(Closed) Can anything good come out of passive aggressive note leaving?

posted 6 years ago in Pets
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    @MrsWoW:  I just looked it up. Is there a database all pets’ DNA out there? Or is it like the DNA testing where they try to figure out which breeds your dog might be? Those can be very inconclusive. While this is a cool idea, it just seems to me like it would lead to a dead-end most of the time except when pet owners provide mouth swabs. I don’t see how it could help catch a neighborhood poop bandit in a town or city.

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    @GoldfishPie:  The only thing I would do is continue picking up after your dog. Who cares if someone else thinks you don’t? You know the truth.

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    I don’t so much see the problem – when our management gets contacted about these issues they often leave a note on EVERY door telling people to pick up after their dogs. I don’t have a dog, but I don’t get offended by it. If you know it’s not your dog, then don’t be worried about it. If you know it’s a specific dog owner then let management know.


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    Passive agressive note wars= no good….however……when I lived in an apartment building and somehow my mail and packages kept disappearing. I taped a ntoe to the main door of the building for people to see saying “I believe there may have been a mix up with mail, if anyone is getting mail that goes to apartment #whatever please let me know. I have let the post office know and if it continues they said that they will have to take action due to people tampering with the mailboxes” I kept losing clothing orders, makeup etc.

    was it passive agressive? yes, but it was on the main door notifying all my neighbors not just one. Maybe you can put a note on the mail door to all people living there saying something like “Pet policy has recently changed and dogs are in fact allowed,i apologize to those were are concerned with the recent move-in of dogs in the building. If you would like clarification of the new policy please contact the mangement office” or something like that. No one will know who it is for, or who it is from and the person who left your note will definitely see it.

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    I would probably leave a note back on my door and get great joy out of it. But I’m passive agressive like that. High 5 to your FI! lol

    On a kind of related note: We live in a townhouse. There are about 25 of them. A man a few houses down from us leaves his front door open, like 24/7…? Anyways, his 2 SMALL dogs (talking like, pomeranians) are constantly running around the parking lot! I have a dog and love him just, beyond. Kind of obsessive like. So I care about his dogs and am always so scared Im going to accidentally hit them! I’ve had to stop my car before and shoo them out of the way from my car so I can pull in a parking spot. I just don’t understand how he thinks it’s okay to leave two SMALL dogs unattended, just running around a high traffic parking lot……

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    @cls9q:  My parents have neighbors like that….The nehgobrs have had two dogs die because of being hit by a car, the dog dies they just get a new one. They just keep getting new dogs and letting them run around and get hit. I cant figure it out!

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    I wouldn’t leave a note. If I was 110% certain it was theeir poo, I would give it back but that’s just my way.

    I live in a townhouse development. We have one long main street and several cul-de-sacs. On the main road, there are long stretches with no houses built, either on purpose (woods) or for future development. I walk my dog there and if he poops, I do NOT pick it up. There’s LOADS of poop there. If he happens to go in someone’s yard on the way, I ALWAYS bag it and put it in the receptacle. We have 3 or 4 doggie stations for that. If he goes on the sidewalk or in a common area like the mailboxes, I ALWAYS pick it up. All of the cul-de-sacs are completely occupied. I see no reason to walk my dog there because it’s someone’s yard!

    So I went out the other morning at 5am and there’s a lady in my yard with her dog. I live on a fully built cul-de-sac. I walked away pretty fast because my dog is mean and when I came back i noticed her pup had left a huge pile of poo IN MY YARD! Wth?? That ain’t right. I bagged it and threw it on her front step. The nerve of that woman. I dare her to say a word about it too! I haven’t seen her back here but she was on a neighboring cul-de-sac a few days ago. Why can’t she just use the wooded area like everyone else?


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    @GoldfishPie:  First, I need to say this before I explode:


    Ahem. That’s better.

    I think your plan is a good one – it puts it on the record that you guys are being responsible pet owners and are attempting to help keep your complex a nice place to live. See if management does anything. If they don’t, just quickly place the note without anyone seeing you guys and see what happens.


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    @CorvusCor the DNA testing is for breeds, not specific animals. So it wouldn’t know which of three standard poodles left the mess, but it could tell whether the offender was “the lab, the poodle or the german shepherd”. 

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    @GoldfishPie:  Otis is amazing!  Can I have him pleeeeeeease??  Love that little chicken wing arm.

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