(Closed) Can any IVF/IUI bees help me understand?

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@MrsPaulsBabyBallerina:  Hi! I’m no expert, but I am about to start a second cycle soon, so I can help with a few things.

There are a couple of different ways you can do IVF. I do long cycles, where you’re on the pill – then nasal sprays/injections to completely down-regulate (shut down) your ovaries. This calms them down before they start phase 2 of the cycle – stimming injections to create a large number of eggs. 

There are other ways, though.

Antagonist cycles skip the birth control/Lucrin/Lupron phase and go straight to stimming injections during the first days of your cycle.

Which one you do is really up to your doctor. After you stimulate, you’re monitored with blood work and ultrasounds, and when all looks good and the follicles are at a good size, you ‘trigger’ with a special shot of hCG. This matures your follicles, and gets you ready for the egg collection.

After egg collection, whatever eggs are collected will be fertilised – either naturally (well, as naturally as you can get in IVF!) with sperm, or using more direct methods like ICSI. If all goes well and you get fertilisation, egg transfer happens a few days later. 

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Hi! I had a successful IVF cycle in January and am now 6 mos. pregnant.

I’d love to help you with any questions you have. IVF does seem overwelming, but really is a fairly simple process, though there are lots of injections and ultrasounds along the way.

Usually, you take the pill for a few weeks to a month, then after stopping the pill start the injections within a few days. That lasts for about 9-16 days (average is usually around 13-14 days) and then they harvest the eggs. 3 or 5 days later they transfer the embyro(s) back into your uterus and you wait to see if it worked. Let me know what other questions you have!

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Here’s my schedule!  I’ll even thrown in exact dates so you have an idea:)

1/14/2011- start birth control pills (BCP) on day 2 of my period.  5 weeks of birth control pills (my clinic did between 3 and 6, depending on a variety of things.  The only reason mine was on the longer side was because their lab was closed on Christmas Day, which could have seriously screwed things up)

12/15/2011- start Lupron injections.  These are injections that supress the ovaries.  When doing an egg retrieval, they want to be the ones in control of when you ovulate, so supression is good.  By the way, these didn’t hurt even a little bit!

12/19/2011- stop BCP

12/22/2011- suppression check- an ultrasound and estradiol draw.  They want to make sure that the ovaries are quiet and ready for ultra stimulation.

12/23/2011- Lupron was decreased to keep ovaries from releasing eggs, but Menopur and Follistim were added to increase egg production.  Again, these didn’t hurt!

12/26/2011- begin every other day ultrasounds and blood draws.  They are looking for follicles on your ovaries to be around 18mm, which indicates a mature egg.  For me, this took a while.

1/2/2012- HCG trigger to release all eggs

1/4/2012- egg retrieval.  I went in and was put under anesthesia and they retrieved the eggs.  This hurt, by the way.  My husband gave his sperm sample, and they fertilized the eggs that day.  We did ICSI, which is a process where they inject one sperm into each egg.  Traditional fertilization is more of a “mix the two together in a dish” type thing. 

1/6/2011- begin progesterone supplements.  These help maintain lining.  I used Crinone, which is a suppository, but projesterone is also available as an injectible.

1/9/2012- egg transfer day. For me, this was a 5 day transfer, but 3 day transfers (the day refers to the age of the embryo) are also possible.   I took two diazapam to relax my muscles and drank a bunch of water.  I went in and they inserted two blastocysts via catheder into my uterus (this doesn’t hurt).  I also started estrogen patches on this day.

1/19/2012- pregnancy test (blood test, often called a beta).  For me, this was negative, which is why I’m going to continue this epic post…

I waited one cycle, and then continued with a low-medicated frozen embryo tranfer cycle.  We had 3 embryos that were freezable from our IVF cycle.

2/23/2012- start period

2/25/2012- start Femara

3/3/2012- start going in for ultrasounds to watch for follicle growth.  Embryos are transfered at a time that would make sense with your body’s natural cycle (ie- a 5 day blastocyst would be transfered 5 days after ovulation).

3/8/2012- get very frustrated with your non-producting body, because if you don’t ovulate within 24 hours, they have to cancel the cycle because older lining is not the best for an FET.

3/9/2012- get a frantic call from your IVF nurse to trigger NOW- you’re about to ovulate!

3/15/2012- transfer two 6 day blasts

3/21/2012- begin to spot and sob uncontrollably, because you don’t want to do this AGAIN.

3/23/2012- take a pregnancy test, just for the hell of it, despite specific instructions to NOT DO THAT BEFORE A BLOOD DRAW.  Run, shaking, from the bathroom to confirm with your husband that you are not seeing things and that there really are two faint lines on that test.

3/25/2012- postive beta #1

3/27/2012- pray that beta #2 is rising appropriately.  It is!

4/10/2012- ultrasound to confirm pregnancy reveals that it REALLY worked- twins are on their way in November!

If you have any questions, please let me know!


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I was unsure from your post if you will be using your eggs or donor eggs. I am using donor eggs so if you wanna chat feel free to PM me. My IVF journey is a bit different since I don’t stim to retrieve any eggs and I have to sync with the donor.  I am on my 3rd cycle in 4 years so I’ve been through it all. I wish you all the best of luck! 🙂 

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