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I’m thinking you’d be better off going vegan or raw if you want to simplify.

I was vegan for years and it’s a great lifestyle.

As for Darling Husband, I don’t know.

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We have been eating paleo-ish for about 2 years. I immediately lost weight and started feeling “better” (I am *very* sensitive to hormones, and eating strict paleo really makes me feel more balanced & like not such a psycho, to put it lightly lol). I noticed an immediate change in my moods, and I was much less bloated right off the bat. 

I know there are some vegetarians who eat paleo, and I would suggest checking out elanaspantry.com for recipes, as she offers many vegetarian (and even vegan) recipes that are also primal/paleo. I think you could definitely make a paleo diet work while still keeping your moral stance. Though, as a left brained person by nature, I am wondering “what is the mechanism?”…what is it, in meat, that was causing you bowel distress? Just curious 🙂

Also, are you willing at all to eat seafood? That would be an easy solution. I hope this doesn’t offend, I only offer this as a “solution” because my once vegan cousin conceded to eating seafood because she feels much better while eating it, so I believe this must be a moral gray ground for some, though I’m not sure how you ETA: After eating paleo for a week, I definitely noticed that “cheat meals” made me feel TERRIBLE. If I ate grains, I would immediately feel bloated and sluggish. Considering elimination is a common test to find food allergies/sensitivities, I believe I was experiencing something similar, and discovering foods my body does not tolerate. I am a very moderate paleo dieter, though, and we try to keep things from being extreme. We love our red wine, and we will indulge in the occasional dessert. We also “cheat” during social events, because we keep things very clean at home.

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I was really into Paleo for a while.  Until I heard it was BS.  I tried to do it and honestly, it’s a very, very hard diet to follow.  It seems easy, but it’s not. 

I’m really against diets that cut out entire food groups for long periods of time (or forever).  I don’t think that they’re feasible.  Also, I’m against diets that cut out fruit forever, too. 

I have also been a huge advocate of the South Beach Diet.  Have your Fiance look into that first.  I think Paleo is a fad much like Atkins was. 

While I agree that cutting back on carbs and processed foods is healthy for you, I think Paleo is kind of extreme. 

He should try it for 3 months and see how he feels if he really wants.  But, I bet he would get benefits from any healthy diet and workout regimen. 

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We tried going hard core Paleo a few months ago. I figured that if we started hard, we would get to a point where we were comfortable. Now, we cut all processed stuff and carbs. No beans, no rice, no bread…fruits, veg, and lean meats.  I didn’t think I would feel better, thinking it’s just food, but I DID! The first time I ate mashed potatoes after I felt like crap. I’ve also been actually reading what is in my food..chemicals. In this small town it’s hard to get organic, non processed food.  We only have Super Walmart and Kroger. We are the biggest town for at least two hours (memphis) so grocery shopping every weekend is limited to our town. Darling Husband says he felt better, too, not as sluggish and tired. I only drink water, hot tea or organic milk. We cut out all juices. It is hard in the beginning, especially when your kitchen is still stocked with delicious processed things. It took us a week or so to get it going without complaining.

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@bestbuddies:  No, negative symptoms. The only “negative” was that I started feeling crappier whenever I reintroduced processed foods. 

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I’ve been following it now for the last 2 months and I love it!  I’ve definitely noticed a difference in inflammation.  I have psoriasis ALLLLLLL over my body, and in the past 9 months I’ve been dealing with a pretty crappy hand – 2 miscarriages and laid off of my job, plus finding out about a few new medical issue.  Ya know fun stuff – all of which bring out the stress which inflames my psoriasis.  I was definitely having inflammation rising at the time that I started the paleo diet – patchy flaky skin all over, red and itchy.  In the 2 months since I started, my psoriasis have faded to a point where my skin is actually feeling pretty smooth and my psoriasis are nearly gone!

I’ve also noticed that my gut issues have nearly gone away.  I’m having normal bowel movements rather then diarrhea all the time and I’m not having the very painful gas that I was.  I’m feeling pretty darn amazing!

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I can’t comment on the diet or its efficacy, but in trying to figure out what to make my Paleo bro for dinner (i’m vegetarian and paleo does seem rather like the anti-vegetarian diet) I did come across this modified paleo advice for vegetarians:


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I prefer primal over paleo 🙂

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Sorry, this is very long but I am very passionate on this topic… if you areinterested in a different approach, read on. If not, please ignore 🙂

Last summer, I decided I was tired of feeling like crap all the time, of using sugar as a crutch in my life, and of being addicted to food (cheese, potatoes, sugars etc). I have always felt that sugar had a strong hold on my life, and started doing some research.

Since 2008, I have struggled with IBS and dairy allergies, and yet I still resort to a cycle of binging on high sugar, starchy foods and then punishing myself for this bad behavior. I looked into a Yeast Free diet, which looked a lot like Paleo. I bought a Paleo recipe book because it has lots of recipe ideas. I never followed Paleo tho because it felt too strict to me.

But basically, the idea with the Yeast diet is to rid your body of harmful yeasts that build up in your system from eating too much sugar. Symptoms of this are various digestive problems, excess mucus in your system, fatigue, sleep problems… the list goes on. In this “diet” you have to cut AS MUCH SUGAR as you can from your diet, including the hidden ones in your sauces, all white and starchy foods, certain fruits and the obvious ones in desserts. For 2 weeks to a month you have to eat very rigidly, but after a month, the yeasts in your body will have subsided. The first 2 weeks are a bit brutal, especially if you have an unbalanced sugar relationship to start. Headaches, cravings, emotional outbursts… But after that, you won’t even want sugar. Eventually you can start adding those normal things back in, once you get your sugar cravings under control.

**Yeasts in your body wants to live. They feed on sugar, and so when you cut the supply, the yeast will release toxins into your body enticing you into eating sugar to stay alive, hence cravings**

I ate this way for 45 days, and I have to say I started sleeping fantastic, I started feeling amazing, my skin cleared up, and I felt like I found balance in my life. The North American diet is so full of sugar, I wouldn’t be suprised if a ton of people were addicted to sugar and feeding a yeast imbalance in their bodies. I would highly recommend doing this, if you have the will power. It’s not about cutting food groups, it’s about cutting excess sugars. Balance!

Hope that was helpful, sorry for the novel!

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I eat paleo/primal. I love it and it really isn’t hard. I started out with whole30 and that was great. Dh did it with me and we both felt amazing. I lost al

Ost 17 pounds and he lost 10 in the first month. No hunger (hunger is common in the beginning until you get over thedrag phobia and your body adjusts), no exercise. His acid reflux stopped completely. We eat better tasting food. No overly processed suvar and soy filled crap.  Now if I cave and eat grains I feel awful and it doesn’t taste good any more so it’s usually not too hard to stay away. 

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I lost 100 lbs. on the Paleo diet and my SO went from being a Type 2 diabetic, to having his blood sugar back in the “normal” range.


Easy to stick with and high satiety. You just need to be organised. it can also be modified slightly and you still get the health benefits. (I never gave up my coffee with cream once per day)


I fell off the wagon when I went through personal issues and gained some back, but now I am back on track.


It’s not a fad. It’s a natural way to eat and it should make you feel great. The only hard part is eating out and socializing, or buying snack foods “on the fly.” Prepare ahead, or prepare to fail.


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