Calling all Vegan bee's.. tips or advice wanted.

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I’m not a vegan, but a friend of mine is allergic to chicken eggs. Instead, she buys Neat Egg from Target (link to Amazon below) that uses chia seeds and garbanzo beans to mimic the chemica properties of eggs for baking. Obv she’s not going to use it to make an omelet, but it helps if you want some vegan chocolate chip cookies (link to dairy-free chips I love also)! 🙂 Good luck, Bee!

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Netflix – The Game Changers just came out – watch it if you haven’t! It’s really good, especially for athletes changing their lifestyle.

Can also look up Dr McDougall, he has endless articles and newsletters about all things plant based. Also has a lot of helpful hints on substitutions when cooking. 

Biggest advice is to watch the oil intake. It’s very possible to be a “fat vegan” which will negate a lot of the good stuff you’re doing. 

Make sure you’re eating a variety of foods, not necessarily at one meal but over the course of the week. Your body will store what it needs and pull it to use it when it needs, so just ensure you’re providing it. 

My husband is 6’3″, 207 of solid muscle, just for reference. 

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We have added vegan protein powder to our smoothies when we are exercising a lot and trying to get more protein, maybe you can look into that.

Then obviously we eat lots of the staples: chickpeas, beans, nuts, tofu, lentils.

Yum! It’s a journey and it does get easier – keep trying new things, new recipes! Good luck!

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Lots of athletes are vegan or eat mostly vegan, including Tom Brady, who has a whole plant based diet plan in the TB12 Method (and he also has a vegan, high protein meal subscirption service).

It’s really not hard to eat enough protein as long as you’re eating enough calories, but if you want to have a super high protein diet, there are lots of options — beans, quinoa, lentils, edamame, tofu, seitan, nuts, tons of types of veg “meats”, etc.

Of course, many of the fake meats are super processed and not great health wise, but some do a good job of mimicking the taste of things you might be craving. Even Burger King has an Impossible burger now (vegan without the mayo — and contains basically the same amount of protein and fats as the original whopper), so it is easier than ever to find vegan options wherever you go. 

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Not vegan, but if he is an athlete look up Bowmar Nutrition’s new vegan protein line. 

I use their regular protein powder in my diet (shakes/smoothies) and love it. Its the best protein powder I’ve tasted and the reviews so far on their new vegan line are phenommenal! (not sponsored or affiliated with their company, just a loyal customer)

Protein shakes/smoothies with almond milk, cashew milk and Bowmar’s vegan protein powder would be a great way for you and him to get your protein in. Its a good meal replacement and just a good drink in general. I have had multiple flavors of their products and it tastes so good just with water! 

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My go to easy meal includes some type of vegan sausage when my grocery store stocks the good ones. The company YVES makes great ones (20g of protein per sausage ftw!). Tonight we had Yves carmelized onion and kale sausages, roasted peppers, sweet potatoes and rice.

The meat substitutes can be good for you, but you HAVE to read the ingredients, as some can be super high in sodium and can be so processed.

We eat a ton of tofu as well. I marinate my tofu in hot sauce and bake until crispy as a salad topper (soooooo good!)

I also make a chili with lentils instead of beef making it high protein and super healthy. 

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You’ve gotten some good advice. Honestly, I’d say protein is one of the easiest things to make up for in plant-based diets. You should be aware of other gaps in nutrients especially B12 (only found naturally in animal products), iron, zinc, and calcium. I would recommend a good multivitamin if you are not already taking one. 

Otherwise, pantry staples should include:
coconut milk
vegetable broth

If you want any vegan recipes let me know. I am now a lacto-ovo vegetarian but have been vegan and have vegan friends/family, so I still cook plenty of vegan things. 

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Chick peas are always in my pantry.  I even use them in taco shells, just cook them with some taco seasoning and they are good to go.  I make a yummy but light vegan stuffed shells with tofu and nutritional yeast.   I advise to steer away from a lot of manufactured stuff and eat real food.   When I started as a vegan I didn’t buy the fake cheese or frozen veggie burgers and I felt very healthy and lean.  Then years later I got excited about daiya and kite hill and beyond meat and the weight packed on!  Oh she glows was my go to for recipes back then, her recipes circa 2010 are still in my repertoire.

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edamame is great for a complete plaint based protein. We buy bags of it frozen and roast it with diced cherry tomatoes and a little olive oil and garlic salt.

Tofu can be good if you cook it right. Tempeh bacon BLTS are awesome. 

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Another good one to watch is “How Not to Die” by Dr. Michael Gregor. It’s on Amazon Prime. He also has a book by the same name that is a great read. 

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My husband and I are both long time vegans. I run daily, do yoga, and work a pretty physically demanding job. We eat a lot of tofu, tempeh and beans and my last blood draw came back perfect. I don’t use protein powder at all. 

My husband lifts weights 6x weekly and trains for his job (police officer) and also has no issues with protein intake without including protein supplementation. Just look up “high protein veggies and legumes” 

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Oh, forgot to mention:


A good guide is Dr. Gregor’s “Daily Dozen” app. It’s on iTunes and android. It’s a minimum servings guide for daily food. Maybe something to look at and see how well rounded your diet is. 

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