(Closed) Calling Dr. Bees for Multiple Sclerosis…….very scared, please help

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*hugs* not a doctor bee, but I can relate to what you’re going through. been going through some bad health spells myself and after many visits to the doctor, i’m not entirely convinced “nothing” is wrong. however, after reading about everything it could possibly be, i can say for a fact that its hard to really pin down what you have until you do exclusive testing to be completely sure before concluding on anything.

also, stress can really be a HUGE factor in triggering things, especially lack of sleep – which can lead to many things down the road.  keep that in mind because i know that when i get a good night’s sleep, it makes a world of difference the next day.

hang in there and stay positive. i have my wedding coming up in 2 months and its sorta freaking me out too, but i know i have my fam, friends and Fiance to support me; yours are always there for you too when you need a hand! dont be afraid to ask for help!! best wishes to you and take care of yourself!

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Have you noticed any red spots on your body?  Usually Lyme disease comes with the signature bulls-eye around the infected bite.

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My best friend was diagnosed with Lyme’s about two years ago. I don’t know anything medical about it, but I know it took them a while to diagnose her (she didn’t have the bulls-eye bite mark). She thought she had the flu/the cold for weeks and weeks, with body aches and just all around “ick” feeling. It then took them a few months (!) to get rid of it enough that she could go back to school (she took a few weeks off college)

she never mentioned anything like numbness or twitching, though

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Lymes Disease should have been eliminated as a possibility with a simple blood test. The symptoms are very similiar, so your doctor should have already tested you for Lymes. I’d ask and see if she or he has already performed that test

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Being someone who was diagnosed with MS back in 1997, I can tell you the only definitive way I was diagnosed was through a lumbar puncture.  There is a distinct protein that is found in the spinal fluid that is prevalent in patients with MS.  Before I was diagnosed, they also tested for things such as Lyme Disease, Lupus and even Syphilis. 

This is not meant to scare you!  I tell you this just to get you thinking beyond MS (or even Lyme disease).  The other posters are right – STRESS and ANXIETY play a strange and crazy game with your mind/body/spirit so please remember to breathe and relax as much as possible because it will only make things worse regardless of if anything else is going on. 

Now is the most important time to take time for your self and relax as much as humanly possible.  I need to remember that myself!

Good luck!


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My mother has had MS for around 20 years, and while the diagnosis took a long time to come, I know that she only had numbness and the pins and needles. The swelling and “out of it” feeling don’t say MS to me at all. Also, the symptoms coming and going, while often associated with MS attacks, could be occurring during difficult or stressful times in your life. I went through a similar thing right before I graduated from college in 2008, I was having a tingling sensation and shooting pains on the left side of my neck and head, and immediately thought of MS. At least for me, knowing about the symptoms of MS makes me almost constantly worried that any little medical problem I’m having is a sign of the disease. However, what I had was actually the beginning of Shingles…brought on by stress I was going through at the time. Stress will truly make your body sick and planning a wedding is certainly a very, very stressful and emotional time.

Also, I’ve watched my mother suffer with MS, and something I find comforting when I’ve somehow convinced myself that I have the disease is the amazing changes in treatment for MS these days. Most people with MS are able to successfully treat the disease before it progresses to the point of needing a wheelchair. And there’s always the advances in stem cell research in the near future that are so promising in the treatment of MS.

I hope my insight/experience with the disease helps to give you some peace of mind.

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Hi, my mother has had MS for years. She often complains about head aches, muscle spasms, and tingling fillings. I agree with the PPs, your symptoms do not sound like MS to me. I pray that what ever it is, you will have the strength to get thru it.

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@fishwoman: Don’t do that. Seriously. My mom also had MS, and I can say that the hardest thing was to watch her “give up” during down periods. People live with many different diseases, and you can either let it beat you and give up now, or you can figure out what’s going on and keep going. Why shouldn’t you get married at this point? You don’t know definitively what’s going on, and it COULD seriously just be stress related. And if it IS something else, are you going to just shut down on EVERYTHING and do nothing for the rest of your life? I mean, not to be overly dramatic, but that’s sort of what it sounds like. Are you going to wallow? I am NOT trying to be harsh but to really make you stop and think. If you call off your wedding, what next? Quit your job? Wait for whatever it may be to overcome you? If it IS MS, there are treatments and people live for years and years and years. How happy and productive those years are depend on YOU.

And while I am not a doctor and of course make NO CLAIM to offering medical advice, your symptoms do not sound like anything my mother or the three other people I have known/know with MS ever really experienced or talk about their doctors/research describing.

I hope that you can get to the bottom of this, and I wish you strength and healing. Good luck.

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I agree with PPs, don’t get worked up over this. Lets say it is MS or LD. How will that change your wedding preparations? Until you are actually diagnosed, you need to keep living life. The more you search the internet and try to self-diagnose, the more you are stressing your body causing more symptoms. I know if I start looking up symptoms online, I suddenly start to feel other symptoms I have never felt before. It’s a psychological thing. Focus on how much you love your Fiance, how excited you are to be getting married, how much you’ve waited for this particular day and overcoming this feeling of anxiety. If you have no energy and are overwhelmed with your workload, have your wedding party, friends, family, whoever do as much as they can with the preparations. You need to worry about taking care of yourself, go for a walk, spa treatment, shopping, or whatever makes you happy. When you get results from your doctor, that is when you deal with it. I really hope everything works out for you!

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Before you go doing anything overly dramatic like canceling your wedding – STOP – and have a very long and thorough heart to heart conversation with your Fiance. 

Remember that he loves you and that he is about to make a life long commitment to you that reads “in sickness and in health”.  That means in his sickness and health and YOUR sickness and health.  I have many, many conversations with my Fiance about my health and every time he reassures me that he is well aware of what the vow means that he is prepared to take care of me for the rest of our lives together no matter what that may entail. 

If your Fiance doesn’t see it that same way, maybe you should cancel – but I highly doubt that is the case. 

BUT REMEMBER, DON’T DO ANYTHING IRRATIONAL UNTIL YOU KNOW FOR CERTAIN WHAT IS GOING ON!  You may just regret it.  We are only worried about you.  You don’t want you to regret something later.  Undecided

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@fishwoman:  For your sake I’m praying it’s stress.   I’m reading your posts and its sounding so much like me.  I’ve been worrying myself sick that the symtoms I’ve been feeling are signs that i have some major ailment.  Eye twitching, random goosebumps. tingling and numbness, headaches, that same “out-of-it” feeling that you mentioned.  Everytime I read up on it I am convinced it’s something else.  

But reading your posts and those from PP I’m almost certain its stress.  Wedding pplanning is not an easy task.  Especially when you have your regular responsibilities to tend to.  I would recommend yoga classes, frequent massages, and detox- not just from food, but a mental detox as well.  And I’ll follow the same advice.  


Thanks for sharing, and best of luck.  I’ll keep you in my prayers!

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You know, as soon as I read your post, it freaked me out because I went through that VERY same thing a few years ago.  Started with the brain fog in my late teens, then later had numbness & tingling in my arms and legs sometimes in my 20’s… and then also muscle twitches last year, but also heart palpitations.  It was on and off, but for the past year, I have been fine.  I told my Dr about some of the symptoms, but he never seemed too concerned to have me do an MRI or anything.  I seriously believe it could be stress related and/or a diet deficiency.  You should start taking a multivitamin just in case you’re lacking in something, and I started eating bananas for the potassium, seemed to help my muscle twitches.  Vitamin B’s are also excellent.

I will tell you, the worst thing you can do is read all this stuff on the Internet and try to self diagnose yourself, I too, thought it was MS, and freaked myself right out.  Then I realized that the “brain fog” i was having was probably just panick attacks because of my worrying about having something.  When I took control over my emotions and tried to convince myself that these symptoms were due to my worrying, I started to get better.  I also started eating better, and that helped too.

There are soo many possibilities that it could be, and reading all these scary ones is just going to make it more stressful, and your symptoms worse.

Can you get health insurance or something to at least take that worry off your mind about financial issues IF something were to happen?

Please keep us posted, and do not call the wedding off, you have to enjoy your life!!!

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