(Closed) Can I just vent a little about my annoying neighbors..

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@Ninteenthchance:  I truly don’t blame you. When my ex and I lived in an apt complex, I had the closest spot to the front as well, so every time I was gone the people down the hall would let their friends there. The day my patience broke was the day they parked there when it was downpouring rain. I was maybe too confrontational, but I knocked on the door and told the gal’s friend she needed to move her car and her friend was like, “Yeah, we are almost ready to leave so I will move it.” I said, “No, you better move it now because the tow truck is on his way to move it for you if you don’t.”

Nobody parked there ever again except me 🙂

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Most condo garages have a towing company already assigned. Since you rent, i’d talk to your landlord about it – they should have the info. We just bought a townhome condo that is above a garage with assigned spaces like yours and when I was combing through the old HOA email discussions, they had issues like this in the past with people taking people’s spots close to the doors. They towed everyone regularly until it wasn’t an issue anymore. You’ve already done the neighborly thing of asking nicely. Time to get serious and tow them! Honestly, I wouldn’t have even left a note. I would have towed first, no questions asked. I didn’t pay what I did for this place to have someone take my spot.


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That would drive me nuts. I’d be getting those jerks towed too. We live in a house, with a front garage/driveway. There is also room to park a car on the street between our property line/driveway and not infringe on out neighbors whatsoever. But… The neighbor’s mother parks in between our two houses all the time, smack in the middle so her car takes up what would be two spots. A few times when we’ve needed to park on the street for some reason, I pull the car riiiiiiight up to her back bumper. I’m still probably sticking several feet into my driveway, but I want to get the point across that if she’d just pull her damn car up a few feet we could easily park two

vehicles there! Ughhhhhh good thing we can both park in the garage and don’t have to deal with this very often.

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We don’t have assigned spaces, but we do have fire lanes where people park ALL DAY as if it’s a personal space. I told somebody that if my house is on fire and the fire truck can’t get to my house because some idiot is parked there, I’m going to own two houses when the lawyers get finished – mine and who’s car that is! I’ve called to get people towed, it’s $250 and sometimes the police get somebody who wants to talk back – that has cost people another $150 LOL.


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No warning, the next time this happens have the car towed

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Tow them!

We are in the same position as you. Our parking space is right next to the door into the complex. The only difference is that our parking spaces are behind a control acessed gate. So, in our situation it is our neighbors taking our space so that they can easily load stuff into their house. Our condo bylaws say if you park in my space, I have the right to tow you, no questions asked.

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Oh lord, can I just tell an equally ridiculous story from the other direction? My brother lives in a condo complex in Portland that also has assigned spots in the garage. He has lived there for several months now. So one day, after driving back down there from Seattle (so he was a little tired), he miscounted and accidentally parked in the spot next to his own. His spot was left empty. Please keep in mind that both he and the person whose spot he parked in have lived there for several months, and my brother has not gotten a new car in that time, so there is absolutely no reason why the neighbor would not recognize the car that has been parking next to his for several months.

Does the neighbor get home, realize the mistake and just take my brother’s spot, like a normal person?

Of course not. He has my brother’s car towed.


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Driving over the median to get away from you? They clearly know they are in the wrong.

You’ve been nice, now get them towed,

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