(Closed) Can a relationship recover after an engagement has been broken off?

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Blushing bee
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I’m so sorry your going through this tought time. Hang in there though, this too shall pass. I know that you will hear this a million times but you sound like a sweet girl that deserves a guy who is going to give you what you want. It doesn’t sound like the stage he is at in his life, that he is ready to get married. Thats not fair to you because you can’t put your life on hold while he tries to figure out what he wants in his. I know it’s tough but I promise that it will all work out. Better to find out that he isn’t ready for marriage now than when your already married. Just know that every day that goes by, your one step closer to the man who is going to treat you like a man.

Good luck and stay strong!

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Sugar bee

Oh man, I feel so sorry for you. But do stay strong though. One day it’s not going to hurt as much. Honestly it does get better. I know you might feel like you are not going to meet someone that you love as much as you loved him but the bee is filled with stories like yours. One day you will wake up and it wouldn’t hurt as much and then you will meet someone who will make you happy. Good luck 🙂

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Busy bee
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I really do feel bad for you. I’ve been in a similar situation before – except I was waiting for him to choose between me and another woman. I was young and stupid – whatever. He chose her. His loss (lol). And I spent months thinking he’d change his mind (joke’s on me).

That said, if you sent him a text saying you missed him and heard nothing back you’ve gotta move on, because it sounds like he has. It’s easy to pine away, and read romance novels, watch soap operas and hope that some big romantic gesture is coming… but after two months and no response I would probably pick myself up and keep on trucking. Spare yourself any further heartbreak, you deserve better.


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Bee Keeper
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Oh wow, that is really hard. I don’t know what it’s like to call off an engagement, but I’ve had my share of hurtful breakups so I promise it does get better. You might have dodged a bullet, so try to look at it that way. Honestly the best thing you can do for yourself (when you’re ready) is try to date someone else. Ask your friends to set you up or go online. Once you start having feelings for someone else, you might begin to remember the things that were not so great about your ex-fiance. The grass might not look so green anymore.

Good luck, just take it one day at a time.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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 That is very hard… but if he isnt contacting you to tell you that he misses you and he isnt making any effort to reconcile then I would just not contact him at all.

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Blushing bee
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I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Let me tell you this though…My engagement was called of. We dated for 7 years, and were engaged for 1. Three days before Christmas, he packed up all of his things and left. He said he needed space, time to himself [we had been living together for about a month in a house that I bought]. I let him go. Let him do his thing [that I didn’t agree with] but if that’s what he needed then that’s what I gave him. 

Communication was sparse if any for the two months that he was ‘on his own’. I focused on getting my life to where I wanted to be and began preparing to do life on my own. He reached out to me a few times but conversations were short and awkward. I had been seeing a Christian counselor to help me learn and grow from the situation. When I was strong enough, I emailed him and let him know that I appreciated the time that I was able to spend with him and know that my life is better for having shared it with him. But also, that I deserve someone who loves and respects me the same way I do them. I let go, which is never an easy thing, but sometimes its necessary. 

Needless to say, ours worked out. He reached out for help on his own and eventually we began ‘dating’ again [which was both fun, but strange since we had been engaged and together for 7 years]. We would never be where we are had we not gone through all of that. Our relationship is 10x better now. 

Now having said that….ours was a much different situation than yours. He had some ‘living’ to do [i.e. he went straight from HS to working and never got the stay-out-all-night-partying out of his system] and needed to grow up on his own first. Both of our parents are divorced. But he had to make the decision on what he wanted, regardless of what he had experienced in the past. It has been a very difficult road and we both had to change the way we handled things in order to get where we are. Three years after our initial engagement, we are finally getting married 🙂

It can work out, and things can be better, but it has to be a conscious decision and effort voluntarily made by both in the relationship. It’s a hard realization to learn that you can’t change or control the situation. You have to focus on what is best for you, living one day at a time. 

I’ve never really told anyone the story [expect close friends and family that experienced it with me] but I hope that helps. Please remember to keep your chin up!!

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Blushing bee
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@Maria123: Good luck girl! Always here for words of encouragement anytime you need it! 

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Sugar bee
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I was engaged before, and when I came to visit, he flat-out told me he could do “much better” before calling it off. He wanted to be friends, even after I found out he had been cheating on me.

I was devastated and was not myself for a very long time. I finally got over it, but I still held those “what if” feelings for a while. It took him dying in a car accident for me to realize that things happen for a reason. We don’t always understand those reasons…but when one door closes, another opens.

It might not feel like it right now, but it was for the best. When you’re better, a man that wants to be a father and wants to be your husband will find you and sweep you off your feet.

Focus on feeling better.

The sun will shine again. <3

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Busy bee

I’m sorry that hurtful even happened to you. Something like that happened to me…

I was with someone for six years, engaged for one and the last year things were strained. I was communicating too much and him too little. We argued constantly and put material things ahead of our relationship. By the time we bought a house, things were in their bad place. We were arguing over dumb things, he was always mean and nasty, and we didnt see eye to eye anymore. Then I got pregnant, and he decided against being around and having a baby and we split. I left and moved back home with my parents, and am now raising a baby in a small bedroom with no closet. We barely speak to each other mostly broken reasons according to each other why it didnt work out or what the baby needs (and why he cant/wont provide it). Would we ever get back together? Probably not, we hurt each other way too much to recover. And the problem is, we’re still hurting each other…

You have to determine if the original hurt is worth trying to erase.

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I was engaged, but my ex cheated on me.  He was in grad school and I was far away working…It broke my heart and I did the whole carrying on hope for longer that I probably should.  But, with time it gets easier!  I hope things are better!

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My best friends got married after breaking off their engagement twice, the first time about a month before the wedding when she decided that they were just too incompatiable and that they differences that drove them together at first were now driving them apart, the second time he left her at the alter when he paniced that ther first broken engagement was a sign and that this would all end really badly.

They then became friends again, started going out about two years later, and got married in secret (they did a gretna green) a year later, they have now been married 10 years with 3 children!

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Bee Keeper
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I’m so sorry you’re going thru this!! this sucks so much.  The first few months are the hardest.  Do some things for yourself, go to the gym, take some classes, volunteer (nothing helps you  get over things faster then helping other people),  as my sil says .. Do You …

My brothers ex g/f called off her wedding (obviously to someone else) the week of the wedding and three months later they got married at the courthouse and divorced 6mos later.  trust your gut

the only other thing that struck me was that i have an uncle that is an attorney and whenever he and my aunt got into a fight he would file papers and divorce her, i believe over a 15year period they were divorced 9 times… till they had kids … they aren’t happy and should have divorced and stayed that way.

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