(Closed) Can Birth Control NOT work?

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Of course, there is always a chance it won’t work. If you’re taking medications such as antiobiotics, that can interact with the pill and lower efficacy, vomiting and diarrhea, may lower or cancel out the effect of birth control pills. The spike in your body temp doesn’t seem “worrysome”, normal body temp is 98.6…..

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I’ve never heard of anyone being “immune” to it or anything like that.

It is possible in a very small percentage of cases that you can get pregnant while on it, but if you take it correctly that’s a very small chance.

That’s not a very big difference in temperature, it could just be your imagination that it’s really any higher. I’m not sure about whether or not your temperature is supposed to cycle when you’re on BC pills but I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m only on the pill and doing fine.

If you’re really worried, you can always use a second form of BC–condoms or spermicide or something else.

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I got pregnant 2 times while on BC. I took it every day at the same time by an alarm for 10 years. It happens.

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Well, as far as I understand, the pill doesn’t stop you from ovulating [which would explain the temperature increases during that time], just decreases the liklihood of implantation, though sometimes it happens.

Like @kala_way: said, you can always use a back up if you’re still not convinced!

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@ceamoste: What are you taking? Some pills (progesterone only pills) still allow you to ovulate, but they prevent you from getting pregnant by basically creating a hostile environment in the womb, so that even a fertilized egg wouldn’t be able to attach to the wall and grow. At least that’s what my doctor told me.

If you have concerns, you should consider talking to your doctor!!!

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@tea:  What?  That’s the main point of taking the (combo) pill.  The pill stops you from ovulating (and also thickens cervical mucus and such).

Progeastin-only pills also inhibit ovulation, just not as often as combo pills do.  

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body temp is related to basil metabolism, which is directly related to diet, stress, hormones. People who do extreme dieting, eating disorders, adrenal disorders, poor health have temps around 95 degrees. 

I’m not sure if your concerned about seeing a low temp or not enough spike regardless?e

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You’ve seen the commercials for the birth control. They always say 99.99% affective.Thats, what is it, .o1%  chance of getting pregnant?? There is always a chance!!! Even the people who make it says its not 100% affective!

And that .01% scares the heck out of me. I only want to get pregnant when we are ready and are planning for it. Not because I didnt take the precautions to not get pregnant.

Plus I suggest u use condoms sometimes. Even though u are using birth control, the less u have of unprotected sex, the better.Everytime u have unprotected sex,its another chance of getting pregnant.No matter what kind of birth control u use. I even know women who got pregnant using the pill and a condom!I didnt ask them specifics, but thats y I dont take this subject likely.

No matter what kind of birth control u use, there is always a chance.Thats what my dr. kepted telling me.

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Wow, this thread really surprises me. I went off birth control in June after 9 years. I know for a fact that I never ovulated on birth control. My first post birth control period was a doozy compared to my birth control ones. For most of my birth control time, we doubled up on condoms and bc. In the last year, we weren’t using condoms. I didn’t get pregnant during that year. Only now, we’re using condoms when I’m fertile. When I was near my period, I knew that there wasn’t a chance of conception, so we went for it without protection. I got my period last week on schedule. The fertility window is about a week or so, that’s it. Beyond that, there’s a decreased chance of getting pregnant. So, on birth control, depending on your pill, you will not ovulate, therefore not get pregnant.

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This post is really scaring me lol

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My mother in law (fmil) freaks me out all the time.

Her husband was a doctor and was really into natural/hollistic type things so when they didn’t want to be pregnant they ” believed and meditated” like they did not want a baby and when they wanted to finally have kids, they imagined they were pregnant and it happend……

I was like Oh joy! If this voodoo magic runs in the family , I better start believing the rights stuff or whatever now!

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