(Closed) can i not invite my fiance’s sister to wedding?

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Helper bee
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Rachael, I’m so sorry about this!  It sounds like your Future Sister-In-Law wouldn’t come to the wedding even if invited.  First, I’d have your fi have a serious conversation with his mother about the situation.  If she is still being difficult and you don’t want to rock that relationship, perhaps you should still invite the sister and hope that she doesn’t come.

With her amount of crazy though, I think if she really wanted to go, she’d go with or without an invite.  Hopefully she just won’t want to and you won’t have to worry about her that day!


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Helper bee
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Wow I would never have asked her to be in my wedding, especially without trying to make amends with her first. But that’s besides that point… I’m so sorry she’s continuing to treat you this way and I COMPLETELY support yalls decision not to invite her and not to have her at the wedding. There’s no reason why she shoud come and I would not let the mother make me think otherwise. Stand firm! How can the mother have the gall to ask yall to invite her after the way she has treated you?

Stand firm, honey and do not invite her!! *hugs*

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I think she’s made it clear that she doesn’t want to be there.  However, this is an issue that your Fiance has to take up with his mother, not you.  Have him call his mother and say something like “Mom, my sister made it very clear to me that she does not support this marriage and wanted nothing to do with the wedding the last time I spoke with her on the phone.  We are not excluding her, she has excluded herself.  If you want her to be invited to the wedding, you need to take that up with her and have her apologize.  But until then we are going to respect her wishes by not inviting her.”


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Busy bee
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Ewwwwww do not invite her, who wants negative drama at their wedding

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Worker bee
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definately do NOT invite her.  who knows if she might actually try something relatively stupid and try to ruin your day.  but as greenleafmountain stated, this is something your Fiance needs to take up with your Father-In-Law.

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I would not invite her. Your wedding day is supposed to be celebrated by people who love you and support you as a couple. Even if she is his sister that does not entitle her to a HAVE to be invited. This is yours and your fiance’s day. No one else. I think thats what people have to relize. Thats how i see it!

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Your Fiance definitely needs to talk to his mom and explain the whole situation – I can only assume that she doesn’t really know what all has gone on or she wouldn’t be so insistent. Hopefully she’ll understand.  Otherwise, maybe you can invite the Future Sister-In-Law and hope she doesn’t show.  I don’t know her at all, but it sounds like she could cause drama on your day.  If she ends up coming, maybe you could ask a few people you really trust to keep an eye on her, without her knowing, and if she starts acting up ask her to leave.  If she won’t leave, have her escorted out.  It sounds harsh, but it’s your day and it shouldn’t be ruined.

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Don’t invite her. The day should belong to you, your SO and the people who support you fully.

A little story my mother told me that made me feel better about not invite people….

When my mom told her mother she was getting married her mother asked if she was pregnant for a whole week. Though my parents got married 2 weeks after getting engaged and my Grandmother was not included in the wedding in any way. They both got over it, and my mother had a beautiful day.

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*hugs* that sounds like a really tough situation!  Just out of curiosity, how old is the sister?  I think BrideMegan’s idea is on the ball.  Try not inviting her (you’d be totally justified in doing so!).  If that fails, hope she doesn’t come.  And if that fails, I think the idea of having ‘sister-bouncers’ is fantastic and you should definitely do just that!  Either way, goodluck, and I REALLY hope it turns out for the best!

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Busy bee
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OMG she attacked you!  I am so sorry but I would never want someone like that at my wedding.  You have every right in the world to not invite her.

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Honey bee
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I am so sorry this is happening to you and your Fiance. I think you both are making a very wise decision not to have her there. My advice is to have your Fiance put his foot down with his mom, and tell her there is no way in H*** that she is invited or welcome.

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Have your Fiance sit down with his mother and explain everything.  This is yours and your fiance’s big day, and it should be shared with those who LOVE you two!

By the way, great name, that’s how I spell mine too!

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oh no =( i’m sorry! that;s a terrible situation, BUT SOOO big of you to want to ask her to be a Bridesmaid or Best Man dispite all that. sounds like she needs to grow up

i say if you and your fi are all for it, dont bother sending her an invitation…it sounds lke ANOTHER opp. for her to get mouthy and say “i cant believe you have the balls to send me an invite”

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