(Closed) Calling all non-medicated birth mothers… I want to hear your perspective!

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I am due to have my baby anyday now. My due date was actually sunday.  My plan is have a non medicated birth as long as everthing goes smoothly. I think it just makes more sense because throughout my entire pregnancy i have been warned to stay away from basic over the counter meds like Ibuprofen so then why is it suddenly okay on the day of the birth to take all these strong medication that all have such harsh side effects.

Also having spent several years living in england, I’m just used to their system where almost everyone has a med free natural birth. a few people I knew in england used laughing gas [nitrous oxide] which doesnt really get rid of pain, it takes the edge off, but aside from the laughing gas, none of my friends and family in england have had an epidural, spinal block or c-section. and I know a lot of people there. All my friends in america have had atleast one epi, c-section or some form of pain meds.  So i think its just a different mind set over here.

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I’m trying to find good non-biased info now to research to help me decide what I might want to do, too.

I’m 25 weeks and so far my current birth plan is no birth plan… do what feels comfortable for me and safe for baby and see what happens, but I want to make sure I’ve read up on all the available options first.

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I gave birth in England 2 weeks ago. I had 2 failed epidurals after being induced. I did end up delivering via forceps and had a spinal block though.

I really, really wanted a natural, intervention-free birth… but it wasn’t in the cards for me, unfortunately. I had prolonged rupture of membranes, shoulder dystocia, a huge baby and she was badly positioned in the birth canal and failed to descend. None of my birth experience was how I planned it.

My best advice? Do your research and look into ALL options. Go into labor and delivery with an open mind because anything can happen.

If you go into this with you mind made up on how it HAS to happen, you’re at a high risk for something traumatic happening. Birth trauma is a very real thing and increases your risk for PPD. I have gone through the letdown of things going very badly and it is not something you want to deal with.

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I got some good info about non medicated birth on my recent thread you might find useful. I’m also reading and enjoying The Birth Partner in hopes of no pain meds during my labor.

But honestly, I’m not doing it because I think drugs will “harm” me or my baby. I just want to do it for me, to see if I notice a difference. My first labor ran over 30 hours, had an epidural after 24 straight hours of labor with no sleep. People tend to be really critical of pain meds, but the most important thing you can do is listen to your body and do what you feel is best for you. Because without you, this whole labor and delivery process isn’t going to happen. If that’s no meds awesome, if you need some help that’s ok too. At the end of the day if you go in with an open mind and a “I’m not going to beat myself up” attitude you’ll do great!

Here’s my thread: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/non-medicated-birth-war-stories-share-em

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I’ve never had kids but my mom is a firm believer in non-medicated births.  She had an epidural with me and was in labor for 13 hours.  She said it freaked her out to not be able to feel her legs.  

My sister was born less than 20 minutes after she got to the hospital so no drugs there.  She said it hurt like hell once it really got going but it was over so quickly.  She had actually called her midwife a couple of hours before going to the hospital and the midwife told her she was NOT in labor b/c she was talking calmly. 

After talking to her about it, I am definitely planning on no meds unless absolutely necessary.  Plus (to second what other bees said) living overseas, they don’t believe in using meds…bad for baby and mommy apparently. 

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I did a non-medicated water birth 3 weeks ago, and it was awesome.  Transition hurt the worst, but being in the water and my body produced all these endorphins… it wasn’t too much to deal with.  It was also really cool to feel my baby getting pushed down and coming out.  I heard that nonmedicated birth babies are more alert at birth, and I don’t know if thats true, but my son was super alert and breastfed within an hour of being born. 

I did it because I didn’t want to be strapped to a monitor or stuck to an IV or in a bed.  I thought labor would go faster if I walked and moved around during it which I wouldn’t have been able to do with an epi.

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I had a non medicate birth with my first. I never had a birth plan to go natural or have an epidural, my plan was to do whatever I had to to get the baby out LOL. 


Fromwhen my waters broke and i had my first contraction my labour was 2 hrs 20 mins, I had no time for medication and pain relief so that that sense I was glad I hadn’t just assumed I would have an epidural or other forms of medication. Mentally I was prepared to do it alone. However, if my labour hof of been longer or with more complications I was open to pain relief. I never when in not allowing myself pain meds, because if I needed them I would have been disappointed I didn’t stick to my birth plan. 


I think it’s best to be informed about both choices, and go in knowing anything will/can happen. Alot of people use massage and stay upright for natural labours, I could do neither due to being stuck in the bed due to complications though. 

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I’m bound and determined to have a non-medicated birth, so I am interested to hear more stories as well. Keep them coming ladies!


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This is so controversial ๐Ÿ™‚ You just have to figure out what works best for you.

My reasoning. There are ‘some’ risks involved in getting an Epidural and I wanted to minimize those. Some people aren’t bothered by these risks and that is AOK with me. I also know MANY friends and family who have had the Epidural and swear by it. So to each their own.

For me

– The chance of slowing down labor and leading to other interventions which could lead to a c-section. (Note: I’m all for a c-section if there are serious concerns surrounding the health of my baby – but I don’t want to do anything to encourage that route)

– The risk of having something go wrong with the Epi. I’ve heard stories of women who have years of back issues. Not common – but again a risk.

– I didn’t want to be stuck in the bed pushing on my back or to have a catheter. As it was I delivered on all 4’s similar to a Child’s Pose. I only pushed for 15 minutes. It was AWESOME.

My birth plan involved having a Doula, spending as much time at home as possible, being able to walk around and try different possitions for handiing the contractions (little monitoring), spending time in the bath tub (pretty sure I went through transition in the tub and it was bearable)… labor is really unknown and my gameplan was to do all of this and play it by ear.

I won’t lie. The contractions get pretty intense. Luckily I had a quick labor so I only had MAJOR painful (or you can choose not to use the word pain) contractions for about 60-90 minutes. Pushing really was the easy part. Yes I was vocal ๐Ÿ™‚ So much so I think it freaked out my hubby – but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Books I loved:

These first two are about 1/2 birth stories 1/2 other info:
A great one especially for your ‘partner’:


This isn’t really one you read cover to cover – but is great for reference if you have specific questions and want to look them up:

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth: http://www.amazon.com/Homebirth-Hospital-Integrating-Childbirth-Medicine/dp/1591810779/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1298654881&sr=1-1


Even though my first birth went so well I go into my next birth with the same ‘plan’ to play it by ear and adjust as needed. And also with the same ‘what if’ questions. It may be similar it may be totally different! Yes I’ll be nervous even though I’ve done it before ๐Ÿ™‚

I will say that anytime the contractions got intense and thoughts of an epidural crossed my mind I reminded myself of the reasons why I was against one to begin with. Slowing down the labor is a huge one for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I wanted to get that baby out ASAP!

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I attempted a natural unmedicated birth mostly b/c women for centuries have been giving birth without medication, and I wanted to experience the natural process of childbirth.  I was also worried about some of the possible side effects of all of the drugs.  In the end, my body didn’t want to do things the natural way, and my contractions never got closer together than 7 minutes on their own.  After 3 days of labor contractions, I ended up getting pitocin and an epidural.  (For me the drugs did not slow down my labor, and actually sped it up quite significantly.  However, I only got the epidural at the very end of my labor.)  I am happy with my decisions in the end, but I would still like to try for an unmedicated birth next time. 

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I’m 20 wks with my second and planning on going for a VBAC.  Personally, I hated my first birth experience.  I was induced, then had and EP, progressed all the way to a 9 and was told that the babies head was tilted.  Therefore, rushed into a c-section.  I hated not being able to hold my baby right away,  I didn’t get to breastfeed until a several days later b/c I couldn’t get him to latch on right.  I was on so much drugs/exhausted that I can barely remember holding him after it was all over with.  My son was not very alert & everyone kept commenting on how he never opened his eyes.  I’ve had several friends who got an EP with no problems, however studies show that it ups your chances for a c-section.  I say go for the way God intended and your body will do it’s best to support what it naturally knows how to do.  My main problem was not breathing well enough in between contractions & I felt very close to passing out.  So I opted for and EP to calm my nerves, looking back I wish I just would have been more prepared, like taking a birthing class to help with breathing techniques.  I believe we can handle alot more pain than we realize & the pain is so worth it in the end.  Knowing that you did what was healthiest for you and baby….and really being able to take the moment in afterwards, with no drugs present to me…is priceless.  But everyone is different, do what you feel you’ll be more comfortable with.  However be open to other options if complications arise.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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I gave birth to my daughter 3.5 weeks ago and had the unmedicated birth that I was planning for. I chose to go unmedicated for a number of reasons:

– i avoidmedications as often as possible

– I wanted to move around during labor

– I was nervous about labor slowing down due tothe EPI and possiblyneeding a c section

– my mom, sister, and most friends have had med free births, do there was some peer pressure too

– I’m kind of a hard ass ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m so happy I went med free. I have a very clear memory of the whole experience, my labor progressed very quickly (3 hrs at the hospital and less tha 3 min ofpushing), and I have a lot of pride in my body and I feel very empowered. Med free isn’t for everyone, but I honestly think a lot of the pain is in your mind and not being scared of birth makes a huge difference.

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OK I have a question related to this:


How many bees that went unmedicated, got a hard time from their family and friends?

I hate when in the past I’ve heard women say they want to go all-natural and the moms around them exchange these knowing eye rolls like “aw look at her she’s so cute thinking she can do this without medication, she’ll be begging for the meds after 5 mins, am I right ladies?”


Did you experience this?  Did you go against what those around you did and have to explain yourself?


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