others as I sought this out whereas they are mostly seniors who had a doctor recommend this to them.  I would have preferred a more varied group or a group that I fit in with a bit better, but it doesn’t alter what I’m doing, it’s just the social dynamic is a little odd for me.

I found there were other programs too, but most were off for the summer.  Since I got into this I figured I don’t need to sign up for anything else for now.  Other options were an exercise specialist (I needed a referral) and a group class for people with chronic conditions.

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If you suspect arthritis at 25 you need to see a rheumatologist. Arthritis at that age is a serious condition that can disable and shorten your lifespan. Arthritis at that age is not wear and tear its caused by a systemic autoimmune disease.

I was diagnosed at 25. I’m an amatuer endurance athlete raising money for a cure. Arthritis in the young is agressive and nasty. 2 aleve isnt going to cut it. I eat weekly chemo, prescriptive nsaids, and a whole host of other drugs plus immune supressive infusions. If you suspect arthritis instead of worrying about exercise first get diagnosed and treated.

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texaslemon:  I have had surgery for severe scoliosis, so I know where you’re coming from. I also feel like I’m in an old body sometimes. The hard truth is that you have to suck it up for a short period of time in order to feel better long term. I go long periods of time (6 months-year+) without exercising sometimes, and I feel like EVERYTHING makes me sore. Then I get sick of feeling like crap and start working out, and it feels awful. But your body is under more stress than most peoples’ because everything is off kilter. In order to feel good your muscles have to be strong. I don’t know what specifically to suggest, because you’re not going to like my answer. I’m not trying to be harsh… I don’t like the answer either because it sucks. Just give yourself a set time period-like a month-that you will endure. See if you feel beter at the end of it. If you’re still hurting, stop and reevaluate. If you start to feel better, then you’ll have your answer. Good luck!

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Ok there are so many things you can do to help but it would take me a book to write it all out! I haven’t read the other posts so I’m really sorry if I’m repeating things. Basically, I would be super away of your posture. Keep those shoulders back and head up! Stretch out your pec muscles. That might helped with the pinched nerve lol. For everything else, ask for a referral to a Physical Therapist. There is a ton they can do to help! If you only want to go for a few visits to have them set you up with a customized home program, they can do that! Best of luck! 

-Your friendly weddingbee PT 😉 

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texaslemon:  I’m not a health guru but I do have scoliosis and I know about chronic pain because I live with it. I recommend physiotherapy and massage therapy; try heat packs, especially the ones that stick on and last all day; consider wearing a support for your lower back; get orthotics; absolutely do yoga and/or pilates (which can be done at home for the cost of a DVD); focus on core strength and building up those muscles for support; swim; stretch; sleep with a body pillow; find a routine that works for you so it won’t get progressively worse! 

PM me if you want to discuss. 

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i  know exactly how you feel, im 22 with 3 herniated discs in my neck, some bone spurring and nerve impingement,2 broken ribs thatwont heal, scoliosis and a separating sacrum, a fractured pelvis and torn tendon in my right shoulder. i do yoga at home with DVDs and physical therapy 2x week and swimming does help. i highly recommend yoga but at a moderate pace dont push or stretch too far too soon. i would check into your insurance to see if it covers some physical therapy because thats helped as well. i take collagen and omega3 for my joints and use electric pulse unit (tens unit) you can get a decent oneonline just make sure you know how to use it 1st. and one thing that has changed my life is stretching everyday before even getting out of bed, good luck i know how ya feel.

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I’m not a fitness or health guru, but I do suffer from chronic pain in my back from a car accident two years ago. This isn’t really work out advice, more pain management. Have you thought about doing acupuncture? It’s helped a lot with my pain.

If you’re going to do yoga, I definitely recommend (like you mentioned above) a gentle or restorative class that focuses on people with injuries or limited mobility. Stay away from any sort of “hot yoga”.

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I feel your pain…no really I do! I’m 27 and have migraines as well. Have had them since I was about 6 years old and I have horrible pains in my hip area. Recently I was diagnosed with sacroiliitis which is severe inflammation in my joint where my hip meets my spine. It’s extremely painful. Sometimes to where I can’t even walk. It’s gotten so bad that my husband has bad to bath my on occassion and even carry me to the toilet. It flares up like arthritis and in degenerative so sometimes can be mistake for arthritis or sciatica by doctors (I was mistakenly diagnosed for years)

Anyways, back to fitness! I can’t do biking either. It flares up my inflammation in a bad way. The one thing I’ve been doing is swimming and treading water for cardio. It sounds crazy but get in a pool and try to tread water for ten minutes straight. No touching bottom or walls. It’s harder than you’d think. I started out at being able to only do five minutes and then took a minute break and would do five more minutes. It works your whole body too. 

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Have you tried out an anti inflammatory diet? It can really make a difference with joint pain. Lots of info out there on it and it’s awesome for over all health. 

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