(Closed) Can I be upset about this? My (female) boss said…. [Halloween Related]

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Busy bee
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mchitt329:  OP, tight police officer costumes on women are culturally connected with stripping. I can’t tell you how many movies/TV shows have the joke of the ‘sexy’ cop (fully clothed) coming to the door then proceeding to strip dance.

that you’re unaware of the connotations of your outfit choice tells me you’re quite naive. I know you didn’t mean to disrespect anyone, but if you want to be taken seriously at work, be more aware of what you’re REALLY dressing up as.

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Busy Beekeeper

Seriously???? Yes that’s a stripper outfit IMO. 

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Busy bee
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mchitt329:  1.) The female co-workers comment was inappropriate. A simple “Your costume does not meet our dress code” would have sufficed. And sent you home to change (if needed/necessary). 2.) Anything with the word “sexy” in it should always be ruled out of wear when at the work place. There’s a level of professionalism, no matter the work type of setting. “Sexy” costumes on Halloween give off an overtly sexual nature, and are inappropriate while on the clock, no matter how conservative you try to make them. 

Sidenote: I’m a Criminal Justice Bee. I worked as a Correctional Officer, in a uniform everyday while on shift, that was certainly not sexy. You could have googled female officers and seen what the traditional and more appropriate uniform would have been for work, and used that sexy outfit later on. Next year just go as yourself so that you don’t run into “is this outfit appropriate?!”

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Sugar bee
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You can be upset if you want but if the word “sexy” is in the title, you probably shouldn’t have warn it to work. Your boss shouldn’t have said it, but it kind of looks that way.

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Bumble bee
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It’s the zipper that’s the clincher for me.  Even without the skintight catsuit, thigh high boots etc, the zipper.  Just no. Not at work.  At a party, sure.

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Bumble bee
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My work has a Halloween party and we are encouraged to dress up with prizes for the best costume.  It’s a lot of fun but no one has worn sexy costumes.  I don’t think that anything with the words sexy is a legitimate costume to wear outside the bar.  You could dress like a cop, but make it realistic next time.  I think it was inappropriate for her to say you look like a stripper. But your costume wasn’t appropriate either.  No big deal though, now you just know for next year

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Buzzing Beekeeper

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Can I be upset about this? — It’s a free country, can’t nobody tell you how to feel.

My (female) boss said that I look like a “stripper” in my Halloween costume — Yeah, because that’s a stripper outfit. Even zipped up higher and with regular pants. Google “stripper cop” and that’s the outfit you’ll see. Not work appropriate.


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Honey bee
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She didn’t need to say anything. I think what she said was shitty and insulting regardless of what you were wearing. Granted, it’s a risque costume… but what the hell buisness is it of hers to comment?

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Bumble bee
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it baffles me how you don’t think your outfit wasn’t appropriate. 

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Bumble bee

<<But what the hell buisness is it of hers to comment>>

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<div style=”overflow: hidden; color: #000000; background-color: #ffffff; text-align: left; text-decoration: none;”>Really?  It is, in fact, literally, the owner’s business.  She’s paying and the OP is representing the business when she’s on the clock.  So, was the comment blunt?  Yes.  But the boss does deserve to have an opinion and comment on how an employee dresses when they are on the clock.</div>

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HappySky7:  She is the OP’s BOSS. That’s why she has a right to comment. And she has every right to pass a dress code that doesn’t allow OP to do this again in the future. This is the reason dress codes need to be written – because employees don’t use common sense when dressing for work. 

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Bumble bee
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Well, it is a sexy cop costume.  Even with the ways you made it more conservative, I think the top of the catsuit looks way too tight for work.  The comment your boss made was not great, but this is inappropriate for work.

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Bumble bee

mchitt329:  If you wore it as described,  I cannot imagine it looking stripperish on you,  but who knows.  If you were going to attach a photo,  you should have put your own. You may have gotten a different response.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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HappySky7:  I would not be pleased if people who worked for me showed up in “sexy” costume for work. Business owner’s privilege. 

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Busy bee
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Yeah, you modified the costume to look more conservative, so I don’t see what the big deal was if what you say about it is true. Those cheap “sexy” costumes are never nearly as tight and form fitting in actuality as they are on the models.

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