(Closed) Can I please get your honest opinion on a name?

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    Ellia sounds a bit made up to me – im not a fan. and you’re right ariella sounds like areola. 

    Just call her Ella I say. 

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    Both names are pretty awful to be honest.

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    sheclicksherheels :  Of those two choices, I would go with Ariella and then you can call her Ella. I would not go with Ellia at all. Ellia looks made up and would be confused for more common names like Ella.

    Not sure why your husband is forcing you to choose based on his obscure tastes–this sounds unreasonable and very controlling. I would not put up with this. I would make him put at least 20 names on a list if I were you. It’s ridiculous that he can just put down two and you are trying to make it work and he doesn’t have to compromise.

    Ariella is a name with a rich history, and I wouldn’t let the areola thing bother you. No kid is going to know what an areola is for a while…if ever. And an adult is thinking this reflects badly on them. It’s ridiculous how cruel adults can be about baby names. Don’t allow yourself to fall into that trap. If you want real-life examples, I knew a few girls in real life named Ariella and none had ever been teased about their name–one was my best friend and another is my cousin so I know this for sure.

    When my brother was trying to name his daughter, people told him not to name her Lana because it spells anal backward…seriously wtf? If an adult’s first reaction to a normal name is to sexualize a child, then that person has issues.

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    I prefer Ariella.

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    I don’t mean to be pedantic, but the Game of Thrones character is Elia, not Ellia. And I think it’s pronounced “El-LEE-yah”, whereas you want to pronounce Ellia as “EL-lyah” it sounds like.

    I don’t have strong feelings either way for either Ariella or Ellia. I might like Ellia slightly better than Ariella.    

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    I think you are clearly not sold on either so the best thing to do is to tell your husband that neither name is going to work and you should both come up with at LEAST 10 new names each that you like. I’m sure if he really hits those name books/sites he could find more than two that he’s happy with! Don’t ‘settle’ on a name you don’t love! 

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    I would laugh Fiance out of the room if he tried to DICTATE the child’s name by having onty TWO options on his “list” and “shut down” ALL of my own options.

    How enfuriatingly controlling and manipulative of him.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if he had somewhat normal preferences for names, but these two options?!?!? Come on!

    (For the record, I strongly dislike them both and would absolutely be calling BS on his entire approach here.)


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    Ellia is a great name!  It’s cute as is and it has a lot of good nicknames.  Ariella is pretty… but does sound a bit too much like Areola for me, sorry :/

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    sheclicksherheels :  Firstly, congrats on marrying Julius Ceaser. Those names are intense hahahaha

    I don’t think of areola when I hear Ariella. However, if that’s your initial reaction, then scratch the name off. As for Ellia…I don’t love it. Something about it just irks me. However, if those are the types of names he likes, what about:

    Ellaria, Leona, Marielle, Corina, Stella, Ariana, Eliora. 

    However, if you named your son Jacob, perhaps something more like: Eleanor?

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    Why should he dictate two names??? Just, no.

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    Please don’t go weird and wonderful for the sake of being different.

    I prefer Ella.

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    sheclicksherheels :  Sorry but when I see Ellia, I think of Elia Martell who was raped and murdered on ASOIF/GoT. Not a good association, and, as far as many people know, she’s the only one with that name. It’s not like it’s a common name that has many different associations.

    I also don’t think that the nickname Ellie works for the name Ellia. The names Ellia and Ellie are too close for that in that they are both nicknamey names already. (For example, if you named your kid Bill, you wouldn’t then call him Will…get it?) If you named your child Ellia, I think the most natural nickname would be Lia. 

    The last thing is that Ellia will be confused for Ella a lot, and will need to be spelled and explained ALL THE TIME. Believe me, no matter how much you love your name, that gets really annoying after a while.

    I’m not sure why your husband gets to dictate the name choices with his two choices. That is absolutely ridiculous. If y’all were going to each pick a list of 50 names, then have him do that. But at least have him pick 10-15 names, because having just a couple of choices is unfair. Why do his choices seem to matter more than yours? It’s called a compromise when both parties have to compromise…not when one party has to bend over backwards for the other.

    Maybe y’all could consider compromising on Ariel/Arielle? It’s a traditional Biblical name like your son’s and it would go very well with Jacob. You could then use the nickname Ellie as well.

    If you want to call your child Ellie, I would go with any name that ends in -elle (Arielle, Gabrielle, Danielle, etc.) or begins with Eli- (Elizabeth, Elise, Eliana, etc.) or even just Ella (which Ellie can be a nickname for).

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    dreamreve1 :  Yeah, sure, Elia is more well-known, but with a bad association.

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    Sounds like your husband doesn’t give you enough say in important decisions. Pick two names you like and tell him he is limited to choosing between them.

    Nothing wrong with either name. As a teacher, I have encountered so many names that not much phases me. Personally I prefer easy to spell traditional names.

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    sheclicksherheels :  I really don’t like Ellia, and I don’t think that many people will. The first thing I think of with Ellia is that it’s a misspelling of Aaliyah, which was the name of a famous R&B singer who died young. Ellia just looks like a misspelling of Aaliyah to me. It looks made-up/fake-name-ish to me, so it would not be a choice that I would recommend.

    I much prefere Ariella, which I don’t think of areola when I say, but if you do you can name her Arielle. I’m sure your husband will be fine with Arielle if he is a reasonable person, since they are the same name.

    Also, you may not have asked for advice regarding your husband or your baby naming process, but it comes with the territory of having made a thread about this and for most posters it comes from a good place. Your husband is not beyond reproach, especially on an internet forum where people normally delve deeper into issues–I’m sure you know how it goes on the Bee. People are trying to help you have more choices, not offend you. And when you set up the situation like: my husband is insisting on one of these two choices that I’m not sold on, I’ve given him more than 50 names and he has shot them down, etc. …you can tell where people are coming from when they reasonably suggest that your husband should either come up with more suggestions or be more willing to accept suggestions you’ve come up with.

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