(Closed) Can I hear some POSITIVE birth control stories??

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I have never had NuvaRing, but I’ve been on BC pills for over 5 years. When I first started taking them, I lost 10 lbs. My hormones were so out of whack.

I will say that my sex drive is a little lower than before, but it also is because I’m not a raging-hormones teenager anymore, either.

I originally went on BC because I had really awful periods and had really awful PMS. I would start getting angry/moody a week before my period, and my boobs and body would stay bloated a week after. So, 3 weeks of the month I was feeling like shit. BC fixed this for me. Now, my boobs get a little tender 2-3 days before my “sugar pill” week, and then I have my period for 2 days and then it’s over. It’s fantastic.

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i am on BC pills, and i have had no side effects, i still get heavy periods and bad cramps but i had those before going on the pill. The great thing is I get regular periods, and I can control them 🙂 also I have an extremely high sex drive, and i certainly don’t have a reduced one because I am on the pill. but I went on the pill a few months before Fiance and I started having sex.

We also use only the pill, no condoms or anything and no surprises so far 🙂

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I’m on the pill (Ortho Tri Cyclen), and I’ve had very few issues. I’ve had a little weight gain (my boobs got bigger), but other than that, my period is short and light, no PMS/cramps/whatever. On the rare occasion that I take it on an empty stomach, I do get really nauseous, usually in the middle of the night, and I end up in the bathroom. 

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I never had any side effects from being on the pill. I was on it for the majority of 16 years!

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I’m on Implanon (the implant) and I’ve not had ANY problems with it. In fact, I’m on my 2nd!

I’ve been on birth control for 10+ years now (I started taking the Pill at age 15) and I’ve never fallen pregnant or experienced any side effects. I also rarely use condoms. The only times I have done were with ‘flings’ and that was more to do with STI’s and not pregnancy as I trust my BC 100%.

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I’m on the pill and I had a little bit of weight gain, lowered my sex drive, and I got some crazy mood swings BUT to me it’s all worth it. I got on the pill because I had really really terrible periods (cramps so bad I constantly had to call out of work, really really heavy flow) and now they’re fine. Much lighter, almost zero cramping, and I don’t break out as badly.

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I love my IUD!!!  Mine is the hormonal one called Mirena.  I’ve had it for three years with no issues whatsoever and no pregnancies.

I also had several great years with Nuvaring.

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I was on the pill for many years and NEVER had a problem. My periods were regular, my cramps were mild and my acne was pretty much non-existence! 

After having my son, I went on Mirena (low-hormone IUD) and am loving it! I had some cramping and irregular bleeding for 3 months and now I have maybe a small spot of blood during my period…at most I need a pantyliner for a day. For me the pain of insertion was no different then going for a regular pap. 

Good luck in yur decision! 

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First things first, if you show any risk factors for blood clotting etc your doctor will recommend different BC. They should take your blood pressure at your appointment and take a medical history to determine what options are best for you, for example if you have ever suffered from migraines your doctor should not give you the pill. 

I was on the pill and found that it had more benefits that side affects. My skin cleared up and my periods were regular and lighter. The only reason why I switched was because I forgot to take it on a few occassions. So I switched to the subdermal implant implanan because it was more important for me not to get pregnant then to have pretty skin. The only problem I have had with the implant is that I get break through spotting occassionally (and sometimes I don’t have a period, which I don’t see as a problem but some people might). My partner and I do not use any other form of protection and no suprises (or scares) so far!

The best thing you can do is try. If you find that the method you are given is not right for you, then change it. I would definitly try the Nuva rung before an IUD (just from an insurance and insertion/removal point of view).


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I have been on Yasmin (and the generic version – Ocella) for 7 years. The first 2 months or so I was a bit emotional, but that’s about it. You shouldn’t gain any weight from it, but it makes my cravings a little bit more intense the week before my period.

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I’ve been on a ton of different BC pills (kept switching to find one to take care of my crazy periods) and while it’s different from pill to pill, overall I have much less mood swings/PMS on the pill than off. There is only one pill of the 7 I have been on where it made me crazy AND lowered my sex drive, but none of the other pills I have been on did that.

I haven’t had weight gain, and being on them definitely cleared up my skin a bit.

If I were you I would go for the NuvaRing, especially if you already have PMS issues. The risk of blood clots is really really low, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I think IUD is a bit much for a first attempt at BC!

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I’m on Junel, a generic, low estrogen pill. I worried about the effects of hormones on my body, but honestlY, it has been fine. No weight gain, lighteroperators and less frequentcamping, and my sex drive hasn’t suffered. I have been on it for almost five years.

Any medicine has potential side effects. I know they highly recommend that smokers quit before going on the pill because of the increased risk of blood clots, and the risk increases when you hit 35. Horomonal birth controlmethods effect everyone differently, though, so even if you have friends on Nuvaring who gained weight and grumpiness, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen to you too.

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Ive been on BC for over 10 years. I feel like Ive tried everything: the pill (Ortho Low), Depo shot, and mirena. Honestly, the Depo shot worked the best for me, but I cannot get it anymore. My Mirena cause WAY more problems that it was worth, so I had it removed. Having it removed was so much easier than having it put in. I dont know if anyone else had this problem, but I have no children, and getting it put in hurt so bad! It didnt cause me to gain any weight, but it made it impossible to lose any. No matter what I did my weight stayed exactly the same. It gave me horrible cramps and stomach pain, and after being in and out of the hospitol with doctors saying they didnt know what was wrong I removed it and havent had a problem since. The pill is great, but it makes me really sick. I wake up every morning feeling like I want to throw up, and on some occasions I do. I have never tried NuvaRing, so I dont have any advice for you there, and everyones reaction to things is different. Good Luck!


*Sorrry that wasnt really positive! But you have to know some of the possible bad side effects. I will say though that with the pill having predictable periods and clear skin was awesome! I dont know if Nuvaring provides the same things, but it is seriously great!No suprises when you are wearing your favorite white shorts! lol

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I’m a NuvaRing girl and love it!!!

I’ve been on it for 6 years and haven’t had any problems. I loved it so much that my positive reviews got a bunch of my girls in my sorority to try it.  Because it stays in constantly, I dont notice any high and low points in my hormones or mood.  Also my period is only 3 days and very predictable.  You can skip a period too if needed by skipping your missed week and putting in a new ring as soon as you take out the first.

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