(Closed) Can I get some first world problems whining out?

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I hate our apartment too! We have AWESOME washer and dryers though…because the first ones blew up on the 2nd day we lived there!!  10 inches of standing water in my kitchen!!!! They replaced all the carpet and everything but still it sucked.

Oh and one time the shower blew up too, like the dial thing? CAME OFF THE DAMN WALL and just blasted water all over the bathroom for like 15 minutes.

My dishwasher never cleans anything either.

My neighboors are loud as fuck and I can hear them talking all the damn time.

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FH was just in a car accident on Wednesday & totaled it :[.  He is fine, but we’ll have to share our other car for another week probably at least!  He works full-time 30 minutes from where we live & I go to school full-time over an hour away & work part-time about 10 minutes.  You try coordinating our schedules :/.  The bus hasn’t been fun for either of us, but I know some people would kill to have one vehicle, much less the luxury of two.  Ok, I’ll stop complaining & be grateful we still have one car & most of all that FH is ok!

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I hear you! I was able to fix my dishwasher issues by changing detergents. The kind I had used in my previous apartment just fine left all sorts of residue and muck on the dishes at our new apartment. I went ahead and tried different detergents and now the situation is much better. Some of our glasses still end up having a bit of debris stuck to the inside, but 90% of our dishes are totally clean. We’ve been experimenting with how we load the dishwasher to see if we can get to 100%.

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Ohh I hate apartments, as well. We were broken into in our old place and they could’ve cared less. The person came in through the patio and used a crow bar to pry the door open, since there was a dead bolt on it. We lived there for another 15 months after that incident and they never replaced the door. I could barely press on it and be looking outside and one of the maintenance people looked at it and told us, “the door is literally broken in half”.

Bug issues. After we were broken into I had issues sleeping and one night at like 2 AM I got up and went into the kitchen and suddenly felt something on my head..I have a ton of hair and had it up in a messy bun on my head and thought maybe it was just my crazy hair..well I shook my head and saw a roach fly off of me. So at 2 AM I’m in the kitchen screaming. My poor fiance probably thought I was getting murdered.

I’m thankful for finding a rental house with a private landlord who we’ve never even met. When we have an issue we just email her and she sends someone right over. The house isn’t perfect in anyway..but it’s a drama free situation.

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I just moved into my new apartment about a month ago ..it’s so much nicer than my last place and I really can’t complain too much.

Except I found 2 silverfish in the bathroom. Those are the worst. And the lady next door likes to sing at the top of her lungs. I’m talking Mariah Carey style. Or at least she thinks she’s Mariah Carey.

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We live upstairs and the air conditioning isn’t quite so effective up there as it is down here, so I have to sleep with two fans on at night. 

I can’t convince my mom to go on a bahama cruise instead of the one to Mexico.  The reason I am trying to do so is because I’ve already been on the ship that goes to Mexico TWICE and I want to experience another ship.  (I know, I know.  I can’t believe that actually came out of my mouth… or computer screen.)

The Coach outlet had some really cute winter purses, but I ended up getting a bright yellow one instead.  Now I am dying to go back and get the black one for winter but I bet they probably won’t still have it then since they are an outlet.

I know none of these were apartment related, they’re definitely first-world problems, nonetheless.

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I’m moving in to an apartment on Wednesday and I am SO nervous.  Fiance and I have been renting an amazing house for the past three years (2500 sq. feet on 17 acres.  It’s gorgeous), but it’s just too pricey.  We have terrible well water that has ruined most of our dishes and there are mice EVERYWHERE.  I haven’t had any neighbors for three years though and I’m so nervous we will move into an apartment next to some loud douchebag.

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I hate my couch!  I have scoliosis and I pretty much have to take advil every night to sit on it. We don’t have money right now to buy a new one so I’ve been putting up with this dumb thing for like 3 years now.  Arg.

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My current apartment pet peeve: my new upstairs neighbor plays the flute. All day, every day.

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@mrsSonthebeach:  Did you find one that works best?  My dishwasher is total crap and just leaves horrible things all over the other dishes.  We joke that it gets the dishes more dirty :/


@chasesgirl:  omg.  We had a similar issue.  We share a washer with the entire building and it is disgusting.  Every time we would wash our clothes, they would come out with SOMEONE else’s DEODORANT all over them!  (!!!!)  Now I put some vinegar in with the cycle and it really helps.

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I can’t decide what to cook for dinner tonight. And we can’t go out for dinner (again), because Darling Husband is working his evening shift and doesn’t have a long enough dinner hour, and besides we’re trying to save money so he can go with me when I lead a study abroad next summer. 

I’m trying, like you, to remember how fortunate we are to have choices of what to eat, but I’m tired and grumpy. 

But, as first world problems go, a college friend just posted a classic one on fb yesterday: #firstworldproblems I can’t get to the pharmacy in time tonight to pick up my cat’s Prozac. 

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I love fountian drinks and was crazy bummed when I pulled away from the drive thru and my Dr. Pepper tasted like ass. Ugh! Can you not see that it is coming out clear and you need to refill the soda?! Grr. 

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I’m starting to regret moving to Novato. I didn’t know how hot it could get in Novato (I used to live in larkspur where it was right across the street from the bay). I only moved here because my friends live right around the corner from where I live. They’re never available and every time I go see them they don’t talk to me. It also sucks because my old apartment was closer to my school.  I miss my old place 🙁

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