(Closed) Calling all TEXAS bees…where do you live and how do you like it?

posted 8 years ago in Dallas
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@Lily_of_the_valley:  Texas is the best!  I love it.

Cost of living is great.  You get huge bang for your buck.  Gas has been going up but it’s lower than the national average.  Real estate is good compared to other states.  We had a housing dip and a slow down, but it never truly collapsed.

Our seasons are warm, cool, and blazing hot.  But seriously it’s not that bad, and you do get used to it even if it is annoying.  You may get snow in Dallas.  You will not in Houston.

Personally, I hate Dallas (sorry Bees that live there).  I hate the roads.  They are a mismash of roads that snake across each other and traffic constantly slams on their breaks.  I go to Dallas about twice a year and each time I see at least 3 wrecks.  Contrast that with Houston where you have interstates running N-S and E-W with the loops going around the city.

We are not our stereotype.  There are a lot of health conscious areas (we have Whole Foods).  Personally I think Houston is more moderate than Dallas, but seeing as how I try to avoid Dallas, I’m not the expert.

Also our food is amazing.

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I live in central Texas halfway between Austin and Waco and I love it! In general, most folks are friendly, the people are passionate about their communities, schools and sports lol If you guys are outdoorsy there are many lakes to visit. If you love culture then visit any of the larger cities, especially Austin. Austin is also the “live music capital of the world” where you can hear any genre on any given night of the week. For those weekends you want to get away from it all just head to the Texas Hill Country for beautiful views (especially in Spring) and you must tube down the Guadelupe River! There is so much here in Texas and every larger city is surrounded by smaller, charming towns with their own personality. There is a really cute show that comes on that highlights a different town and you can learn neat interesting facts…http://thedaytripper.com/. My Fiance and I are about to take our kids to a cabin near Wimberly Texas after watching this show. We both had been through Wimberly but never knew about some of the neat stuff the town has to offer until it was showcased on this show. Canyon Lake is also one of our favorites for “us” weekends. Kemah is near Houston and has the largest sailboat marina in the states and has a beautiful boardwalk. If you love country music and laid back, rustic atmosphere the Fort Worth Stockyards are a must to visit. I could go on and on… lol

The one thing that gets to me mid summer is the heat and humidity. By mid July I am ready for fall but I just do not like the intense 100+ degree weather we get in July and August so I stay in in the AC most of the time. I run and have to do it before work at like 5:45am before it heats up lol

Texas is a very neat, proud and friendly state and if you move here I hope you get to experience all that it offers ๐Ÿ™‚

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@LittleCricket:  I agree about Dallas roads!


You also reminded me of another topic I wanted to mention. Healthcare! Texas has some of the best healthcare organizations in the country. I work at one of the larger ones that is actually merging with another large one from the Dallas area. There are specialists in every field and with so many clinics associated with them you do not have to travel far to be seen.

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I’ve been living in Houston for the past 2 years (I’m originally from South Florida).  I’m not a fan of Houston- horrific traffic, HOT, ugly (concrete jungle), everything is very spread out.  What I do like is that I make more $ and the cost of living is cheaper.  We bought a house about a year ago (in the suburbs) and it’s much nicer and bigger than anything I could get in FL for the price.  I’d still much rather be living in another state, but it’s not so awful, if I had to stay in TX, I’d move to Austin.

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my Fiance lived in san antonio for a while and loved it. he wants to move to austin after we get married. i’m apprehensive, but we may just do it. who knows.

anyway, he loved texas, and would go back to austin in an instant.

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lol @ the bee who hates Dallas, since I live in Dallas and imo Houston roads are the worst.

Houston is actually more conservative than Dallas. They’re both technically majority Democrat, but Dallas is slightly more so. I work in politics so I do happen to know. The majority-white suburbs of either are highly conservative though. I don’t know the exact layout of Houston’s political affiliations, but for Dallas suburbs, the northern ones are conservative, the southern ones are liberal, and the east-west ones are swing districts.


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I’m from Dallas and I adore it! (although I’m currently living in Idaho which makes me miss it all the more) but I love texas in general so either one sounds dandy to me:) 

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I’m a Dallas (area) bee and love it! I have been living out of the country for the past 6 months and I moved back in two days—I can’t wait to get back to Texas. I grew up in a suburb of Dallas. It is perfect. I lived about 40 minutes away from Dallas but I was far enough out in the country. I’m not a fan of Houston because of the humidity. Yucky. BUT you can’t go wrong with living in Texas in general. ๐Ÿ™‚


Everything really is bigger and better in Texas!

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@Lily_of_the_valley:  Houston bee here, transplanted from Seattle 3 years ago. There are a million and one things I miss about Seattle (vegetarianism being more normal haha, the mountains, the Pacific Ocean, the hippies, the weather, the public transportation) but I’ll be honest, Houston is really starting to grow on me. A lot of the pp’s touched on things like traffic, scenery (Houston does have a lot of concrete – although there are some beautiful day-trips you can take, and several pretty parks in the city, like Hermann Park), politics (suburbs seem to be mostly conservative, but our circle of friends who all live around downtown Houston are fairly liberal), the food (pretty much infinite restaurants and bars), cost of living (very cheap)… Houston has been in the news a lot lately because it’s booming economically – there is a very high employment rate here, real estate is doing well, the whole city is doing great.

It is very hot and humid here for about 4 months (June through September), May and October are hot but not unbearable, and the rest of the year is really comfortable and usually pretty sunny. It can get cold for awhile in the winter – I do break out my pea coat a few times – but it rarely snows, and really, we consider anything under 55 to be cold.

Just about everyone on the bee who’s mentioned disliking Houston lives in the suburbs. I work an hour south of Houston, and virtually all of my coworkers live in the suburbs. Things are totally different here where I work, and I’ve spent plenty of time in the burbs hanging out with coworkers – and honestly, it’s like two different worlds. You and your DH sound like you’re looking for an adventure, and I will tell you that there really is a lot of amazing stuff inside Houston. There are tons of concerts, sports games, festivals (we’ve been to a Greek festival and a Brazilian festival in the last month), art gallery events, quirky Texas things (like the annual Rodeo, the art car parade, Lights in the Heights, etc.), and at least inside the city there are plenty of health-conscious people. (There are lots of Whole Foods, there’s a local gourmet/organics grocery store called Central Market, there are several farmers’ markets, running and biking clubs, etc.). I had a really bad attitude when I first moved here, but DH and I make a big effort to try new things all the time and I’m starting to love this city. The cheap cost of living allows us to spend money on travel, etc., that we would’ve had to spend on housing if we lived in a more expensive city.

If you guys do move here I really recommend checking out the Heights – it’s a really hot neighborhood right now, and it’s full of historic bunaglows, running trails, and tons of 20- and 30-something couples and young families. We just moved here and I love the whole neighborhood, it reminds me of the East Coast, where I grew up.

I’ve only been to Dallas once, but all of the native Houstonians I know hate Dallas, it’s considered more high-class and snobby, whereas Houston is pretty laid-back and diverse.

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@Lily_of_the_valley:  By The Way, people are friendly here and it didn’t take me too long to make friends (and meet my now-DH). We had a Houston bee meet-up a couple months ago, and it was really fun. I know there are lots of bees in Dallas, too. It sounds so crazy but you can make some real-life friends on the bee ๐Ÿ™‚

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I have lived in Texas all my life and seeing how I despise both Houston and Dallas, I’m not sure of how much use I can be to you. But I can say that I love this state and I will never leave it! The scenery, the people, and the food alone should be enough to just compleatly enchant you.

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I born and raised in San Antonio, lived in Galveston and College Station for a little bit too. I love living here. Even as a liberal ๐Ÿ˜‰

Everything is just so laid back around here, and the people friendly. It just get crazy hot here, though.

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