(Closed) Calling on ladies with Moissanites!!

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Honey bee
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I think step number one is to stop defending your choice.  I often see moissanite owners come on here and give a laundry list of “why”.  Own it.  That, in it of itself, does the reversal of what you’re asking for.  There is nothing different about an engagement ring that has XYZ stone in it — it serves the same purpose & represents the same thing.

NO ONE has ever said anything rude to me (to my face anyways) and if they did I would tell them to fuck off.  I have received nothing but compliments on my ring & everyone I know knows what it is.  What other people think is a reflection of them not on you.

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Honey bee
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I have a Moissy and I’m more “don’t ask, don’t tell” about what it is. It’s not that I’m not proud of the ring on my finger. I adore it. If someone asks what it is, I tell them, but I don’t go announcing to every single person I know, especially the ones I know would be judgmental. It saves a lot of potential drama and headaches. The important people know, and that’s all that matters.

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Sugar bee

@KoalaWalla:  I’ve been wearing Moissy for almost 7 years.  I guess people probably assume it’s a diamond, but in 7 years it has never once come up.  If I had a friend who was on the verge of getting engaged, I would definitely tell them about it so they knew their options.  Be proud of your Moissy!

ETA Pic of your ring?

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I absolutely LOVE my moissanite ring! It is the exact ring I wanted. I agree with mepayne, I don’t announce it to anyone who looks at my ring. (and I shove it in faces sometimes too haha) I’ll be honest, NOBODY has ever asked if my ring was a diamond or not. I think people just automatically assume it is and dont say anything….or they keep their opinions to themselves maybe? I do know some “judgy” people as well and they have never said anything, not in front of me at least. I know I love my ring and wouldn’t change it for the world! 

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@KoalaWalla:  I freakin’ love having a moissy!!  I personally just feel bad for the people who get all “judgey” about me not having a diamond, it’s sad to me that so much of their self esteem/worth is tied up in material objects.  To be perfectly honest, the rudest comments I’ve ever heard about moissy vs diamond, are right here on WB; so as long as you can deal with that, I’m sure you’ll be ok.

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@KoalaWalla:  I don’t own a Moissy but I can give you this advice: the stone is beautiful. Anyone who sneers at it just because it’s not a diamond really has some kind of insecurity they’re taking out on you. If you want one you shouldn’t hesitate just because a coworker might get snotty. You are the only one who has to be impressed with your ring. It’s no one else’s business to judge.

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Helper bee

i loved my moissey because of the size you get for $ and the sparkle was amazing outside. I will either get another or an asha. diamond is just out of budget unless I find an antique.

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@KoalaWalla:  Honestly, I’ve never encountered any judgement in real life.  Sometimes people will think that we got it as a “starter” stone, but they are always quick to accept that this is what I really want as a forever stone when I clarify.  People will ask what moissanite is and why we chose it, but I’ve never had anyone be rude about our answers.  You’d think from the internet that there’s some huge diamond vs. moissanite rivalry, but I’ve never really run into anyone who cares about my engagement ring one way or the other.

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I don’t have a moissanite so I can’t speak from experience but honestly I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I doubt 99% of people you interact with will have any clue (I’ve spent a lot of time on ring boards so I would likely be able to tell IRL, but I’m way in the minority!). I think the advice to just be confident and not make excuses like deetroitwhat said is the biggest thing. People are just not that into jewelry off WB I don’t think so if you don’t act insecure, I don’t think it will be an issue. I also would be in the don’t ask don’t tell camp I think if I had a moissanite. Congrats on your ring and be sure to post pictures when you get it–it sounds gorgeous!


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@KoalaWalla:  tell anyone who asks what you just said here 🙂 your partner sounds awesome!

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I think you will find more often than not that people just say “Oh, pretty ring!” they don’t elicit an explanation, & frankly at times like that it would be odd to give one. Because it’s almost like saying “Oh, you think it’s pretty, but I should be upfront that it’s not what you think it is, & thefore not as nice as a diamond.” That’s just odd.

So, don’t feel the need to defend your decision or go around town singing about it because then it seems like you are trying to talk it up due to a guilty conscience or something.

Trust me, as a moissy owner, after getting the ring you will feel so incredibly valid for making the decision you did when you see how beautiful it is, & how it really is a forever stone.

The world isn’t as cruel to moissy owners as people on the bee can be.

Don’t stress about it 🙂

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