Can anyone around you tell it's not DIAMOND – F1 Moissanite Ring

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loveez :  I think the size (5.5 mm) is very realistic looking, but it is true that people may notice something is off, and they may not say anything. Personally, I felt uncomfortable with moissanite because of its reputation as a simulant, because optically it is different than a diamond, and because of the staining issue. If you do love how moissanite looks you should definitely get it, but if price is the main motivator, it might be worth looking into lab created diamonds or preowned rings (you can always reset the diamond). I’ve often noticed people report spending similar or more on their moissanite ring than what a similar preowned diamond ring would cost.

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I always tell people if they ask me about my ring because I really love moissanite. When people look closely once I’ve told them it’s moissanite, they often notice the extra rainbow-y effect and comment on how they love it. I think when I’m out and about living life, people who aren’t well aquainted with fine jewelry often assume it’s a diamond. I acutally once had a jeweler tell me I had a beautiful diamond! lol. Most often though, people just say they love my ring and I say “thanks so much!”  

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jannigirl :  I said something similar in another moissy tread and got slammed for it. But I agree with everything you said. 

OP – People will only question if it’s a diamond if you buy a stone larger than what you could realistically afford. If you want your stone to look like a diamond, buy a smaller stone. It’s the same thing as any other ‘stimulant’ such as a fake designer purse. If you could not afford a Chanel purse, people are going to assume you are carrying a knockoff. I have a very wealthy aunt who regularly wears knock-off designer items. No one ever questions her. However, I know if I borrowed her ‘Hermes’ birkan bag, I would get some side-eyes.  

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My FH and I were at a wedding a few weeks ago where my FH ran into the father of one of his friends. He works in the diamond district and had alot of compliments on my ring and assumed it was a diamond. I have an old mine cut moissy and in low light it looks very diamond like in my opinion. It’s possible that he was being nice but he wasn’t inquisitive either. Perhaps he didn’t care, ha! Who knows. I don’t usually correct people if I don’t know them and I didn’t correct him because I was curious of what his response would be. Friends and family I’m quick to explain what moissanite is. Overall no one has questioned me because the size I got, 9.5x7mm, is something people would assume that we could afford. We could but it wasn’t worth it to me and I love my ring so much! 

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mixybee :  hahaha, thanks for the heads up. You posted in 2 threads about me today! I don’t want to disappoint ..someone is obviously butte hurt 😉

jellybellynelly : jannigirl :  agree ladies

loveez :  Get what you want/fits your budget Op. Sure, large simulants are easier to see that they’re different than diamonds.  But so what? It’s just a stone and a piece of metal. It’s the sentiment and commitment that matter. As a pp said, no one is likely to say/ask because typically if someone is rocking a sim/replica/copy of designer purse, stone, or *anything*, most are not going to burst their bubble by letting on that they know!!  That’s just mean….  Although people have posted here that it happens on occassion…  **OP I would not worry that others are thinking! You’re marrying the love of your life, that is what REALLY matters.

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loveez :  I have a 6mm forever one colorless hearts & arrows solitaire. No one around me has noticed or asked so far but if they did ask, I would happily tell them it’s a moissanite. One of my friends who saw it in a picture asked me if it was a diamond but only because she knew I wouldn’t want that amount of money spent on a ring. If you are looking for a moissanite that looks most like a diamond, then you might want to get the forever one hearts & arrows moissanite either 6 mm or lesser.

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I can always tell a moissanite from a diamond in videos and real life (pics are harder), but I would never ask someone if their stone was a diamond or not because just that question alone implies that it’s not. If you’re this worried that people might think you don’t have a diamond then moissanite is not for you, you might save money, but do you really want to be worrying every time someone looks at your ring that they might “clock” it’s not a diamond?

I personally would rather pay the extra money for a reasonable sized diamond and have piece of mind. I got my 0.75ct diamond ring for less than 2k, it looks closer to 1ct because it’s a pear and I’m honestly so glad I spent that money because I have piece of mind and I got the stone I really wanted. It’s not too hard to get good quality diamonds without breaking the bank if you know what you’re looking for and where to go.

I think moissanite is a good option if you want a clear sparkly low cost stone. However, if you’re buying one purely to pass it off as a diamond you’re probably never going to be 100% comfortable with it and would be happier with a more modestly sized diamond than a 2ct fake one. 

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Full disclosure – I was unhappy with my moissanite in my engagement ring and replaced it with a diamond.

My opinion is that if you feel like you need a thread of people to tell you that YES it looks like a diamond and no one will ask or know – or that NO it doesn’t look like a diamond and everyone will judge you, then the stone will not be “mind clean” for you and you won’t be as proud to wear it. Should you get something that makes you happy? Absolutely! Should you get something that fits your budget? Absolutely! Only YOU can decide if you’re ok passing off a sim as a diamond.

I never passed of my moissanite and was happy to tell others what it was, because they are beautiful stones. I still wear a moissanite ring on my right hand almost every day – and wear moissanite earrings every day. Do be aware that some people get stains on their moissanite that can range from very easy to completely impossible to remove.

Which cuts are the most diamond-like? My opinion is H&A and OEC. Stay 1ct and under. 

Basically what I’m saying is that YES people can and do pass moissanite off as diamond, but only YOU will know if that’s a lie you want to live with.

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loveez :  If you get a size that is reasonable for your income, no the vast majority of people will not know it is not a diamond. 

And when people compliment you it will be because you have a gorgeous ring— not out of some backhanded, fake nice nonsense. 

I own diamonds and moissanite and if I study them both closely, I can see differences. But if you study two diamonds you will see differences too. Cut, color, clarity, dispersion, all play a factor. There’s no one universal way all round diamonds look. Think about it- modern round brilliant, oec, old mine, transitional etc plus the variances betweeen hand cut vs machine cut. The majority of people have never even seen a high quality impeccably cut diamond much less all of the possible versions. 

It is so sad to me that some bees seem determined to ruin someone’s happiness or fill them with unnecessary insecurity over a beautiful ring given to them in love to celebrate one of the most exciting moments in life. This should be a non-starter. It’s so sad. 

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roseglow :  Do you really believe people here are purposefully commenting to “ruin someone’s happiness or fill them with unnecessary insecurity”? That seems a bit cynical.

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Oooooooh where’s that popcorn sis

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I think that if it’s an usual (for your area/country) sized stone, most people won’t look twice at it. If it’s huge, people might try to determine of it’s “real”.


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Most people out there don’t care, don’t know, and don’t bother to observe closely, nor have tons of experience telling the difference between diamond and moissanite. With the exception of one friend of mine who is diamond obsessed, every single person I know of irl just think a diamond is supposed to be white and shiny. Bees on here are obviously more interested, but this is the exception to the norm. 

I think the more likely “giveaway” is when you have a ring larger than what you can afford, or when the setting is not well made. 

A custom made, well crafted piece by a good jeweler versus the mass produced stock settings u get from the major moissanite companies is worlds apart in quality. I have had a $$$$ custom ring for my diamond and several $1k settings from stuller (a major ring manufacturer who supplies to most jewelers) and some China manufacturers, and while the cheaper stuff is nice, the difference between both is night and day. 





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