Calm me down: Endoscopy tomorrow

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Sugar bee

I have! It was not a big deal. It was fast. Didn’t feel a thing (I was obviously put under.) felt completely normal afterwards. 

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Helper bee

I havent, but I’ve had two general anaesthetics. The first was for emergency surgery when I was in  critical condition. I woke up after it was over feeling a little disorientated, but figured out where I was and felt okay pretty quickly. The second was acute but not an emergency, so was much more relaxed. I walked to the table, and then the anaesthetist put the drugs in the IV, and I started laughing hysterically, and the last thing I remember was my surgeon and my anaesthetist all laughing with me. And then I woke up, waited around in recovery for a bit, and went grocery shopping. It seems scary while you’re thinking about it, but they will take good care of you, and the drugs they give you work really well.

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Worker bee

I’ve had an endoscopy before. Tbh it’s been not as awful as you think it’ll be which is the same with everything in life. The thought is much scarier. 

Waking up I was super groggy but anaesthetic works really well on me that’s why. Had a tea and eventually some biscuits and then went home. 

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Helper bee
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Never had this, but my husband has several times. You will be fine.

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Busy bee

I had an upper GI endoscopy a few years ago. The procedure itself was nothing. The worst part was getting the bill! 

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Busy bee
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Not had an endoscopy, but I have had a cystoscopy whilst under general anaesthetic, and also two more substantial surgeries under general. With the cystoscopy, because I wasn’t out for long and didn’t have anything invasive done, I came round from the anaesthetic feeling weirdly high and giggly, like I was drunk. It was actually not an unpleasant feeling. 

The anaesthetic is amazing, when they first give it to you it feels like you’ve had a few too many vodkas, and then it’s like someone’s clicked their fingers and you’re being woken up. No sense of time passing, no memories whatsoever.

You will be fine, I know it’s easier said than done, but seriously try not to worry too much. You’ll feel groggy and possibly a bit uncomfortable, but it’s really not going to be that bad.

Good luck bee, I hope it goes well!

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Busy bee
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Had 3…. super fast and you won’t feel or remember anything 😊 

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Blushing bee

I’ve had an endoscopy done before for my GERD, they basically gave me some IV meds for fluids in pre-op, which was probably the worst part because I was dehydrated and my veins were not cooperating. When you’re in the procedure room, they’ll probably give you a variety of meds, usually including propofol (aka milk of amnesia). They do this while you lay on your side and they place a tray like apparatus in your mouth. Unless they need to spend some time looking around, the biopsy and endoscopy took about 15 minutes. You have no concept of time when they put you under, the last thing I remember is wondering when the anesthesia would kick in, then I was magically in a recovery room. 

Edit: to add, the amount of anesthesia they give you is little compared to actual surgery. I was pretty much able to leave 20 minutes after my procedure and can recollect recovery pretty well. However, when I had my gallbladder out…I can only remember bits and pieces lol.

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Bumble bee

I’ve had an upper GI endoscopy without anaesthetic and sedation, which was pretty bad tbh. I have a really sensitive gag reflex, so having a large tube pushed down my throat was not fun! They don’t use anaesthetic for this procedure in the UK, but they usually sedate you, however, the nurse for some reason could not find a vein so I had the whole procedure with just numbing spray on my throat. Do not recommend that at all, it’s horrible. However, your doctor is giving you general anaesthetic (seems overkill tbh and adding unecessary risks, but it’s his and your choice) so you really have nothing to worry about. 

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Busy bee

IVe had a couple. You don’t actually need to be put under- I was awake for mine and it was kind of fun to watch on the screen as the camera went in. It’s tough to manage the gag reflex but it lets you get right up and on with your day afterward! Though I did have a sore throat for a while. It’s really no big deal. 

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Bee Keeper

If I remember correctly, you aren’t actually “asleep” or anything. They give you meds so you are out of it and dont feel anything. My husband had it done and we went for breakfast after since he was starving, and he was so chatty and talking about the procedure immediately after, but like 30 minutes after the drugs wore off he couldn’t remember anything lol. Its a quick and easy procedure, don’t psych yourself out!

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Sugar bee
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obviousanonymous :  I’ve had two, not bad at all! The only part that was unpleasant was getting the IV in but my veins are always difficult. Don’t stress, it’s a super routine procedure, you’ll be fine!

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Bumble bee

I’ve had one, easy peasy girl!  Had a slight sore throat for a day, which is to be expected.  The one thing I remember was, the anesthesiologist looked like he was 15.  He was in his forties but man he looked so young.  I was like are you SURE you know how to do this?  He said he got that a lot!

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