Calling all moissanite ring wearers!

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Here’s my emerald cut moissy, 7×5.8.  I love it and have no regrets. My fiancé and I went with August Vintage (now Distinctive Gem) because we felt they were the best quality and cut. My wedding band is diamonds.

An experienced jeweler will know it’s not a diamond, but your average person won’t be able to tell the difference.  If your goal is to have it pass as a diamond then your stone is in the right size range as it’s easier to see the double refraction in bigger stones. 

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I have a 7×5 oval moissanite on a size 5.25 finger. I love my Moissanite oval and also used to have a 1.25 carat round moissanite. To me, I can see a difference between moissanite ovals and moissanite diamonds but it was a little more difficult to see a difference between a moissanite round and diamond round. 

But I also never tried to pass off my moissanite stones off as diamonds so the difference between them wasn’t a big deal for me. Anyways, I LOVE my moissanite oval. I think it’s the perfect size and I think it looks perfect in my bezel setting.


can you post pictures of the ring you bought? 🙂 here’s mine:

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I have quite a few of both, and at first I liked moissanite better for the savings, cool science-y story, and supposed extra sparkles. However, once my eyes got used to seeing sparkles, very sadly for my wallet, I prefer diamonds. And yes it’s very possible to tell even in a round, easier to see in person. The sparkle is less sharp, and not from deep within the stone but rather floating over top. Looking at a diamond is like staring into deep, clear waters, but looking at a moissanite is like seeing reflections off the top of a shallow lake.

And diamonds look better in more lighting conditions. Even in tiny melee; my moissanite eternity is often duller than my diamond eternity of the same size.

Moissanite is great for exploring cuts and different sizes on the cheap. And you asked about regret–no regrets because I got my money’s worth of enjoyment out of them, and they were right for the time!

However now, with lab diamonds being a competitive budget option, I’d probably lean towards lab diamond for an e-ring.

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I’ve had my cushion moissanite 4 years this month. I absolutely love it and don’t regret my decision. The only downside might be they can develop an oil slick but can easily be removed with Wright’s silver polish or a silver polishing cloth. I do this once every couple months. 

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I do not currently have a moissanite ring, but I have owned quite a few. You can tell the difference…

to some it may be minimal, but comparing them to a diamond… IMO it is a very noticeable difference.

I know the oval brilliant cut moissanite tend to have a “splintery” look whereas diamonds do not have that at all.

I would suggest anyone who has never seen a moissanite in person, to try and see one before ordering them

While beautiful in their own rights, you really have to love them and understand their chemical makeup, and light dispersion etc is very different from a diamond

I am in no way trying to sway you, or say “moissanites are bad” I do love them, I have earrings and necklaces with them, just know there is a noticeable difference, and hopefully you love what you end up with!


There are also different cuts of moissanite, but here you can see them side by side… to me it’s pretty noticeable — it might not be for people that don’t obsess over jewelry like we do here though…

Diamond VS Moissanite (Harro and Charles & Colvard): Lauren B Loose Stone  Education - YouTube

Oval Moissanite and Diamond Comparison – Princess Bride Diamonds

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I’ve had:

2 different OEC solitaire rings

1 emerald cut ring

2 loose round brilliants

1 loose emerald cut

They were all beautiful, but ultimately not for me, at least not for my main wedding set. I have a lab diamond now and yes, I can tell the difference. Would anyone else be able to tell? Maybe and maybe not, but that didn’t matter to me. *I* knew the difference and having always wanted a diamond I ended up getting a diamond. The cost of my lab diamond was not that far off from a moissanite of the same size, so that was a no brainer. I am also not going to sit here and say I can tell, in passing, out in public what someone has. I can’t. 9 times out of 10 I will automatically assume it’s a diamond.

Before someone comes to this thread and is upset about anything I said:

1. OP asked specifically about regret

2. I am speaking about ME. I promise you I do not care what you wear and I will admire everyone’s rings no matter what they are. 

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I have a hearts and arrows round ring, antique cushion (old mine cut) ring, and little round brilliants in a necklace. 

The OMC is my favorite. It’s clear and bright and doesn’t get that shallow white look that moissy sometimes gets. 

I don’t regret any of my moissys, except I wish I had gotten an elongated OMC with no halo instead of what I got.

Saving up for a bracelet full of baguettes next.

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I can spot a moissy in the wild very easily. They have their own appeal, but they don’t look like diamonds to me.

There are a large number of people out there who think all clear stones look like diamonds, and people who CAN tell the difference aren’t usually the type to judge. Because we know better, and have more education on the pros and cons of diamonds, man made diamonds, simulants like CZ, and other clear stones like moissy or white sapphires.

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Hey, all bees here who say they have both diamonds and moissanites and can easily spot the difference, could you please post a picture of both side by side without telling us which is which? I’m really curious!

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Top: OEC cut moissanite from Provence

Bottom: Ideal cut lab diamond 

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@qwety573:  I looked into moissanites mainly because of the low cost but couldn’t get my husband on board. He didn’t want me sporting a “fake diamond”. Then I started looking at the lab grown diamonds and he eventually came around. I love it. This is my new upgrade. Just got it yesterday. 

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@mollyjane79:  Your diamond is beautiful! And I love the leafy band

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@qwety573:  I did regret my moissanite. Some people love them for what they are and that’s wonderful. I wanted a diamond so I was disappointed when the moissanite did not look like one…but go figure it’s not a diamond lol. I have a round forever brilliant I think. It just looks…hollow to me, though it’s difficult to see in photographs. The table is bigger than on a diamond too. It can look plastic-y in some light, and too dark and steel-colored in others. Some of the newer ones look less steel colored but more plastic to me. Idk. I ended up downsizing from a 1.5 carat moissanite to a .53 carat diamond. That was an “upgrade” to me just because I prefer diamonds. The moissanites have splintery cuts instead of the facets a diamond does. If I ever got an oval moissanite I’d get the crushed ice ones because they don’t look splintery (though I’ve never seen one in person). 
As I said, some women prefer how moissanite looks, just as some prefer sapphires or emeralds. For me I was looking for it to be a diamond replica and that’s just not what it was. So that’s the only reason I didn’t like it. I do plan on turning mine into a pendant though. Or moissanite earrings I’d like…just not for my e ring.

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