Can anyone around you tell it's not DIAMOND – F1 Moissanite Ring

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Most people will be too polite to actually say anything, but many people will notice something “off” about it. Since moissanite isn’t well known, its more likely that people will just assume you have a CZ. 

Thre was a recent thread where a bee lied to people (who suspected) and said it was a diamond and then felt really awful after. 

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Ok……….first, why do you feel it’s necessary to allow “people” to determine how you spend your money?  Is saving cash for the future important to you?  More important than impressing “people”?

There is always a debate on WB about whether people can tell if your moissy is a diamond.  It depends on the people looking at it.  People who have a vast knowledge of the differences, may be able to tell.  The average person?  In my experience no, they all thought my moissies were diamonds.

If someone compliments your ring, and let’s say it was a diamond, would you say: “Oh, thank you it’s a real diamond!”?  If not, why would you feel you might need to tell them it’s a moissy?

Most people really don’t care.

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I honestly think the average person will not be looking at your ring closely enough/for long enough to make any kind of judgement on what stone it is. I have a moissanite and yes, if you study it closely/for a good amount of time and look for the rainbows in it, you’ll probably know it’s a moissy if you are familiar with them. If you just glance down at it and go “Oh, nice ring!” I am certain the person hasn’t looked closely enough to see what it is. They just see a white stone.

I don’t hide that my ring is a moissanite, but I’ve also never had anyone ask 🤷‍♀️

You’ll often hear others say that other people will notice, but not say anything to avoid being rude. This always puzzles me. Do people really see non-diamond rings and truly feel that judgmental? 

And what about the multiple strangers who have complimented me on my ring in public? Were those pity compliments since clearly my ring is inferior? (Obviously I’m trying to make a point here, OP 😉)

Bottom line is that what matters is that YOU love your ring, the average person won’t be looking close enough to tell, and only on WeddingBee have I ever seen people be judgemental about non-diamond rings. 🙂

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citizenerased14 :  Totally agree with this! Even when I have been actively LOOKING at rings while deciding on what kind of ring I wanted… when i try to look at peoples rings in real life I get maybe a short glance. Not like Im asking to see it and hold it up close to my eyes.

I have a moissanite ring on order. If it passes for a diamond, great. if someone asks Ill be honest and tell them we are in our mid 30’s with kids and a mortgage… so we went for a moissanite which is just as durable and a fraction of the cost. The savings from that choice allows us to pursue other goals like a bigger house, college for the kids, etc. Totally worth it!

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Bottom line, get what will make you feel happy.  When you look down, or others are looking, you should feel 100% happy with your choice.  Whether diamond or moissy or colored gemstone. 

If you have a very judgemental group around you and you believe that is going to cause issues long-term, I’d go with diamond in your case.  The best cut diamond you can afford. 

If you can be happy with a moissy, and you can happily tell your people it’s a moissy and not care about if they are happy about that, then get a moissy.

Whichever direction you go, own it.  If moissy is for you, learn how to talk about moissy to your people.  Maybe educating them about it (it is after all a gorgeous gem), will help them to broaden their minds a bit.


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I tell everyone it’s moissanite. But even if I didn’t, people would know it isn’t a diamond because if it was it would have cost about £20k which everyone knows wouldn’t be possible 😂 I’m in the UK where not many people have heard of moissanite, so I like to explain about the stone if they are interested. If I had wanted to trick people into thinking it was diamond I would have got a 0.5ish ct equivalent. Mine is 2.25ct equivalent so clearly not a diamond given our jobs and lifestyles.

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citizenerased14 :  people don’t say anything so as to NOT be rude, because, obviously you’re trying to pass it off as a diamond. They are playing along with the ruse because they are nice people. Let’s see how many times people have been called rude in this board when a poster’s feelings get hurt irl when someone asks if their ring is a diamond. Bunches. People literally crying because they felt bad because someone was “rude” to directly as them if the stone was diamond. 

OP: Yes. People can tell. Just like they can tell a white sapphire. Cz, they may not be able to tell from the stone, but if it’s a cheap setting, they’ll know.

It’s ok. You just need to be comfortable enough with your decision not to mind if people know. It won’t be their fault if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

If I am sporting a new anything and am showing it around, I am, in effect, inviting comments. It’s just the way society works. 

My advice would be to go small. Act as if this would be a “diamond” you could afford on your combined salary. Look at what’s normal in your social, work, and family groups. People will not easily believe that you’re sporting a $10,000 diamond ring if you drive a ’03 Honda and live in a tiny apartment. Also, if you’ve been known to complain about the lack of money to friends/family/colleagues then it would be unwise (and leave you open to questions) to try to pass off a huge moissanite as a diamond. I’m just thinking logically here 


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loveez :  You are right, it is a sensitive subject.  The majority of people have a clear stone on their finger because of the marketing that went on for decades.  It IS common for people to be judgemental about your ring/stone. 

Funny thing is, there will also be people who think a stone is too big or show-off-y, right along with some who might think it’s too small.  And yes there are people who think of the boyfrnd (or girlfriend), as being cheap if it’s not up to a certain size.

This is why I feel you should choose what makes you happy.  Even the most judgy people will eventually settle down, and won’t even think about your ring.  So then, when it all settles, YOU have to love it.

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