(Closed) Camping for four days – help me with my menu?!

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We go camping a lot. This is what we normally eat:

Breakfast – bacon & eggs, breakfast wraps, cereal, oatmeal

Lunch – wraps, soup, chili (I pre make this), hot dogs, chili cheese dip

Dinner – Burgers, steak, chicken, salad, potatoes, spaghetti. One time we cooked an entire turkey dinner when we went camping lol. 

I’m not sure if this helps. I’m not sure what a camping hob is but we have a bbq and camp stove. 


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Busy bee

Leftover hamburger meat can be used in cowboy mac(big hit for most kid crowds). Basically get out a big pot, boil some elbow macaroni, brown up the hamburger meat. Drain the macaroni, throw in shredded cheese, some tomato sauce and the hamburger meat and yum. You can add veggies to it too if you have them. Onion or peppers are usually yummy. A little chili  powder is also an option. It’s a great “leftovers” meal

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We usually do beef stew while camping. easy and crowd pleasing usually. you could also do the proverbial burgers, steaks, etc. Have fun!

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We went last week and did steaks one night. As we were marinating the steaks we did a little extra in a separate bag with peppers and veggies for fajitas.  We were able to just dump in the skillet and cook… easy! For breakfast we usually do bacon and eggs. We will make burritos out of them. Oatmeal is also easy. For lunch we do sandwiches, so I slice up condiments and avocados and things. All of the condiments we can use with the breakfast burritos as well. I like tying the meals together because I feel like we pack less.

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We focus on trying to do the least dishes and prep possible while camping. So my favourites are:

– cooking eggs in a bag to make an omelette for breakfast – use one egg and some preshredded cheese, canned mushroom, chopped up deli meat, etc. as well as a little salt and pepper. Put the ingredients in a ziploc freezer bag, mush everything together from the outside then hold the bag in boiling water with a set of bbq tongs. You can cook 5 or 6 at once if you have lots of people; just be sure the plastic doesn’t touch the sides of the pot.  Squish it once partway through so the centre has a chance to cook. It’s done when the egg pulls away from the bag. You can put it on toast if you want to, or eat it out of the bag, or lightly toast an english muffin. 

– soups that are watery enough to make them easier to clean up the pot (we usually make ramen with leftover chicken shredded in, and onions and peppers added to the water for a bit before the noodles go in, an egg dropped in while it’s cooking the last minute).

– instant oatmeal can be actually made in the packet – tear the top off carefully and you can stand it upright in your cup/mug. Fill the packet with water, stir carefully, and the only dishes you have is a spoon. once it’s cooled slightly, you can pick it up in your hand as a handwarmer if need be.

– pita pocket pizzas (wrap them in foil to put on your BBQ grill and fill with grated cheese, pizza sauce, veggies, pepperoni, etc.;  you can do dessert with pita pockets too with some cream cheese and some of your favourite canned pie filling. 

– if you make some taco meat in advance and wrap it in heavy foil, it’s easy to heat the pack up on the bbq. You can then throw it in a bag of doritos each, with some lettuce, tomato and whatever else you like in taco salad. Some people call it tacos in a bag, others call it frito pie… I call it nearly zero dishes!

Lunches when we’re camping – usually we’re out on a hike in the middle of the day, so we do sandwiches, trail mix, clif bars, and jerky. Fruit if it isn’t a pain in the ass. We’re camping the next few days without a cooler so we’re taking tortillas, peanut butter and honey to make sandwiches. I’ve also grabbed instant hummus mix (just add water) in the past to go with tortillas. It’s great in the middle of a hike! I really wish they sold it in our town. 

Dinners for this trip are going to include instant rice with some spices, nuts, dried fruit and coconut added to make a korma curry; we may or may not add in freeze dried chicken for extra protein. We’re also doing instant mashed potatoes with those fried onions that come in a little plastic container, sundried tomatoes, and little cans of tuna mixed in as a ‘casserole.’ Both of these meals just require boiling water, they aren’t going to be the absolute tastiest gourmet foods ever but they are easy to prep and clean up. I’ve got everything prepped in freezer bags so all I need to do is add in the amount of water written on the outside for the amount of time it says to leave it. 

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OH! another one of my favourite breakfasts to pre-prep is a weird version of scotch eggs. You hard boil eggs and peel their shells off after they cool, and coat each in sausage meat. It takes two regular breakfast links to cover one egg. (I usually do a big batch together and add extra spices.) Bake these little egg filled meatballs in the oven (I stand them up in a muffin tray) until the meat is cooked, about 35 minutes at 375f. They’re good heated back up or cold, you can chop them in halves or quarters to share. 


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You didn’t say whether you are car camping or hiking/backpack camping. Two different animals when it comes to packing food and usually different nutritional needs. 

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For backpacking the lighter and less complex the better. Instead oatmeal, instqnt soup, mre meals- you can find them at army surplus Stores. Loved those as a kid, made me feel like a hardcore camper

for the “driVe up” kind you have much more flexibility. Grilled fish tacos, veggie skewers, I then use the veggies in the morning to make a potato and egg scramble, we used to make meatloaf. Pe mix meat at home, cut some onions in half and the take out the insides, stuff with the meat at the site, wrap in tinfoil and cook in the fire. That with roasted potatoes, so hearty

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I get sick and tired of living off bacon and eggs and potatoes when camping with my dad and SO… last time I put my foott down 😛

We cooked a chicken & chickpea curry (one pan), had a sachet of precooked rice that only needed to be heated up (did that in a pan of hot water and left for 5-10mins), and we even made and cooked some naan breads 🙂 It was really good.

Baked potatoes are good if you have a fire. We usually do these on the last night and use up all the leftovers for the toppings.

Spaghetti is an easy one as well.


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