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I live in San Antonio, but I’ve lived in Texas my whole life. Houses are cheap compared to other places. You can bufor since starter house for like 150k. The summers are super hot. The weather here can be crazy. One day in November it might be 75, and he next day 40. As far as jobs, it depends on your professions. I don’t know anyone who is jobless, unless by choice. 

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Texas is AWESOME. I was born in Minnesota and soon after my parents packed up and moved to Texas. We’ve been here ever since. I live in the Dallas area, but I have been to Austin a few times. The nice thing about Texas is there is SO much to do. We’ve got beaches (although only a few nice ones), you can go tubing in our rivers, TONS of history in San Antonio, beautiful trees in east texas, flat plains in west Texas, country dance bars…you name it! The only down I have is how stinkin’ hot it gets in July/August. Praise The Lord for air conditioning! I personally don’t think the job market is bad. It took me about 2-3 weeks to find my current job. I definitely think you should give Texas a try! 

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@jpalm13:  I love Texas!  There are tons of things to do around Austin!  In my area there are no shortage of jobs but one thing to consider about Austin is that since there are tons of college students willing to work for cheap they might not pay as well as in other nearby towns.  But of course that depends on what type of work and experience you and yoru husband have.

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@jpalm13:  I love Texas.  I was born and raised in Houston, went to school in Lubbock, and now live in Dallas.  I’ve been to Austin a few times to visit and I have had so much fun every time I go.  It’s a very liberal town, compared to the rest of the state, but I think that’s what gives it its uniqueness.  Austin has great food, lots of outdoor activities, beautiful hill country, wineries.  I’m not sure about the job or housing market in Austin, but it’s great in Dallas and Houston, so it’s likely pretty good there too.  The only con of Austin that I’ve heard from other people is that the traffic is HORRIBLE. But other than that, I think it would be a fun place to live. 


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I live in an upscale suburb in the Fort Worth/Dallas area simply for the school system. Once my son graduates in a few years (OMG…) we are getting the EFF out of here! It’s too stuffy for my taste. I’ve also been here 25+ years and I need a change! I went to college in Austin . I could kick myself for leaving!

We love Austin, but the traffic is pretty cruddy. Not as bad as Houston, but between the college kids and the California transplants, it gets hectic and rush hour lasts all day sometimes! Other than that, we consider Austin our “home away from home” and frequently visit on weekends and Holidays.

The weather is a bit unpredictable in Austin, but not as bad as Northern Texas in my opinion. In DFW, we get days where it could drop 50+ degrees from what is was less than 24 hours ago. In Austin, I’ve only experienced a 30 degree drop. Still kinda weird if you aren’t used to Texas weather, but not as severe! 

As far as things to do, well- I could go on and on for hours. We are outdoorsy types and can ALWAYS find something to do in Austin. When my husband isn’t at his 9-5, he is also a professional musician. Music is the heart of Austin! Another +1 for us. 

Some people aren’t in to the Austin vibe (Their motto is “Keep Austin Weird”), but we love it. Over the last decade, a lot of the “weirdness” has shifted to more corporate and less mom and pop which is a bummer. However, there is still enough for us to keep us coming back. 

If you aren’t interested in being directly downtown, there are a few cities directly outside of Austin city limits that are beautiful. They are more suburban (& less “weird”) but I would still rank them fabulous. I would be happy to make some reccomendations of neighborhoods to check out in and around that area if you want to PM me with what you’re looking for. 🙂

Good Luck!


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@jpalm13:  if you hate the cold you’ll probably love Texas weather. It’s crazy with its storms but they never last long. 

I lived in texas 6 years. Austin for school and I love Austin but when I finished and went back to Houston I literally could not get out of that place fast enough. Awful. Maybe it was the area I was living in, but i have never ever come across such “beat you over the head with a bible”, stuck up, racist people, in my life. 

In all honesty

, I think I’m way too liberal for Texas. Austin is more laid back though. I think you’d enjoy it there for the most part. It is a college town though. 

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I grew up in Sugar Land (Southwest Houston area) went to college in College Station (loved it, dont move there as an adult! haha) and now I am in Dallas. I absolutely LOVE Dallas!! The traffic isnt as bad as Houston but it can still be a little trecherous during rush hour. We bought a house in the North Dallas suburbs BUT we did live in the Uptown/Downtown area for 3 years. I would definitely look into this if you are looking at an apartment and want to be walking distance to bars, restaurants and shops. My husband worked downtown so it was obviously beneficial to him. I worked up north but I have always liked to live where I play so thats that.

Texas is a great place for decent weather (it gets hot but you get used to it) and there is so much to do. Austin is a fun city as well though I am not as familiar since I have only visited.

I think you would be happy if you moved to Dallas, Austin or Houston. You have lots of restaurants, lakes, shops, museums… Texans are very proud of their state and I am sure if you move here you will feel the same!

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Born in Austin, raised in San Antonio, and moved to Dallas. I don’t think I could live anywhere other than Texas. I love it here. I love the culture and the landscapes, it’s got a bit of everything you could ever want.

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@jpalm13:  I grew up in Austin, but live in the suburbs of North Dallas. Something to take into consideration – house pricing is FAR different between Austin and other areas. Because so many people have moved to Austin in recent decades, housing has increased immensely. Just something to consider.


I love Texas. If I had it my way, I’d live in the hill country (Bandera, Fredericksburg, etc.) but it’s not possible right now with careers and such. So I visit as often as possible. 🙂


Best wishes!


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I love Texas! I honestly can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Austin is a great city with a lot to do. From what I understand it’s definitely a seller’s market right now, lots of people are moving there. We have friends who just bought a house there and they said you have to be quick or else the house is off the market in a flash!

I’ve learned from the bee that you can buy a lot of house here in TX, which doesn’t hurt at all ;-). Also, no state income tax!

As a liberal, I do feel out of place politically, but I don’t let it get to me too much.

You’ll love the weather if you hate cold! 

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@jpalm13:  I live in Houston, I moved here 4 years ago from Seattle. I still miss Seattle like crazy (I’m an outdoorsy girl and miss the mountains and the Pacific Ocean!) but Houston’s growing on me a lot. It has a really bad rep, depending on who you talk to, but it’s actually changing a lot – it’s changed in many ways even in the 4 years that I’ve lived here. DH and I are both very liberal, and even though we’re right in the heart of Texas, we have plenty of other liberal, city-slicker friends – a big part of it is choosing to live in central Houston rather than out in the suburbs (where people are much more conservative, and Texan I guess…) It’s very diverse, we have friends from all over – so I think anyone can fit in and find people they have something in common with.

I do think Austin is awesome, and I love visiting there – and would move there in a heartbeat. But with UT there (which is a huge state school) it’s a lot harder to find a job. The job markets in Houston and Dallas are booming, especially compared to the rest of the country, so you should expand your scope to Houston and Dallas too.

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