(Closed) Can anything good come out of passive aggressive note leaving?

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  • poll: Do you think we should:
    Leave a response note on our door : (16 votes)
    25 %
    Leave a note on poop bandit's door : (3 votes)
    5 %
    Do nothing : (34 votes)
    54 %
    Other : (10 votes)
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    @GoldfishPie:  I get why there wouldn’t be much of a point to leave another note, but my stubborness would get the best of me. I think I would leave one too. Trouble is, where do you leave it if you don’t know who left the original?

    I think it is a good idea about Mgmt sending out a note. Hopefully the note person left a note across the street too!

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    I would just contact the management. Leaving a note will only instigate the matter further.

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    Bumble bee

    I think they were just being PC by putting the note on both your doors. It’s what I would do. I would just ignore it and not make a mountain out of a mole-hill.

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    Sugar Beekeeper

    @GoldfishPie:  I know it would seem very fulfilling to leave a note out but really I wouldn’t. At this point I would contact management and let them know that you have noticed the poop issue yourself and perhaps mention your concerns with that one particular owner. I would hate for you to be held accountable when you are doing your job as a pet owner to pick up the poop.

    A similar thing happened to us. We are in an HOA community and are constantly having issues with poop. There was one dog owner that would let her dog roam and do its business while she talked on her cell phone. Never once did I see her bother to pick up the poop. We continually got emails, flyers and letters from the HOA and finally I sent a mass email stating that we are responsible pet owners and our pets do their business in their yard and their yard only. Our landlord let them have it and demanded to know who accused us specifically. The HOA apologized immediately and that was the end of us being involved thank goodness.

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    I don’t think leaving the note was passive aggressive.  I would contact the management and start letting your dog poop all over (just kidding!)

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    @GoldfishPie:  i’m both childish and territorial, which is a bad combination – i’d totally leave a response note…lol!

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    I agree that it would just be silly to leave a note on your own door. I highly doubt the people who left the note are going to be checking back in to see if you wrote back.

    And they werent just accusing you, they made sure to leave the note on the other guys door as well.

    I’d just ignore it.

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    @GoldfishPie:  Our complex (hundreds of apartments large) just started allowing dogs a few months ago. Since then EVERY.SINGLE.MONTHLY.NEWSLETTER. and sometimes more we need to receive a ‘please be courteous and pick up your dogs poop’ reminder. We don’t even have dogs. I HATE when some people ruin things for everyone else. Our complex even installed dog-poop ‘stations’ with baggies available and a refuse bin. Still no improvement. I don’t know if a letter will stop your poop bandits, sorry.

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    I would be super annoyed too. If anything, I would take the original note that was put on your door and stick it on the guys’ door so they have both notes. 

    I would contact management and let them know that the dog owners in 8C are not picking up their poop and let them deal with it.

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    @GoldfishPie:  I would just try to let it go and hope that the “poop bandits” get the hint since they too got the same note! Maybe just maybe they will get the hint!

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    @GoldfishPie:  I think if you have a notice board at the complex, you could put up a sign saying that pets are now allowed, and that you always pick up after yours as you see that having a pet is a privilege, and appreciate cleanliness in common areas as much as the next person. You could put it from your apartment number. The person who left the note obviously doesn’t realise who the culprit is, so put a note on the door of all pet owners. I wouldn’t take it personally!

    I read something on here the other day, not sure who posted it, but all the dog owners were assigned different coloured poop bags, and if none of a particular colour were spotted in the poop bin, those people got a fine for not picking up after their dog (if there was poop laying around). I think this is a great idea. Might be worth suggesting to management?

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    I would leave a response note as well, only because you don’t want them whining about you to the landlord or the management or what-have-you if the poop issues continue. They’d be blaming you for something that isn’t your fault.

    @Deejayelle: While it seems like a good idea, I can see how it would backfire. What if a dog owner walks his dog somewhere else off property, like to a park, and he tosses out the poop in the trashcans there? What if the dog gets boarded for a while? What if you prefer to use one of those claw things to pick up after your dog?

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    If you do talk to management, you might tell them they can include a statement that if the problem is not rectified, that DNA samples will be taken and the responsible parties fined. Seriously, they do this in many major cities, and you can do it yourself (google poop DNA tests).  It’s really frustrating to be tarred with the bad pet owner brush when it is someone else’s crime.

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    I don’t think a note would help at all, probably make things worse.  THe best thing would be for management or the association to give a memo to everyone as a reminder that now that dogs are allowed please remember to clean up.

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