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I don’t have factual answers to all your questions, but I have 2 things to say:

1. Get a big-ass moissanite, tell everyone it’s a diamond, save tens of thousands of dollars – everybody wins!!

2. Here’s my moissola, no idea of the specs tho.


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1. No. Most people don’t even know that moissinate exists. While some people here say that they can tell the difference between the two, most people cannot. Nearly everyone will assume that a big clear gemstone on your left hand is a diamond if you get it at a reasonable size.

2. I have an enhanced moissanite (FB). Currently, you can’t get Amora in the US if you’re a US bee, so that may make your decision for you. I’d order a loose FB stone and if it looks too colorful for you, then consider waiting for Amoras to be available in the US.

3. All cuts look wonderful, but in terms of which cuts show the least color — you’d want to look at setting in a silver metal (white gold, platinum, paladium), keeping it less than 1-1.5 cts, and getting a round brilliant cut. If you have concerns, call up the people at Schubach’s — they’re crazy willing to help all the time.

4.  Mine’s from Schubach’s and I highly recommend them. The stone rarely gets dirty, any time I clean the ring it’s because I want to clean the dirt from the diamonds in setting. It’s 1ct FB center stone with 7/8 of a ct. in diamonds in the setting.

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I have a 1ct equivalent moissy. Strangers an acquaintances thought it was a diamond. Friends and my mom thought it was a cz only bc they knew my ex couldn’t afford a 1ct diamond. No one knew I had a moissy and I’m sure no one knows what it is! Sometimes it’s a little yellow but it’s very pretty and the price is great in comparison to a diamond. I don’t own any diamonds so I can’t tell you how different it looks from a diamond.

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MsAntsy:  I have never been asked if it’s a diamond, though people should know we can’t afford 1.5 carats so they probably know and are too polite to say anything rude. If someone did ask I would for sure tell them it’s moissanite.

I kinda don’t think they make an emerald cut, but I do think they have a radiant cut.

I got mine custom made by Schubach’s because I saw a photo of a $10K ring online and loved it, but could never afford something like that. Plus it would freak me out to wear something so expensive!

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Weddingbee sparked my curiosity so I began researching moissanites. I ended up not going with a moissanite because I like the look of diamonds and the moissanite was dramatically different in my opinon. It all depends on your tastes but I highly suggest going to see one in person. I’m not sure if the average person can really tell the difference though. Good luck!

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The Amora stones don’t come in fancy shapes so you’re stuck with enhanced moissanites if you stick with radiant or emerald cut. Some people say if you go bigger you should get enhanced because the color shows more in moissanites.

As for the shipping of Amora Gem/Amora Moissanites, you CAN get it shipped into the U.S. It MIGHT be more complicated but it is possible and some bees were saying it was no issue they had it sent right to their homes in the U.S.

Good luck! I’m going with the Amora Gem in the round cut for mine πŸ™‚

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beeintraining:   Interesting, I have found the advice is to set Moissanite in yellow gold to avoid showing the warmth, as it looks whiter in yellow gold.


Other than that I’m just commenting to follow as SO and I have discussed Moissanite.

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I’m a diamond girl myself but I think moissanite is beautiful.  I doubt that people will be able to tell off hand that it isn’t a diamond because even at the jewelry store I worked at, we had to pull out the heavy duty tester with moissanites because they test as diamonds. 

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robynrox47:  I’ve never heard that, in fact I’ve heard the opposite, that the warm metals bring out the warmth in the stone. My coworker has a 1ct Round Brilliant unenhanced in a yellow gold setting and it looks gorgeous though.

MsAntsy:  I think moissy opens a hell of a lot of possibilities that just wouldn’t be there if you got a diamond. When I chose moissy, I was able to get a very elaborate custom setting made, given the price we saved on the center stone. Lots of other women get Tacori and Verragio settings and set their moissy in them and they look AMAZING. I’m a halo girl, so I got 2 instead of 1 πŸ˜‰ As far as the most diamond-like cut, I have to say OEC every time. That’s because most people (read 20 somethings) have no idea about antique cuts to begin with, but if you look at an OEC diamond and an OEC moissanite side by side, the moissy really plays up the pastel-like chunky facets that OEC diamonds are known for. Just gorgeous! Here’s my Forever Brilliant OEC in 14k white gold, made a Joseph Schubach’s whom I highly recommend.

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MsAntsy:  I meant to answers your questions and forgot, now I can’t edit my post πŸ™ lol

1. Do people every question that your moissanite is a diamond? 

No, no one has ever explicitly asked me. My mom totally turned her nose up at the idea that I wanted a moissanite (“Why would you want something fake?”) I explained all the qualities of the stone to her, how much money we were going to save, etc. and it still wasn’t a good enough answer for her (“My baby girl deserves a diamond.”) So, I told her we changed our mind and would get a diamond instead, only to STILL get a moissy and completely fool her. For 2 months she thought I had this gorgeous diamond ring on my finger, until one night when she was blabbering on about how lovely it was and tried it on and was admiring it on her own finger, I said guess what I never told you? THAT is a moissanite. Bwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh <- That’s the sound of her mind getting blown. Now she totally understands and is completely cool with my decision. I’m the scientist of the family so she should’ve trusted me to begin with, but whatever.

Also, my friends in the market for engagement rings have gotten an ear-full about moissanite from me, because none of them yet own homes and I want them to know that diamonds aren’t the only option!

2. Should I spend the extra money and get my Moissanite enhanced? If so, is there a huge difference between the Amora and FB?

I did, and went with FB. The Amora Gem is lovely, but I wanted either a cushion or an OEC, which was not available by them at that time. I would be skeptical about breaking the law to buy one, but that’s just me being paranoid.

3. What cuts traditionally look best on the Moissanite? My favorite diamond cuts are Emerald and Radiant. Do they look good on the Moissanite?

In my order of preference I like OEC, then cushion, then radiant, then round brilliant. Emerald cut is brand new and you can buy it in 2 different sizes. From what I’ve seen it looks pretty cool. JooJooBee on thefacetlounge.com has a beautiful emerald cut moissy in a very delicate halo that I have been drooling over! I don’t think the radiant cut looks like a diamond radiant, at all, but it is still really beautiful.

4. Lastly, please post photos of your rings and any details (twc, band details, etc) you’d like to add! Anything you add to this thread will be EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you!

See above ^ πŸ™‚ 1/2 pointer J colored diamonds in halos, 3/4 pointers on shank. 1.7mm band, 6.5mm 1 ct eq center stone.

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You could always order a loose stone,  see if you like it in person.  You can just return it if you don’t like it. I just got a 3ct roundFB loose last week. It’s beautiful.  I’m sending it back to get set today actually. ( I just love the emerald cut too though). I would definetly say it does not look like cz, they are too white to be believable.

Here’s a photo of emerald cut moissanite, just to add some ring bling

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MsAntsy:  Hi there! Like you, my family thinks that if you don’t get a diamond, your fiance is too cheap and then you aren’t read to get married. My mom told my Fiance that he better not come asking for permission until he can afford at least a carat!  I think I can answer some of your questions for you πŸ™‚

1. Do people ever question that your moissanite is a diamond?

– I went off the beaten path a little farther and got a beautiful radiant cut canary moissanite ring from MoissaniteCo.com. All that have seen it so far really think it’s a canary diamond, including my jeweler. I also have moissanite earrings that were a gift and everything assumes they’re diamond studs

2. Should I spend the extra money and get my Moissanite enhanced?

– This depends on you. If you like a little warmth to your stone then you don’t have to get it enhanced. Most stones 1 carat and under don’t need to be enhanced because they’re pretty white already. I personally would get them enhanced because moissanite still shows a little color anyway and I think it’s beautiful! Plus, I know most of the rings on MoissaniteCo already come with enhanced stones.

3. What cuts traditionally look best on the Moissanite?

– Honestly, I love all the cuts. You can have almost any cut you want. MoissaniteCo now has the Emerald cut which looks fantastic. My advice is to order the stone you want and see if you like the color. I skipped this step and just had mine mounted in my ring and prayed the canary would be exactly what I wanted, lol. So far, I see that round brilliants and the old european cuts are the most popular. Next would probably be the cushion cut. Pears are the least popular because that cut tends to show a lot of color even when enhanced. Still, it all comes down to what you love.

Below are some pictures of my ring. I should really make a collage like a PP did, but here it goes. That center stone is a 1.85 carat (8x6mm) radiant cut canary moissanite in a cushion halo will accent stones and filigree. This setting is available with all cuts online at MoissaniteCo (model eng638).

I love the hint of vintage in the halo and in the filigree all over the ring. It makes it so unique and I love how it sits on my finger. The sunlight makes it glow and I’ve never seen such fire!

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