(Closed) Calling all introverts! Things you hate people saying to you

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Busy bee
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I really, really hate ‘small talk’. It grates on my last nerve. I work with people all day, every day so you know people are going to try to make small talk. I never know what to say back, or how to act. I just want to do my job and then let them leave.


My parents often tell me to, “Be more talkative!” or “Get out and meet new people!” I have social anxiety, so being around new people is NOT fun for me. My job literally exhausts me by the time my 9 hour shift is over. I can be cordial and polite, but I don’t need to be super talkative to do so. :/

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’m a SUPER extrovert, but my BFF is an introvert, and it drives her INSANE when people say

“You just need to get out more! Then you’d be more outgoing!”

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Helper bee
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I work from home so I have to do a lot of conference calls.  One of my coworkers always says “Lindsay, you’re always so quiet.!  Lindsay, we haven’t heard much from you!”  I always just want to scream, because I think everyone else talks too damn much.  The calls always last twice as long as they’re supposed to, and we beat every damn horse to death, I don’t need to reiterate what’s already been said 50 times.  Ugh. 

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Busy bee
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“You should go to the party – it would be good for you.” No, it would not be good for me because I would not enjoy it and it would leave me in a grumpy mood.

“You’re so quiet. Is something bothering you?” Nope, just like to be quiet and think sometimes. 

Many extroverts think that us introverts have something wrong with us. They need to realize it’s just our personality. As for me, I’m completely happy as an introvert and plan on keeping it that way. 

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Bee Keeper
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@stefanielovesjamie:  I’m not typicall an introvert but I also hate small talk. It’s just SO POINTLESS. I also moved back to the general area of where I went to high school recently, and I see HS people constantly in the grocery store, driving, at costco, etc… I tend to duck and hide when I see them because I really have no interest in the fake small talk that comes with seeing someone you aren’t friends with in real life anymore.

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Buzzing bee
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The “why are you so quiet?” thing kills me. I JUST NEED MY SPACE! 

Also, “I wish you’d talk to me more.” My extroverted Fiance says this to me. He often forgets that me not directly communicating with him is not because I do not love him or that I’m mad at him. I’m often thinking of the best way to say it or if it is worth saying. 

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Bumble bee

“what’s wrong?”, “Why do you always look like you are pissed off?”.   Can’t help it, it’s that natural look and I don’t want to talk to you.

I always say “The empty can rattles the most”…when they ask me why i’m so quiet…

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Busy bee

I’m not a total introvert, maybe 70/30… but I HATE when people comment on how I must be bored and lonely to have no coworkers. Um, no!!!!! Freaking love, love, love, LOVE it! I’d be ridiculously miserable if I had to put up with other people.

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Honey bee
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1. “Why don’t you smile?” or “Hey, pretty: smile!” I don’t just sit there grinning like a jackass for a variety of reasons.

2. “Why are so you quiet??” *Because I don’t have anything to say* Be happy there is one less person, yapping away about nothing for the sake of talking. I was raised to ONLY speak a) if spoken to and b) if I have something interesting or useful to contribute to useful conversation.

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Worker bee

@PetraArkanian:  LOL. If we could “like” comments, I would like this a thousand times.  It’s so true!

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Honey bee
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“You just need to approach them and talk.” 

“Why don’t you go out more?”

“It’s your fault if you’re lonely.”

“You’re quiet. Are you okay? Do you hate me or something?”

My mother gives me all sorts of shit for being an introvert. I’m pretty happy being alone, but if I ever express that I am a bit loney (my best friends live in another town), she gets all on me about not going and and just making friends. Fuck you, mother. It’s not that easy, and generally I don’t care to meet others.

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Sugar bee

My parents used to tell me to just stop being so shy.  That’s some real constructive criticism there.  Their time would have been better spent telling that to a brick wall, because being introverted isn’t really something you start or stop doing.

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Buzzing bee
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I hate small talk. With a passion. Ugh. But seriously, sometimes extroverts don’t get (us) introverts!

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