Can anyone recommend a good detox pills or colon cleanser?

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I don’t think those really do much more than what old fashioned fiber and water would do for you.

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I second fiber & water.  Your kidneys & liver filter out junk, so if you stop putting junk in, your body is actually pretty efficient at getting rid of it.

Many cleanses are basically laxatives, so yes, you’ll lose water weight (& electrolytes!) but once you rehydrate your body, you’ll be back to where you started.  Extended periods of time doing cleanses also results in a decrease in muscle mass, which also results in a loss of pounds BUT when you eventually resume normal eating habits you gain weight and can’t get rid of it again because lean mass is what fuels your metabolism.  Less lean mass = slower metabolism.

I’d just stick to fiber & water, myfitnesspal, and exercise if you want something healthy and sustainable.

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A third going au naturale.  Your kidneys are better at cleaning than any pill.  Just up your intake of fresh fruits and veggies and you’ll find yourself ‘clean’ in no time.

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Well “flushing” in general implies you’ll be pooing a lot until you’ve pretty much got nothing left. I’ve found that the pills don’t discriminate though. So even once you’ve got nothing left its still trying to flush your system which was very painful and annoying to constantly wake up to in the middle of the night. I don’t really think that it is super important to your weight loss to do this unless you aren’t really regular to begin with. Otherwise if you are just concerned about toxins just drink a lot of water. As for recommending a particular pill I always just used Senna Leaf pills. 

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The human body is a self cleaning organism, meaning our organs know how to clean themselves. If you eat well and exercise your body will clean all of the ‘waste’ out of your system on its own.

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I actually JUST posted something related to this yesteday where I got a TON of great responses. Most told me to nix the fiber bars (they were working against me) and crap like that and do something natural. I started a probiotic yesterday to help me out and then…

I started the green smoothies today, and I honestly already notice a different. I am not longer bloated like I have been for the past month! I did a cup of mixed fruit, 1 banana, a handful of spinach (you wont even taste it), a half cup of water, and 5 ice cubes in a blender and it turned out delcious!! Very green and scary but delicious.

I recommend doing that and drinking tons of water. Walks are helping too.

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Water and fiber.  Taking pills loaded with chemicals to get rid of chemicals doesn’t make sense to me.  Plus, they’re not healthy.

Oh, and if you read most medical journal articles on this, they report that they’re a scam – your body was designed to get rid of any toxins. 

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I agree with everything that’s been said so far!  I take a probiotic and LOVE green smoothies.  When you make a smoothie with veggies you keep the fiber and get the benefit in a delicious way.  I just read Crazy, Sexy, Diet by Kris Carr.  She has recipes and a cleanse in her book (and a website).  Juicing was great too and got rid my bloat.  Not as much fiber in juicing, but still very beneficial. 

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They don’t work– the “weight” people think they are losing when they take things like is us just water weight which you’ll put right back on after you stop taking them.  The best thing you can do is to increase your water intake to a minimum of 64 oz a day (more is better) over about 3 days your body will naturally filter out all of the excess sodium and things that are in your system.  If your pee is clear or super pale yellow when you wake up in the morning, as well as throughout the day, you know you’re properly hydrated. 

Increasing your fiber intake (lots of veggies!!!) will also help to clear out your intestines, fiber is undigested in the body, and so it adds bulk to your stool, which will help the partially digested food be processed out faster and more efficiently. 

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Warning, possibly a Too Much Information answer….

A lot of the “detox pills” are made with indigestable ingredients that expand quite a bit with water. As they pass through your body, they give the appearance of having “cleaned out” a lot of nasty stuff. But it’s just smoke and mirrors as they’re fibers like cotton (not sure if it’s exactly cotton but you know what I mean) that your body won’t digest, plumped significantly with water and then just mixed in with the normal bodily wastes.  People think they’re working because the waste product is quite big and bulky– you figure that all came from your colon and has been trapped there for years but really you’re just putting out the pill’s contents and your body’s normal leavings.

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I know this is a day late and a dollar short, but I used Iaso tea and it helped me greatly. I really do feel and look better.

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it’s over 3 years a day late.


and detoxs don’t work. 

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