(Closed) Calling all South Florida and Southern California Residents! Help!

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I lived in Miami and now live in LA. I love Miami. The humidity can be a bit much for people but I didn’t mind it (until I came to LA haha). The people are really diverse (they are in LA too) but Miami feels more international. Watersports and being able to be outside year round is definitely there. But one thing about miami, you can go in the water year round – whereas in California, the water is ALWAYS too cold (without a wetsuit). I LOVE San diego as well even though I’ve only been a few times – it’s a much smaller city but good restaurants/things to do…pace seems slower and people nicer.

Miami has bad traffic/drivers (but so does LA). Don’t think it’s as much the case in OC/SD.  

I would live in Miami if it had more jobs in mine and BF’s industry (law and banking) but it doesn’t. Jobs for teachers should be fine though. There is enough interest in health/dance but that is perhaps more so in LA.

Need for ESL teachers in both locations.

Housing is INSANELY expensive in So Cal, wayy more manageable in Miami (well maybe not on the beach). But $1050 apartment in the suburbs of Miami will get you 800 sq ft, while you need $1700 for the same in LA.

Schools – miami has some good ones and some bad ones (but the area is also more expensive for housing for the good ones) but there are magnet schools and things that are free but tailored to music/arts/advanced programs that are great. 

LA schools are horrible (everyone goes to private school) – I don’t know anything about OC/SD schools but I assume they are way better than LA?

I was in Miami between age 11-18 and again for a bit after college, loved how accepting it made me of other cultures and it was a great place to grow up.

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I have a ton of family in San Diego and have traveled to Miami a bunch, so I think I can be somewhat helpful (probably more on the San Diego side than Miami).

First off, the weather in San Diego can’t be beat. That’s a huge quality of life issue for me. The sun and lack of humidity/not raining all the time is huge for me. Miami is oppressively hot/humid in the summer. They also get highly destructive hurricanes, sink holes, etc. Given how far south it is, it’s also tougher to evacuate out of the path of a hurricane. Deal breakers for me. If you live within a couple miles of the coast in San Diego, it is pleasant and warm but not hot throughout the year. Inland it does get quite hot, but not humid, which is much easier to bear than Miami.

San Diego can be both liberal (lots of scientists and academics) and conservative (lots of super rich people) depending on where you live. It’s very diverse (like Miami, but with fewer race issues). Things are already very multi-lingual, so I think a language school would be very accepted there, especially if Spanish and Mandarin are options (I don’t see French, German, other rarely used languages being as popular). I could see the same being true of Miami.

I can’t speak to Miami’s economy, but I know the science sector in San Diego is booming. Fitness is a booming industry there, as well. My aunt is a trainer at a high end sports club there, and has done very well for herself. The year-round good weather really lends itself to people taking their fitness training outside and into the water, which your husband would love.

I can’t speak to Miami specifically, but as someone who grew up in the SOuth, I know that northern Florida is crazy conservative, and is very likely going to be a place where an interracial couple who have muslim roots would likely be very uncomfortable. That may only be an issue if you travel within the state a lot, but it’s an issue none the less. Really could knock out some of your weekend road trip options. Southern CA is more conservative than northern CA, but I don’t think it’d be such an issue there.

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One word: FCAT

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@multinational:  I recently moved to South Florida from New England and I am also a teacher!  We live about 1 hour away from Miami.



  • BEAUTIFUL weather all year long.  It’s seriously gorgeous.
  • We’re never bored… There’s so much to do and see and explore down here, especially when you can spend the entire year outdoors.
  • Many opportunities/ openings for teachers (especially from the North)… and ESPECIALLY in ESL (we have an extremely high population of English Language Learners down here, so I’m sure you’ll have a relatively easy time finding a job.


  • Summers are really stinking hot (But, I still think it’s worth it when you get to winter time!)
  • The educational system in Florida is pretty broken– it’s really struggling to keep up and it’s one of the lowest performing states in the country.  If you plan to have kids here, you might want to consider private schooling or a charter school, especially in the Miami area.  There are some excellent areas, such as Boca Raton and Wellington in the Palm Beach School district… I would just be careful to research the schools in the area you desire to live in before moving.
  • There is a lot of crime/ poverty, especially in the Miami/ South Beach area. You have to be careful about the location you choose.
  • The FCAT is tough.  It holds students back in third grade up to three times if they don’t pass… and the standards are just getting harder and harder.
  • Teachers (at least in public schools) are not paid well.  (“not well” isn’t even a good way to describe it– teachers are paid terribly.) and you are not afforded with basic supplies, such as copy paper… that all comes from you, especially if you work in an area with low parent volunteer numbers.

Hope that helps!

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@mrsSonthebeach:  bahaha! this. is. true.

I’ve lived in FL my whole life & it’s hot. It’s VERY hot. yes, it’s wonderful in the winter but I hate summers here. my only input with Miami is I hope you speak spanish. & you’ll more than likely want to put your children in private school.

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I’ve grown up in/around Orange County and San Diego but the only time I’ve ever been to Miami was a two hour layover when I went to the Bahamas, so my opinion is biased. However, SoCal in general is a great place to be. Depending on where you want to live within either place it can get expensive, but you can find a decent place for a decent price if you’re willing to look hard/renovate. I lived in a 1200 sq ft apartment (2 bedroom) in Huntington Beach about a mile from the actual beach for $1400. That’s considered a steal where I come from lol. From what I’ve seen, there is more traffic in San Diego than in OC but obviously it fluctuates. 

Our school system is struggling right now, but I’m not sure how it is doing in your specific field. The ocean is cold all year round, but I’d prefer cold water that I can choose to go into vs crazy high humidity that you can’t get away from. Basically, I love it here and I’m most likely never going to live permanently anywhere else lol. 

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Pm’ed you ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sent you a PM… It’s a little long… Like a love letter to Southern California, ha!

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@multinational:  I was going to answer your PM back, but I think I can address it here too.

Regarding SoCal being conservative (especially OC), it does tend to be on the conservative side, especially when compared to its NorCal counterpart (e.g. silicon valley/bay area). However, relative to the very conservative states in the US, it’s not remotely like that.

There are definitely pockets/enclaves of people that are extremely conservative in SoCal and there are pockets/enclaves of people who are not. I would have to know which neighborhoods/cities you are considering before I can comment on how conservative they are. There are several cities where actually, the city counsel has had a democratic majority for a significant period of time. I think some pockets of people are conservative like the south but overall, that’s not that common. There are conservatives here, but they’re not “in your face” conservatives.

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@multinational:  I get that, but the situation in Texas and Florida is worse than the rest of the nation and our legislature and governor are decidedly anti-education. My parents, my ILs, and dozens of my friends are educations both here and elsewhere, and nothing quite compared to the f-ed up situation in Florida.

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